Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nothing Is Impossible

When I was growing up, and into the mid 1980s in fact, everyone in America and everyone in the Movement simply assumed that Communism and the Soviet Union were eternal, and that none of us would ever live to see the day when the Reds went down. We had been born under the shadow of the Kremlin, so to speak, and we assumed it would always be there as the ultimate foe of the West, or however we viewed that paradigm. The idea that Communism, the second most powerful expression of Judaic values on earth in history, would be overthrown from within by the very people whom the Bolsheviks had tyrannized for so long, simply never occurred to us.

We all know what happened. Now my goal in life, if nothing else, is to live to see Israel go down. Everyone simply assumes the little bandit state is a permanent fixture as well, but I look over there and I see signs of promise. It won't happen tomorrow, but if I can somehow make it into my seventies, I think I may one day turn on CNN and see a box of delights.

So why, exactly, is it so improbable that we can free ourselves from The Beast in Washington, D. C.? Are we incapable of doing what Russians did fifteen years ago? Are we incapable of doing what Arabs are doing now? Why not? What exactly renders it so impossible that White Americans can do what these other peoples have done, not in the past, but within recent memory?

Why, exactly, can it not happen? Is the regime strong? Yes, but was not the Soviet Army strong? And where are their tanks and their barbed wire and their bombs now? Rusting and abandoned in junk yards and across Afghanistan and Eastern Europe, as someday Obongo's tanks and barbed wire will rust abandoned across the world. Is the regime on the Potomac evil? Thoroughly and irredeemably, but has sixty years of bloody evil quenched the spirit of a tiny, humble people in Palestine who still resist their Jewish oppressors? Evil has only the power over men that we allow it to wield.

Tanks and machine guns and jet bombers, laws and judges and policemen and courts, stupidity and laziness and cowardice, these are our enemies--but every one of them can be overcome if we can find the strength within our souls to do so. Others have done it, and we have seen them do it. We can, too.


Anonymous brian boru said...

There was a difficulty getting on to the site this morning. I got messages that there was a problem with it and I was diverted to Google. Maybe they are starting on you now.
You might be interested to hear that this year's 'Rose of Tralee' was won by a wog, one Clare Kambamettu. How Ireland has been enriched!
I remember visiting St Petersburg in Russia a few years ago and taking a trip out to Kronstad Naval base. There had been several big engineering and construction projects underway in 1990 and suddenly it all came to a stop. The workers downed tools and never took them up again. Bridges going nowhere and giant cranes littered the landscape. No matter how powerful it may seem the kike system can, and I believe will, collapse rapidly. The financial catastrophe has not ended. We are going to be living in a very different world two years from now. As virulent a life-form as the kike is it is not omnipotent.

2:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea that this political system can be changed is indeed alluring. But consider some oddities about the sudden change from USSR to Russia: The media has called it a "bloodless revolution", and indeed there wasn't much blood spilt (who ever heard of such a thing as a "bloodless revolution?), and many of the same politicians and KGB agents who were in power in the old USSR are, hmmmm...miraculously the same ones in positions of power in the "new" Russia of today. Now, isn't that strange? Yes, there was an economic collapse there, but was that one engineered as well as ours is being engineered now? Consider that immediately after that collapse, Jews attempted (and with some success) to take possession of the large oil reserves that Russia has. Putin managed to stifle that and arrested Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon A. Lebedev (both Jews, I believe). Another major player who escaped to Israel (whoose name I cannot remember) is scot free. Israel is still trying to get the other two released. How much other wealth and natural resources were stolen from the Russian people during this interesting "revolution"? I hope for the best for Western interests in the struggle to free themselves from the yoke of these oppressors, but it seems the more things change, the more they remain the same.....

9:13 AM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Elect Democrats: White, dumb and happy. Elect Republicans: White, dumb and happy. Shop at Jew owned stores: White, dumb and happy. Watch the Jew TV: White, dumb and happy. Live in neighborhoods with Jews: White, dumb and happy. Bank at Jew owned banks: White, dumb and happy. Buy consumer packaged goods: White, dumb and happy.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Sven S. said...

I abhor jews I have downright aversion to those monsters, but I don´t pity palestines or arabs of any stripe, I don´t pity them because of the filthy debauchery they are inflicting on my country: Sweden, of course this happens because of the brainwashing jewish propaganda with its fairy tales of equality between human beings and arabs/niggers/hispanics etc. if niggers are jews pets for destruction in America, arabs are the same here in Sweden and Scandinavia in general, I don´t pity arabs at all, they are unwanted vermin here or anywhere outside their filthy places.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:

"But consider some oddities about the sudden change from USSR to Russia: "

I have always maintained that the "Iron Curtain" never "fell" as the Jewsmedia claimed, but was merely deliberately raised for a split second while the evil kike stretched the "Iron Curtain" into a massive "Iron Chainlink Fence" which has been draped over the rest of the world, expanding Judaic oppression of a more-complete, temporarily less-brutal, and far more insidious nature across a substantially-larger territory of Zionist occupation. The concept is much like the old joke attributing the invention of copper wire to the result of two kikes fighting over a penny.

What the world needs right now are a few million pairs of bolt-cutters working in a carefully-planned pattern upon the "Iron Fence" in order to create several thousand irreparable gaping holes in it, weakening it enough that it can subsequently be shredded by the coordinated slashes of a few thousand expert swordsmen.

Perhaps then we can turn the bolt-cutters loose to chop off the fingers of these bastards who thought they could rob us of our Birthright without facing any consequences, just before the swordsmen ran the bastards through or slashed the demons' throats from ear to ear.

-- WhitePride65

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time and water will take care of tanks, machine guns and jet bombers in the form of rust. And laziness and cowardice eventually will be solutions for laws, judges, policemen and courts.
It's beginning to look like the West is entering its cyclic 'winter' in which case the mood of the times will find its own solutions...maybe with a little help from anyone who is in a hurry *nudge, nudge, hint, hint* lol.

2:47 AM  

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