Sunday, September 26, 2010

April On Northwest Migration

[This is April Gaede's response to some pseudo-intellectual who was making snide remarks about Northwest Migration on one of the quasi-Piercian intellectual racist blogs.]

Okay Steve, I read your comments and I am fascinated with the idea that you believe that we can win this war on the internet while you allow your children to grow up surrounded by non-Whites and indoctrinated with multiculturalism by the public school system, a school system run by our enemies.

Websites like Stormfront have existed for quite a while and organizations like National Alliance and American Renaissance have also existed and still have difficulty even having a meeting place that doesnt come under attack by those who would stifle our speech. So unfortunately I dont hold much hope for the internet.

The other issue is that internet and organizations end up more preaching to the choir or a battleground over specifics of ideology than actually accomplishing anything concrete. I do think both of these types of activism help to educate people but the problem is that after you educate them there is not much else for them to do.

The Northwest migration for racially conscious Whites is, I feel, the only concrete and viable solution for North American Whites to maintain physical land areas and retaining our unique genetics until we can gain some sort of political power and influence. The reason that I believe this is that the majority of the population in the Pacific Northwest is already a majority White.

Also this area is historically rebellious against the federal government and they are very independent thinkers,hence the very strong tea party support and support of Ron Paul. Also despite what you might think, a very large percentage of the White population here is racially conscious and pro White. Many consciously moved here to escape non-White influences as long as 20 years or more ago. In some ways they are more racially sensitive than those who live around nonWhites on a regular basis.

Finally it is a concrete activism that will reap rewards immediately no matter what level of activism is taken. Just the mere act of moving ones family to the Pacific Northwest will eliminate many of the issues that endanger one every day living as a minority amongst Third Worlders.

How does it sound to have your kids attend schools that are the top in the nation, not have to lock your doors, no pollution or smog, very limited gun laws and a population that supports the Second Amendment, little crime, no graffiti, low taxes, and living amongst people who are of your same race and who speak the same language. Just the mere move here will grant these blessings upon the migrant racially conscious White. They don't have to do anything but move to add to our numbers and actively improve their lives and the lives and chances of their children and grandchildren.

I have more to add to this but I am postponing meeting with fellow White Nationalists at a local park where we will attend a Equinox festival. Things like this are a common occurrence up here in the Pacific Northwest.


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

One thing we have to stop doing is hanging hats onto traditional political figures because they have one or 2 elements in common with us. Ron Paul is a good case in point. 5 kids, one of whom married a Jewess (so has 2 Jew grandchildren) and another married a mephisto for additional "little brown ones" (as Bush one called his mixed breed grandchildren). Is Ron Paul "better"? Maybe. But does he represent our core, white values? Hardly.

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