Friday, June 11, 2010

The Shape Of Things To Come

[Wandered in off the Net. Think this isn't happening? Look at Portland.]

About twenty years ago while attending some planning meetings and volunteering, people would come up to me and start sharing what I thought was utter nonsense.

What surprised me was who was sharing with me. They were people who knew what was going on, elected officials, or executives of large corporations. How could they be right? It just didn't make sense, then.

They told me there would be zoning that would stop the expansion of cities. People would move in from the farm areas and it would be re-wilded, and there would be something akin to communal living. We would downsize our homes and yards plus share our homes with others. The density would increase horribly and people would give up their cars and take mass transit, walk, or work at home.

We would have families that were "fluid," meaning one parent might be assigned a job by the government or agency, in/to another area and another male might join the group. It would truly be the village raising the children. Marriage would not necessarily be a good thing. Reminded me of Orwell's 1984.

What kind of people would think and plan such a thing? We must be forward thinkers, I was told, and plan for the population explosion that was sure to happen while protecting our green areas.

Near light rail would be shops with apartments over them. The next ring would be multiple apartment buildings, then duplexes, and if you were really lucky the furthest from the station would be small houses with postage stamp yards.

I actually saw the plans drawn up by big city government that had the full approval of the County Council. We would look like Europe, sort of. Wouldn't it be wonderful to walk everywhere and stay home? Wouldn't it be like the "good old days" we tried so hard to leave, I asked?

I also learned we would all be "lifelong learners" and everyone would have an individual portfolio and assigned a teacher or counselor who would advise us on how to become more well rounded intellectually the rest of our lives. You could not opt out. Cradle to grave education, ever heard of it? We all need to be flexible and changeable?

Who would have guessed Obamacare, excuse me, "health care reform?" Aren't we mandated into that? The businesses would inform the schools they needed more engineers and the schools would pump out more engineers to meet the need, or whatever the forecasted need was, that's what would be produced so we would have a balanced community/region/area.

The problem was we may not be a nation the way we are now, as each region like the East Coast would need different things than the Southwest and it makes sense to have regions rather than states. You of course can see the wisdom of this? True?

It sure looks like it's shaping up that way now. I saw the Mexicana area which was parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas. I'm not sure about parts of Nevada or Oklahoma as it's been years, but basically the old Mexican territory, amazing yes? Cascadia was southern British Columbia, Washington, upper Oregan, and a sliver of Idaho. I can't remember the rest, it's been years, but that gives you the idea. Time will tell.

Denver has been picked as a capital of sorts along with Atlanta, if Miami doesn't win, but that's unlikely. The Atlanta area would be connected with South America at the hip. The planned NAFTA highway would help to split up the US. You know about the Smart Port in Kansas City, Missouri, of course, which will be a hub? Denver might also be a hub. I haven't kept up with it.

The problem with the highway and railroad is you can't go over it, it's so wide, and you can't tunnel under it. Therefore you could split communities making driving next door a couple of hundred miles or more round trip. Google NAFTA super highway map and it will pop up along with a lots of information. Texas has had quite a fight over it with the governor backing off, but its still moving forward for sure. The financing is very interesting.

It's not just American ports that are fast slipping into foreign ownership; it's highways, too. A Spanish company, Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A., has bought the right to operate a toll road through Texas and collect tolls for the next 50 years. Called the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC), on which construction is planned to begin next year, this highway would bisect Texas from its border with Mexico to Oklahoma.

Hearings held by the Texas Department of Transportation this summer attracted hundreds of angry Texans. Plans call for a ten-lane limited-access highway to parallel I-35. It would have three lanes each way for passenger cars, two express lanes each way for trucks, rail lines both ways for people and freight, plus a utility corridor for oil and natural gas pipelines, electric towers, cables for communication, and telephone lines. Central to this plan is a massive taking of 584,000 acres of farm and ranch land at an estimated cost of $11 to $30 billion, property then lost from the tax rolls of counties and school districts.

After the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. City of New London, no one need worry about the power of eminent domain to take private property. The Trans-Texas Corridor will be the first leg of what has been dubbed the NAFTA Super Highway to go through heartland America all the way to Canada. This would be a major lifeline of the plan to merge the United States into a North American Community.

Plans are already locked in for Kansas City Southern de Mexico Railroad to bring Chinese goods in sealed cargo containers from the southern Mexican port of Lazaro Cardinas direct to Kansas City, Missouri. Mexican trucks will be able to drive more sealed containers up the fast lanes of the NAFTA Super Highway, inspected only electronically if at all, and making their first customs stop in Kansas City.

