Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More on Edgar Steele Case

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There is an interview with Ingri Cassell excerpted from Radio Free Mississippi at


Also, a thought occurs to me: in view of Edgar Steele’s perilous medical condition, being in recovery from open heart surgery six months’ previously, if he had some kind of relapse he may have been taken to the federal prison medical complex at Springfield, Missouri, which is where the feds send all their sick and elderly inmates today. When you are sentenced to die in prison, Springfield is probably the last cell you’ll see, although to be sure they shipped David Lane to Terre Haute to die.

Steele may even be dead already, and the régime simply hasn’t condescended to let anyone know.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I listened to the "interview": it brought out some interesting info, but Mr. Giles doesn't seem to know that the Feds, according to what I have read anyway, have impounded all of Ed Steele's property and money. It was so stated in one of the Idaho papers at any rate. If that information is correct, then Steele can't hire his own lawyer even if he wanted to (he apparently doesn't- he wants to represent himself) due to lack of funds.

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