Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Line In The Sand

The news for the past few years has been increasingly grim. Filled with a never ending list of reports on how this communistic government and the cabals that run this world, have been systematically destroying not only our freedoms, but the very nation that gave birth to them.

I use television as my thermometer to tell me the state of the nations' mentality and political climate, and what I'm currently seeing is enraging me beyond my ability to relate to you. Words can't come close to describing my rage at the atrocities our enemies are committing against every facet of our lives. It reminds me of an old Bible verse that says, "In the last days they will call good evil, and evil good."

This is exactly what's going on in this country and around the world. Let me make this very clear to all of you. I hate television. In fact I despise it. I never walk away from viewing it without feeling like I just wallowed in filth. It has become downright obscene. Not just in a pornographic way, but in its complete lack of morals, integrity and honor.

I was flipping through the channels last night when I landed on CNN, or the Communist News Network as I like to call it. And there sat that professional asshole Bill Maher. He was as expected from a rabid, brain dead liberal, badmouthing Arizona, calling it "Whiteyville." This turd is so far gone that he despises his own race, unless they are one of the few that have also betrayed their country and people for pats on the back from our mortal enemies. A bigger fool never walked this earth. Just the sight of that maggot makes my blood boil. But he's only one tiny speck of filth in a mudslide of depravity now inundating our nation. The best thing he could do for our country would be to drop dead.

The entertainment channels are now just as bad, with episode after episode of every show out there depicting the joys of interracial breeding, the nobility of faggothood, and the fun of being a lesbian. And anyone that disagrees or disdains it is portrayed as a bigot, racist, or worse...a conservative.

And they're getting vicious now. Insulting, abusive and even threatening, the atheists and progressives are on the attack, doing their level best to make Americans afraid to resist their push into anarchy and depravity. One thing that any honest historian will tell you, is that every single great civilization that fell before us, did one thing that spelled its doom; it accepted homosexuality as "normal."

This is the last great boundary separating a society from social anarchy. For without boundaries there is no moral code and hence, no law. No democracy can survive without the individuals making up that democracy possessing morals and integrity. Government cannot force its people to obey laws if they have no respect for them. And if you look around you right now, you see an entire generation of people that have reached adulthood that aren't even worth the price of a bullet.

This is because for generations our enemies have been quietly corrupting the minds and hearts of our kids at school, while we were busy making a living for them. We were betrayed by the very people we entrusted with our children's minds. There is no punishment sufficient for these monsters, and if we somehow regain control of our land, we must try and execute for crimes against humanity, every last teacher and administrator in all our public school systems across the country, both past and present. And if it were up to me, it would be an extremely slow, painful death.

People have asked me how these creeps sleep at night, and I tell them that they sleep just fine. Evil people possess no conscience. They feel no remorse or regret, and in fact consider what they are doing and have done as a necessary step to global communism. To a communist the ends always justifies the means. Just ask Stalin. He murdered over 30 million Russians in order to put down the uprising of patriots that fought against its takeover. But you never hear a squeak about this horror on any of the liberal networks. That's because the Jews that own all our media are pro-communist. After all, it was a Jew who invented the accursed philosophy.

We always hear and endless stream of pissing and moaning about the Holohoax by these same bastards, but the real holocaust in Russia, Germany, and Dresden are never spoken about. Ever. After all, that might take attention away from the plight of the poor, innocent Jews who never did a single thing to merit the hatred of the entire world for the past two thousand years.

Why is it we never hear one word about the "whys" of all that hatred..hmm? Because to expose it would be to let the world know just how evil and lowlife these bastards really are. There's a favorite quote of mine that says, "There's a reason for ugly." The features of individuals and of races reflect the spiritual state of that person or race. This is of course, an esoteric belief, but one that I firmly ascribe to. Life has taught me that there's a great deal of truth to it. We are all instinctively repulsed by some things, and most of them are either dangerous or evil. Jews and the dark races also fit into that category, I don't care what anyone says.

But as I was saying, the enemy has now become openly hostile and extremely insulting and vicious, attacking us on legal, spiritual, moral, racial, financial, political, and social levels. I flat couldn't believe some of the things liberals are now saying on the airways. It reminds me of how Americans used to talk about the Germans during World War Two...except now WE are the enemy. And the invaders, queers, communists, blacks, radical Islamists and Jews are now the good guys.

What the hell's going on here? Why aren't we tar and feathering those bastards in the streets? This is raw evil folks. Raw, in your face evil. I can't turn on the TV anymore without running into some show promoting the joys of faggothood, or integration, or the evils of being white. Or as one black TV preacher put it the other day, "White men are born devils!" How long do you think a white preacher would get away with a statement like that about blacks or Jews? Uh-huh.

A line in the sand has been drawn now, and like teams picking players before the big game, people are standing on one side or the other, preparing for what we all know is going to soon develop into a shooting war. And don't kid yourself. A lot of us are going to be killed, whether we fight or not, because the enemy now has control of the military and the nation's coffers, and will soon start trying to round up and execute as many of us as they can "for national security reasons". They'll brand us as "terrorists" and traitors. Of course nobody will buy this crap, but they won't be able to stop it through open means.

That's why guerrilla tactics will be the only way to defeat these bastards. We will have the support of the people, which is something the enemy will never have. And in time we will be able to over- throw and punish those monsters. But this time we will show no mercy. We will wipe them out once and for all, so that our people can finally live and prosper in peace without always having to watch for a hook nosed devil trying to stab us in the back out of hatred and jealousy.

Adolf Hitler said something profoundly wise once. He said, "At the root of every social ill, dig down a few centimeters and you will find a Jewish maggot." They are literally the root of all evil in this world, and the true authors of progressivism, communism, and liberalism. We can lay every one of our problems at the feet of these monsters.

War is indeed coming whether we're ready for it or not. Sides are being chosen and it's very clear to the people of this nation and the world, that there are now two extremely opposing camps in this country. Both sides are now quite open about their hostility towards the other, and personally I can't wait. We have a great debt we need to pay all of the creeps that have caused us so much grief and evil over the past century. Let's slap that arrogant smirk off their evil faces, shall we? It's time we cleaned house of all the vermin.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Undead Skinhead said...

Bill Maher is a non-practicing jew. His mother is a jewess and his father was an Irish catholic.

He is not an Aryan.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Bill Maher is a Jew. So, the part about him being a race traitor is incorrect, he is filling his racial role as expected.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could fecking tell that Bill Maher was a jew by looking at that schnozz.

Saw a clip of him on a documentary about Randy Weaver and that situation not long ago from his show "Politically Incorrect." He found great humor in the fact that Randy's son and wife were gunned down (well, one machine gunned up the back and the other head-shotted). Oh, he also celebrated the fact saying that there were two less neo-nazis in the world.

This clip made it pretty obvious that he was a jew and not just a sell-out.

Plus his hook schnozz is all the way over his chest and is wider than a semi-truck, c'mon Haranguer!
You're starting to sound like Ed Anger of World Wide News fame, do some research! I'm angrier than a one armed paper hanger at a save-the-trees convention over your racial blindness!

6:44 PM  

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