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Appeal for

[VDare is actually a pretty good site. I would of course prefer that you support the Northwest Front, but if you're still into the ultra-conservative scene is worth a fewe shekels. - HAC]

by Paul Craig Roberts

I have known Peter Brimelow since the early 1970s, when I was a Resident Fellow of the Hoover Institute, located on the campus of Stanford University, and he was a British student at the Graduate School of Business there. I have always found him to be perceptive, polite, and open-minded, a person with whom intelligent conversations are possible, whatever the issue. Years later, I was delighted to be able to help him gain his US citizenship.

Over the years of our personal and political friendship, we have watched the permissible range of debate shrink. There are now many subjects on the topic of which there is no room for open minds. Political correctness, authoritarian impulses, and the political manipulation of emotions have replaced spirited debates with propaganda.

Peter was once a senior editor at Forbes and a contributing editor at National Review. I have been an associate editor at the Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week.

But today the mainstream media, whether print or TV, is effectively closed to people deemed to be out of step with imposed views.

Peter Brimelow saw this coming. However, he also understood the capability of the internet to deliver facts, analysis, and opinion cheaper and more widely, and without the censorship and blacklisting imposed by the gatekeepers in the mainstream media.

My own standing and effectiveness as a policy commentator has never been higher. This is due to the existence of a small group of dissident websites—one being Peter Brimelow’s VDARE.COM.

Peter has focused VDARE.COM on the immigration issue and what he calls the "National Question"—whether the U.S. can survive as a nation-state, the political expression of a particular people. I wholeheartedly endorse these objectives and applaud the compelling facts and analysis that VDARE.COM delivers because the Mainstream Media will not.

But Peter also hosts writers, such as myself, whose interests have moved in other directions. Unique among my internet hosts, VDARE.COM has posted every one of my columns, no matter how controversial. I am very grateful for this.

Moreover, VDARE.COM has assembled on its site the best archive of my writings—an archive that could be expanded if resources were available.

Resources. That is the key word. The resources of conservative foundations have been hijacked and diverted to the support of foreign interventions, while leaving our borders open. Now, if debate is to continue in America, readers must provide the resources to support the new platforms that provide it.

There are many ways to lose a country. One is to be overrun by excessive immigration. Too many immigrants who do not assimilate change the culture and the language. VDARE.COM is the premier site that addresses this issue.

If Peter, an immigrant, can give his career to his adopted country, then the rest of us can provide the resources necessary to keep debate alive.

Please help him.

With many thanks for your contribution to patriotic debate.


Anonymous George said...

"Peter has focused VDARE.COM on the immigration issue and what he calls the "National Question"—whether the U.S. can survive as a nation-state, the political expression of a particular people."

- Wow, I was so confused by this that for a second I had to do a classic "double-take" and look to see if I was really logged into "Thoughtcrime" and had not accidentally clicked on "Occidental Dissent" or "Occidental Observer" by mistake.
I for one stopped reading Vdare quite a while back because I perceived that this man Brimelow is solely concerned with whether the "immigrants" were "legal" or not (that is, whether they had a piece of paper or not) and frankly, that seems like a minor concern at best to me. It doesn't matter to Peter whether they are white or black (and for God's sake, just as with AmRen, do NOT mention Jews to these people- they are not "about" that, only the legality issue is of importance to them). The entire immigration issue can be layed at the feet of our nations Jew population, and so to attempt to treat of the immigration issue while dodging the Jew issue is a hopeless way to attempt to rectify our immigration problem. Indeed, almost any problem that we face as a nation ( I mean "we" whites) can be traced back to Jewish influence in our politics, whether it be the monetary crisis, the housing crisis, the education crisis, the Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan "crisis" and on and on, ad-infinitum, these problems can be traced back to Jewish influence. They (the Jews) have almost finished deconstructing Western Civilization and Brimelow is worried about whether the Mexicans have a green card? Is that really the core issue that we need to worry about at this point? Seems like abandoning America and working on a "homeland" for Whites is a far more pressing issue- America is dead, except in the minds of some addled "American Patriots" who are ususally old white folks that just can't wrap their minds around the fact countries, empires and entire civilizations have a birth, adolescence, maturity, old age, senility and yes, a death. We hope these older folks come around to living in the new century and today's reality, but don't wait for them, maybe we can make the "14 words" a reality for our future.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heads-up: If you like VDARE, I suggest you also also consider

Amren is basically VDARE with a wider focus and a comment section. (and a lot less source-quoting, but then again VDARE takes that to infinity and beyond.)

5:04 PM  

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