Saturday, July 31, 2010

Den of Thieves

For most of our history, our leaders have been honest, sincere men that genuinely cared about this country and its people. To have one of them be a treasonous, communist enemy of the nation was unthinkable, and there were plenty of safeguards in place to prevent that sort from ever getting into power.

But through the long years, Jews and the other enemies of America have used their considerable wealth and power to slowly work their way into every facet of our government, all the way to the top.

Sure, we've had plenty of fools and idiots in the presidency, and in the House and Senate, but at least they were honest fools. The trash occupying those positions today are the worst sort of human filth imaginable. They are nothing less than career criminals, that have even less morals and ethics than the worst street gangsta serving time in one of our supermax prisons.

The only difference is that they're protected by their wealth and power, both of which come from a huge cadre of fellow monsters. I'm always amazed at the stark idiocy of the public when it comes to our leaders. They'll fight like the devil to convict and jail some murderer, but when it comes to someone who has sent tens of thousands of our fine young men to their deaths, just to defend their own personal wealth on foreign shores, they say and do nothing, but instead actually reelect the beasts. The old saying about reaping what you sow comes to mind.

But the evil infesting our leaders isn't the end of it by any means. Every single department and division of our government is also corrupt to the bone.

When the Secret Service came to my door a few months ago, in an attempt to intimidate me into silence, their agents caused a deep anger to well up inside me. I had to fight hard not to let my disgust with those clowns spill over into my conversation with them. But I have to tell you, it was extremely difficult, especially when I was forced to tolerate their arrogance and condescending behavior.

One agent in particular, a regular moose of a man who towered at least 6-foot seven, was a perfect example of the fruits of a lifetime of liberal brainwashing. I can guarantee you that this clown would shoot any of you without thinking twice about it if he was so ordered, and he wouldn't lose a minute's sleep over it either.

He had the arrogant self confidence and self-righteousness that only government agents possess. He stood there in my living room, refusing to sit and glowering at me with a look of open hostility on his face.

It was the face of a man that has busted and wrecked the lives of countless people and families, all for the sake of some abstract that he doesn't even understand. All he knows is that those are his orders, and that's enough for him. He never questions his orders, or the laws that demand it, or the bastards ordering the enforcement of those laws. This is why we call them goons in the first place. And brothers and sisters, this was indeed a goon.

I closely examined these agents as they sat beside me, attempting to squeeze information out of me, and I gathered far more information about them than they ever did about me. It took almost the entire length of the visit before this clown finally realized they were the ones being interrogated, and it infuriated him. He gathered up his female partner, and the Homeland Security officer that accompanied them to my door, and left in a huff. I just smiled at them sublimely and offered my hand as they left. The lady agent took it, but the moose just turned and stomped off.

I left them with a parting gift however, that I'm sure still burns his ass every time he thinks about it. As the door closed, and they were only a few feet from the porch, I broke into a laugh. I really couldn't help it. It wasn't deliberate, it's just the ridiculousness of the whole situation suddenly struck me. I'm sure he heard me. They should never come to a battle of wits

This man was a thief, who is working for thieves, who are working for other thieves, who are they themselves controlled by the biggest thieves on earth, the Jews. It seems like no matter where you look or what you discover in the world of corruption andpolitical evil, you find a Jew behind it.

Take the new candidate for the Supreme Court, that rabid progressive communist Kagan. She's..get this..another damned JEW. That's right. A Progressive Jew on the Supreme Court? That's like hiring a starved wetback to guard a plate full of fresh tacos. Pure, unadulterated insanity.

The enemy wants her there for the reasons you suspect; to help destroy our constitution. This fat Jewess bitch wants to allow faggots to serve in our military. This is a queer's wet in close quarters with thousands of men.

Homosexuality isn't an "alternative lifestyle", it's a sickness, an obsession and in the minds of many, and in the old days they looked upon it as a form of demon possession. They won't be serving more than a few days before all sorts of fights will start breaking out among servicemen because some faggot tried to crawl into their bunk at night. Fags have this need to have sex with as many men as possible, as often as possible. They are insatiable. They are also extremely violent and murderous, and can fly into a killing rage over nothing. In fact the most hated call of all cops is a homosexual domestic dispute. They almost always involve extreme violence. And this isn't counting all the diseases these lowlifes bring with them.
Kagan couldn't give a rat's ass about faggot's rights and everybody in her cadre knows it and feels the same way. But it is a great way to help destroy the morale of our military, and the moral fiber of our nation. One more step toward America's grave.

She wants to rob us of yet another virtue that made our nation great. It wasn't our size, or our location, or our leaders that made America the greatest, most powerful nation in history, it was the white race that built her. Their moral integrity and honesty were the strength of this nation. Patriotism, honor, morality, integrity, honesty, hard work, and a respect for the laws of this country made it what it was. These traits were the backbone of America..and our enemies knew it and despised us for our superiority. And ever since then, our enemy the Jew has spend countless sleepless nights scheming and plotting ways to destroy it..and us.

We all have a sacred duty to awaken as many other whites to the names and faces of the enemy. For centuries these maggots have done their evil behind the curtain while their cronies did all the dirty work for them. We must drag these slugs screaming and kicking out into the bright light of day, showing the world who is really behind all our woes.

Of late the Jews and their liberal boot-licks have become openly vicious, attacking us on every front for the first time in history. This is out of fear. For the first time in America's history whites are rising up, naming names and pointing fingers and demanding retribution. And this is terrifying the Jews, who are now pointing their fingers at others..anyone but an attempt to once again escape the justice they so sorely deserve.

You'd think that after so many of them we executed for their evil during WWII, they'd have learned their lesson and backed off and started minding their own business. But Jews are incapable of learning. Their evil, greed, and never ending jealousy of our race continues to urge them on to ever greater heights of depravity and evil against us. This leaves us with only one inevitable option, which is their destruction..before they destroy us.

We are now controlled by a den of thieves that have our destruction as their ultimate goal. It's time white America stopped worrying about who they offend and start offending the hell out of them and hope they don't like it. We are at war folks, whether you want to face it or not. And if we're to have any hope of survival, we must turn our plowshares back into swords.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on HAC: we KNOW that you are "The Lone Haranguer". Can't be anybody else- that writing style has "Harold" written all over it.

4:29 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

Uh,, I'm not.

I have always been somewhat bemused by this bizarre idea within the Movement that anything well written must be written by me, since apparently we're all such illiterates than only HAC can string together an articulate and grammatical sentence.


10:44 AM  

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