Obama just gave the Smart Port In KC $1.5 billion dollars and Kansas ponied up $35 million a few weeks ago. Think its not going to happen?

The education being introduced into the Kansas City schools is exactly what I was told to expect and once in, you can't take it out, it's in like it or not and just part of "the plan" I read and saw in the late 80's. Total control of the individual child.

Kansas City just put in huge metal poles with the big electrical cables, we were told we would need the electricity. Funny, as the area were the poles are is already completely built up and part of the old city. I've never seen anything move so quickly in my life. One day you look up and there's the pole and the next the cables, they set a record marching across town. Makes you wonder doesn't it?

KC also just won't give up on light rail when we have one of the best highway systems in the nation and hardly any gridlock on the highways compared to other cities. Light rail is not cost effective, or really practical as we are spread out everywhere, no natural boundaries, yet we march on. Even with the national, state and city debt facing us forever, we march on, what is driving this unnecessary expenditure?

We also have a Green Impact Zone, like the one described on Glenn Beck May 20th & 24th last half hours, all connected to the stimulus money and the same old Crime Inc. or so it appears. We are going to "green up" a derelict area of about 2,500 old falling down homes, vacant lots, and older homes that have great needs all at the tax payers expense.

Sounds like we are getting ready for the influx from the outlying suburbs and farm areas. How are they going to get the people to move into the city? If we become lawless you would have to move inside the walls to feel safe, you think? I don't know, but based on what I heard, read, and saw it will happen and it appears, is being planned for. Downtown KC has a new area costing millions that the city now pays $12 million a year for, as it's not paying for itself like it was supposed to. So much for downtown renewal, so far, but if what I'm saying is right, it's a matter of time, true? [Downtown renewal almost never works in America because usually downtown is where the niggers live, and no sane person wants to shop or live among dark-skinned predators. - HAC]

I am only repeating what I learned, so don't throw rocks, as it came from officials or planners.

Children around the age of 3 to 5 years would be assigned a trade/job and be trained during their school years to fill that spot. A master teacher, a couple of other teachers, counselor/psychologist and maybe the parent would be consulted, but it would not be left up to the parent as to who would decide the child's future. This was from the state teachers union leadership. I kid you not. The child would have no say or choice and rarely be able to change careers. You can bet parents would kiss up to that group.

"Sustainable" would be a few shirts, pants, and shoes. Remember the old pegs on the walls? That's it. Food, all you need is for a couple of days. Think shopping every day as in Europe. Fun, huh?

Cars would have to be less than three years old if, big if, you could afford one. You can rent one if you're lucky, but keep in mind the area outside the city has gone native and a lot of roads will be closed down including highways, as people will be in the city. Why do you think old Uncle Buffett sold his shirt to buy BNSF RR? Well duh, and little Billy Gates owns a large block of shares of the Canadian RR. I saw the maps of the US regions. It was not the ten we have now.

The cottages in the article are what you can expect and is the coming trend. Listen to what is planned everywhere, already built, the cities future plans, rail, anything to do with the future and you'll find the consolidation falling into place, and that's the truth.

I don't know what you know or have learned, but it's much more dire than what I have laid out and was told. Think what you like. I have only repeated what I learned. It will be pretty much a hand to mouth existence. You will be told where to work, where to live, pretty much what to eat as it will be what's available. Soylent Green and 1984 based on my information are very close to what's coming.

Having worked with the local TV station where I used to live on a project, I was asked to attend a special showing of AmeriKa at the local university auditorium. After the first half hour or so I had to leave, it was so bad. Several other people also left before and shortly after me, but the majority stayed. The producer I knew stopped me in the hall and ask why I had left. Several other station employees were in the hall talking to people who were also leaving.

I wish I had stayed and could get a copy of the series now. What is so amazing is a few years ago if you shared the above, people dismissed it as heresy, now maybe not so much, seeing how things are shaping up, you think? It's not going to be nice or fun, it's going to be dog eat dog to survive with no values or morals to keep people honest, as the school's have quit teaching integrity years ago. Remember your truth isn't my truth? Your morals may not be my morals. Political correctness doesn't sound as sweet as it did as their boundaries change with the wind and their moods.

Take what you like and leave the rest...I'm only the Mocking Bird.


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