Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement

[I apologize for this GUBU interjection. When I am accused of something by the Goat Dancers, if there is any substance to it at all, it is my policy to issue one definitive statement of the facts. After that, if anyone is not satisfied, they can go commit an unnatural and anatomically impossible act with themselves. This is such an occasion. - HAC]

About four years ago, if memory serves, a document entitled
A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement appeared on the internet. I believe it has also been hand-circulated in printed form as well.

I have been accused by the Usual Suspects of being the author of this document. This is untrue--well, not
completely true, anyway. The facts are as follows:

The lengthy article or small book A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement is divided into a number of parts or sections, each dealing with a particular movement, group, or individual personality in the Movement's past. These sections are basically "re-worked" and in some cases outright plagiarized from the written works of a large number of Movement authors and sources. These include the late Rick Cooper, Louis Beam, Bill White, Brad Davis, the late Andrew McCalden, Willis Carto, several SPLC reports, the Deguello Report, Gary Gallo, the National Alliance commentator "Maguire", Fred Streed (I think), and a number of other writers--including myself.

The document is essentially an anthology or compilation, and whoever compiled it had access to a lot of dusty old Movement gossip and archive stuff, including what must have been stacks and stacks of old pre-internet Movement publications and internal newsletters. My own archives are nowhere near that extensive, just a few file folders, in fact. I have moved around too often in the past 30 years to be lugging filing cabinets full of research material with me.

I will say this, though--whoever put this thing together knew his Movement beeswax. Whoever the unknown author/compiler is, he is definitely and for sure an "old hand."

I used to say that I could not spot a single significant factual error in the document, but after the recent flapdoodle about the Brief History, I sat down and read it over again, and I believe I have spotted one major error--Revisionist author Bradley Smith, referred to as "the late Bradley Smith" in the Brief History, is in fact still alive. I think I'm actually the first person to notice this.

Other than that, I can't take any major issue with the facts presented in the report. It is damning, and it is true, which is why periodically certain elements within the Movement re-discover it and go into a hissy fit over it, which is occurring as we speak. They cannot refute its contents.

The fact remains that the document has been online for four years now, and other than the Bradley Smith gaffe (which I say again, I seem to be the first one to point out) no one has been able to disprove anything in it.

Regarding my own unwitting participation, I concede that the section on Glenn Miller was lifted almost in toto from an article I wrote called L'Affaire Glenn Miller; that a lot of the Klassen material (although not all of it) is either plagiarized directly from my past writings or re-worked from my stuff; and that the Huey Long section is plagiarized from me as well.

I have no idea on earth who did in fact write (or compile) A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement. I know several men who could have done it, in that they have the requisite background, access to archives or people who remember, and epistolary skill to write the report. However, I have no evidence that any of these men did write it.

If I had to conjecture, I'd say it's most likely someone closely affiliated with the National Alliance, unknown to me, but that is just an educated guess.

The world now has the truth, or such infinitesimal part of the world that gives a rat's ass. What you do with that truth is a matter of complete indifference to me.



  1. brian boru3:59 PM

    I have just read this document and, if half of what the author claims is true, then I'm really shocked. The allegations against Pierce are truly appalling. He's the worst of them all. It's hardly a surprise that we got nowhere for the last fifty years with a crew like those described leading us. The Northwest Movement is the only healthy, rational plan available to whites now.

  2. Where can one access this document?


  3. Anonymous11:22 PM

    Regardless of who the author is, this document reveals the many unfortunate instances of kike infiltration of the Movement over the years. While the truth may be embarrassing to us, the facts revealed in the document are nonetheless useful as tools whereby we may learn from past instances of failure to spot agent-provocateurs, spies, saboteurs, deceivers, etc. to expel them before they could do the damage which they ultimately had done. This document serves as an excellent means of learning to recognize the symptoms of and excise such tumors before metastasis can occur.

    -- WhitePride65

  4. John Norman Howard6:55 AM

    Dear curious quisling... google is your friend.

  5. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Even if it was written by The Old Man himself (the writing style and several Covington-esque expressions used therein do seem to point to Covington as its author), I can't really find any fault with its content. As to Covington himself, I have to say that he is one of the best thinkers we've seen among our ranks since Commander Rockwell himself. The Butler Plan and the circumstances forecast by Covington (the spics' wrecking the Southwest so thoroughly as to make it unfit to be anything but another Puerto Rico on the Mainland - a Third World sewer ruled by spic drug lords but still supported by ZOG handouts) seem quite plausible and likely to have the weakening effect on ZOG's grip on other regions which is forecast in the novels. The only amendment I would suggest to the Butler Plan would be to supplement Northwest Migration with maintaining some other existing White strongholds (the Allegheny, Ozark, and Appalacian regions) as backups, rather than "putting all our eggs in one basket" and simply abandoning those other predominantly White areas to nigger and wetback invasion. Otherwise, it would be too easy for ZOG to wipe out the entire Remnant of White Racial Awareness in the event that the kikes over-reacted to the point of going nuclear. Of course, racially-aware Russians would probably loose the entire remaining arsenal of Soviet nukes in retalliation against the yids, bringing about Armageddon in the process. Trying to wipe out the entire White race with a single nuke attack just seems like TJB to me, and the existence of some backup enclaves might well serve as an effective deterrent.

  6. Anonymous2:14 PM

    One highly-plausible ZOG cover-up story to mask a deliberate nuclear genocide of Whites in the Northwest by these kike devils would be to claim that another ill-equipped bunch of barefoot ragheads intercepted a "Foreign Aid shipment" bound for Israhell, "miraculously" glomming onto some prime ZOG multi-warhead nuke ICBMs, then proceeded to launch them at OyVeygas and "missed" their target. Remember, these are the literal Spawn of Satan, and their propensity for stooping below even the lowest-imaginable depths of evil must NEVER be underestimated.

  7. Of course Pierce was the guy who one day spoke about the evils of "dancing and jerking” to negroid rhythms, then 2 days later announcing the acquisition of Resistance Records. A "white" record company that funny, was based on rock and roll (negroid rhythms). He never hid behind the fact that he used supporter funds to buy the outfit. And his buffoonery with Kevin Strom was over the top.

  8. Anonymous11:41 AM

    That part of so-called Rock music which was based heavily on old Celtic (and other European influences such as Classical) music wasn't nearly as bad, but then I doubt that Pierce's company had any dealings with it. Pierce was also behind the creation of the pathetically-stupid "White Law" and "Ethnic Cleansing" ... just two more Jewish-diversion virtual-shoot-em-up games, designed to lure White teenagers to the distraction of an imaginary world and away from learning real combat skills. As long as racially-aware teens were kept busy shooting at imaginary niggers and beaners on a computer screen, the Jews were happier than pigs in shit because these same White teens were far less likely to pick up REAL guns, shoot the REAL nigger and spic henchmen of the kikes', and then come at the Yids themselves with guns blazing. Pierce was a media mogul, purely and simply. No better than a Hymiewood heeb.

    -- WhitePride65

  9. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Which part is supposed to be Maguire?

  10. That was the most horrific thing I have ever read. I think it's Miller Time for me, chaps.