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Cyndi Steele Objects

At 4 PM today in federal court, there will be a plea bargain hearing for Larry Fairfax, a man who manufactured a pipe bomb and placed it under the car of Cyndi Steele, the wife of nationally prominent First Amendment attorney Edgar Steele.

The plea bargain is scheduled to be accepted, even though Mrs. Steele disagrees and has filed an objection. Part of the reason for her objection is that the FBI told her that “at large” Fairfax accomplices are still “out there” creating a huge fear factor for her.

Regarding the plea agreement, David Cole of the Bonner Daily Bee, stated in an August 31, 2010 article, “Fairfax and another individual, not identified in the documents, drove to Oregon to check whether the pipe bomb was still on her vehicle. They didn’t see it and returned to Idaho assuming it had fallen off.”

In her objection, Mrs. Steele wants to know who the accomplices are so she can protect herself from them. She wants them brought to justice, which is unlikely if the kingpin, Fairfax, is allowed to get off easy. She also marvels that a whole host of innocent people, including her, were not injured or killed by the device that was attached to the undercarriage of her car. The device was placed under her car and she drove over a thousand miles until, on June 15, it was discovered by a garage where she had her oil changed.

In late May Mrs. Steele took an 18-day journey from her North Idaho home to Portland, Oregon to be with her mother as she dealt with health issues. In the early morning hours of June 11, 2010, the FBI went to visit Mrs. Steele there, the same day they arrested her husband for the crime committed by Fairfax.

However, instead of warning Mrs. Steele that they had a report of a bomb under her car, the FBI agents sat outside the house for two hours for unknown reasons. Fairfax supposedly “came forward” on June 8, so the FBI would have been aware of the pipe bomb at the time of the visit. But they neither checked under the car for the bomb themselves, nor had the car impounded so it could be inspected.

Instead, they allowed her to drive 450 miles back to North Idaho where on June 15 an auto technician pointed out an object attached to her exhaust system, a pipe with some wires and a couple sticks of dynamite. The bomb squad was called in to neutralize the device and U.S. Highway 95 had to be shut down for several hours as the bomb was blown up.

Following are just a few of the questions Mrs. Steele has for the authorities:

*Why didn’t the FBI in Oregon take immediate action, not only to warn her, but to neutralize the bomb?

*If the bomb had detonated in a populated area when Mrs. Steele hit a pothole or other obstruction in the road, would Larry Fairfax be a terrorist?

*What were the FBI agents thinking when they didn’t mention the bomb to Mrs. Steele?

*What was the U.S. prosecutor thinking when she decided to let Fairfax off easy with lesser charges, especially before his accomplices have been apprehended?

*Why did the FBI wait for two hours in front of Mrs. Steele’s mother’s house before they came forward?

*Why would the government enter into a plea bargain with a confessed criminal whose accomplices are at large, when the FBI believes they still want to kill the victims?

*Why is it that the other individual has not been charged with a crime since the U.S. Government knows who this individual is, and since he/she accompanied Fairfax “…to Oregon to check on whether the pipe bomb was still on her vehicle” and was clearly knowledgeable of the crimes being committed by Fairfax.

Since Fairfax put the bomb under Mrs. Steele’s vehicle, shouldn’t he have known where to look? Did he assume that this explosive device had dropped off in the middle of the road somewhere between Idaho and Oregon? What effort was made to find the ready-to-explode bomb in the road?

If the other individual was not involved in the scheme to murder, why was he/she checking on the pipe bomb? Isn’t the other individual a co-conspirator who should be brought to justice?

Why is the U.S. government protecting the identity of a co-conspirator who has complete knowledge of the entire scenario and who was physically present when a very important part of the crime was being committed? Isn’t a co-conspirator someone who offers assistance, such as helping Fairfax check on the bomb?

Why isn’t Mrs. Steele and her mother being protected from this accomplice?

“For years now the FBI in Idaho has chosen to falsely accuse innocent people of murder-for-hire,” stated former Idaho prosecuting attorney Wesley W. Hoyt. “The case of John Connelly of Boston demonstrates that the FBI is not exempt from corruption.”

As of January 2009, former FBI Special Agent Connelly had twice been convicted of murder in the states of Massachusetts and Florida in conjunction with his long term association with Whitie Bolger, the head of Boston’s Irish Mafia. It has been said that FBI Agent Connelly “tarnished the badge” when, in the line of his regular duty, he shielded Bolger from prosecution as he facilitated the murder of numerous individuals.

Unlike the Connelly case, where the Mafia agenda was the force behind many murders, the forces behind recent North Idaho false arrests have not been revealed. The false arrest of Edgar Steele on June 11, 2010 and the false arrest and conviction of dietary supplement manufacturer and former millionaire David Hinkson in 2004, both involved fabricated evidence formulated by Idaho’s FBI.

In Hinkson’s case, the government used a wanna-be combat hero, Joe Swisher, who faked a Purple Heart and forged government documents to create the persona of a national war hero making him an unassailable witness. The judge in the Hinkson case bought the fake story and allowed Swisher to testify that Hinkson was serious when he said he wanted to launch rogue federal agents into the canyons lands around his business.

In the case of Steele, the FBI has created a preposterous tale that his handy man, Larry Fairfax, was to be a “hit man,” hired by the lawyer to kill his beloved wife and mother-in-law with a pipe bomb. The only problem was that Fairfax, a former government confidential informant, about to lose his house in foreclosure, stole thousands of dollars of the lawyer’s silver and gold bullion to support himself. The accusation came right after Fairfax cashed in the bullion. Apparently, the Fairfax plan was that he would get to keep Steele’s money, Steele would get solitary confinement, and Steele’s wife would be blown to bits so no one would be left to put the heat on the handy man.

As of September 7, Attorney Steele is still in jail. He was held in isolation without visits from friends or family until freedom advocate Ingri Cassel, demanded that local Idaho senators and representatives investigate the civil rights abuses against him. Suddenly, a month after his arrest, the location where he was housed was revealed and he was allowed to have visitors and phone calls.

One of the significant aspects of this case is that Mr. Steele, who has been an advocate of free speech of the “politically incorrect” for 30 years, was researching a case and must have gotten under someone’s skin, activating the FBI “false-accusation-murder-for-hire” therapy. The Court entered a “No Contact Order” since, according to the FBI, Mrs. Steele was the victim of her husband’s alleged crime. Cutting off communication between husband and wife created multiple hardships for the family.

If the plea agreement is accepted today, “justice” means that Larry Fairfax, who freely admitted to manufacturing a pipe bomb and placing it under Mrs. Steele’s vehicle, and then traveled nine hundred miles with an unnamed accomplice to confirm whether the bomb was still under the car, is viewed by the FBI as a hero who saved Mrs. Steele’s life because he “came forward,” and should be given a “sweetheart” plea bargain deal.

What are these people thinking?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a minute! HANG ON! So there are still "accomplices" out there that will only *hinthint* strike if Cindy Steele doesn't play ball?!? Um, wait, I'm missing something here. Isn't that called EXTORTION?!? Isn't that what the Mafia does!?! I mean, did someone send out a memo I didn't get? The Feds make my head hurt.

-The Strange Mage

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe those "accomplices" don't really exist, but provide a convenient excuse to delay and obstruct the defense.

Dave 09082010 / 2153

9:52 PM  

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