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Hi, guys:

I would like to remind you guys of, or inform you of something, since it’s possible many of you have never heard of this situation.

This is a blast from our Movement’s past: there are such things as PARAMILITARY TRAINING LAWS which can get you a good 10 to 20 or so in prison for running around in the woods wearing camouflauge and firing guns. These abominations date from the 1980s, and they exist thanks to our old friend Frazier Glenn Miller—you know, Alex Linder’s drinking buddy who hangs out with Alex on VNN? The one whom we are supposed to forgive for all his sins including his time in the Witness Protection Program and allow back into our ranks?

Miller used his $200,000 or so in Order armored car money not only to buy enough booze to stock a liquor store, but also to dress up his drunken good ole boys in camos and arm them to the teeth with semi-autos. He then had his guys run around on his farm cutting the brush with said weaponry, and for some reason having nothing to do with sanity he invited the media in to film it all.

The result was that he frightened the Jews badly enough so they introduced something called the ADL’s Model Statute on Paramilitary Training, which was passed by about 30-odd states in the late 80s and early 90s. You need to check and see if your state has one.

White people need training to survive what will be coming down the pike, yes. I suggest that you do any actual training with real guns and live ammunition through the NRA and the local gun club, on an approved range. Do it in T-shirts, cut-off jeans and Budweiser baseball caps, and do it one-on-one in very, very small groups. Nothing even remotely suggestive of camouflauge or a uniform. (The camos appear to be what bug Jews and federal secret police even more than the guns.) The NVA in my novels didn’t wear uniforms, remember.

Any instruction in woodcraft, rifle squad tactics, survival, map-reading, patrolling etc. should also be done in small groups, dressed in jeans and t-shirts and disguised as paint-ball competitions, camping trips, nature hikes, and Boy Scout jamborees. Although I need to point out that these skills won’t be needed as much as some of us think; my personal belief is that any modern insurgency would more resemble Mob hits or gang-banging than Red Dawn style partisan stuff, at least in the early stages.

People sometimes ask me to tell them what they should read (besides my novels) to prepare them for the Struggle to come. I tell them to read John Le Carre spy novels.



Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Be careful about the NRA. 4-5 of the state chairs are Jewish!

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course I can't sight stats to prove it, but I would be willing to bet a month's pay that the bulk of, if not all of these idiots running around in camo fatigues have never served a single day in any branch of the armed forces. What I see is a bunch of boys in adult bodies "playing soldier". They would probably crap themselves in a real armed confrontation of any kind. The bit about inviting the media to film those activities underscores another opinion I have about these people; they are exhibiting attention-getting behavior (which is indicative of emotional immaturity). True revolutionary intent would show itself in two ways: an overiding concern NOT to draw attention to one's activities and intentions and a deadly seriousness about the consequences of not having such concerns. Secrecy in such matters would be of the utmost importance, so why would anyone with common sense want to telegraph their intentions to the enemy? Their actions speak volumes about the low level of intelligence among such groups as the "Huttaree Militia", whose "manuevers" are still available to view on YouTube.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

An item of interest for those of you who live in the Homeland.

4:14 AM  

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