Friday, August 06, 2010

White Boys Who Don't Grow Up

An excerpt from Radio Free Northwest


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely spot-on analysis of the Communist Jews' decades-long campaign of Demoralization of White civilizations throughout the Western world and of the brainwashed fools who slopped at the Jews' trough, lapping up with gusto whatever filth was dumped in and begging for more!

I personally happen to be one of the few White males of my generation who has managed to avoid most of the Jews' traps and remain true to my White heritage; choosing and beginning to master a trade around the age of seven, amending my career path so as to continue making use of the core skill sets I had learned (strong mathematical, scientific, geometric, mechanical, and communication skills) for my original career goals despite dwindling prospects for the career path I had originally envisioned as the Jews exported all jobs in my original chosen trade to Third World shitholes (some of my peers obediently uprooted themselves to emigrate to some God-forsaken cesspool of the Third World where they attempted to teach Gooks or other assorted mud-people to infringe the patents of White inventors and dump slave-made, disposable technological garbage on our markets at impossibly-low prices; while I simply migrated into outsource-proof applications of Skilled Trades which only White men can master). Had I been born twenty years sooner, I might have followed in the footsteps of a would-have-been father-in-law, landing in a cakewalk unionized Skilled Trades job as a Carpenter, Electrician, Machinist, Tool-and-Die Maker, etc. where I would have literally been paid top wages to sit on my ass and wait for some vital machine to break down, spend fifteen minutes to two hours repairing it, then finish out my shift waiting for the next crisis. I refer to the guy as "would-have-been father-in-law" because I ultimately refused to marry his spoiled, arrogant, bitchy, (eventually) obese, radical-feminist daughter. She literally doubled her body weight during the five years of our relationship. After I left her, she eventually begab to realize just exactly how absurd her Liberal ideology was, but it was too late and I had moved on to a woman more-suitable as a wife. After my wife died, my ex-fiancee (minus half the pounds she had packed on during our short-lived engagement) attempted to return. She no longer considered my opinions of mud-people "racist" by then, after several years of working in the Nursing field, witnessing the stupidity and laziness of negress subordinates with her disciplinary hands tied by Affirmative Action laws, tolerating the incompetence of Affirmative Action negresses as her peers as Nursing Supervisors on other floors and shifts, and having a womanizing Jew and an effeminite bugger-boy as her immediate Supervisor and Chief of Staff respectvely. Although she had shed her former loyalty to Political Correcness along with the pounds she had dropped, she still was just as spoiled and arrogant as before. Once again, I told her to "hit the road" after just a few dates. The last of which, I was virtually coerced to keep despite telling her in advance I was coming down with my annual Winter bout with the Common Cold. She just "showed up" and complained during the entire episode of my lack of enthusiasm in the company of "the best-looking woman at this damn place" after we went out for drinks.

The point of the story is that I wouldn't go back and follow my peers' paths even if I could travel back in time. I am much more pleased with my current lot of having retired from what amounted to a series of temporary jobs (a few years with each of several firms until the globetrotting, perpetual-skiing-vacation lifestyles of their CEO's ran each firm out of business) at an age young enough that I could "re-invent myself" (to borrow a term from PC Psychobabble) as a Small Business Owner in a moderately-successful state of "semi-retirement" (traveling to engage in revenue-generating pursuits rather than wasting money on lavish ski trips).

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