Monday, September 13, 2010

I Keep Stealing Stuff From This Jew

[Yes, I know Kunstler is an obnoxious kike who makes it clear in his writings that he hates White people, calls us crackers, etc. But some of his stuff is just so damned SPOT ON I have to pinch it. - HAC]

Today, no one present in the political arena appears to have a clue and, lacking clues, any ability to articulate the terms of what we face. Both major parties are hostage to a peculiar nostalgia, a wish to return to the time when America could dream up any kind of machine or breakfast cereal or techtronic brassiere, and sell the manufactured surplus from our own happily oversold markets to the rest of the clamoring world - even lending them the cash (at interest) to buy the stuff. America makes and the world takes, was the theme song then. That earnest, upward-striving society of Eisenhower simplicity, of well-paid factory workers dreaming of a little summer place at the lake, and the Main Streets bustling in the cheerful early twilight of Christmas Eve, and the Beach Boys crooning about "fun, fun, fun," and purloined German physicists stashed in comfortably aire-kooled rooms, turning a few tossed-off equations into moon-shots, and Bob Hope cracking wise before a nationwide audience of car-dealers and self-satisfied Rotarians - well that America has imploded like a weevil-infested hubbard squash in a back pantry. And all the prayers to Moloch by the Jesus boomers in and out of congress won't make it whole again.

-James Howard Kunstler


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the xtians call him Jebus Rice, not Moloch, heeh heeh,


10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I Keep Stealing Stuff From This Jew"

- It's okay! I am pretty sure that he stole the line " America makes and the world takes" from the city of Trenton, New Jersey! There you will see a very old iron bridge with the legend "Trenton makes, the world takes". And there is truth to that statement since Trenton N.J. was a fairly big manufacturing city until it was taken over by Puerto Ricans, blacks, and 3rd world slime.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything that he is saying is wrong. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to go back to a healthy, white, Christian America, 1964. When did they ever say that they did? And, that world didn't implode, it was grabbed and tossed out the window by the Jews that hated it.

4:42 PM  

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