Saturday, July 03, 2010

HAC & April Gaede Radio Appearance

Hi, guys:

On Thursday, April Gaede and I appeared for about an hour on Jim Giles’ Radio Free Mississippi show, talking about the Edgar Steele case. The audio file can be downloaded from

Now, a few words of explanation. This is a long broadcast, almost four hours in length, so it will take you some time to listen to it, and you might not want to start in on it until you have the time. I come in at about 40% into the file, say about an hour and twenty minutes in, right after the call from the Englishman. I’m on the air for almost exactly one hour, then April and a woman named Mona come in after a music break.

Also, I sound GOD-AWFUL and I admit it. I'm not exactly a morning person, but also I am using my headset on Skype and there is something wrong either with the headset or with the frontal USB port on my computer, because there is a bad bumping sound all throughout my conversation. Sorry about that, folks.


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