Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - June 10 2010

Greetings, comrades:

Radio Free Northwest #20, dated June 10, 2010 is now available for download from the Party web site at

In this episode I explain what makes the Northwest Front different from other groups, talk about Skype, defend myself against accusations of “negativity” and speas of what lies in store for White people here in the Northwest.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear HAC,

No, I dont think you're being depressing. On the contrary, I think you're addressing something in your biting attacks that I think needs more work. I know that you don't want to become a newsreader, like so many other movement readers, sitting there talking about nigga crimes and mexican murders of whites on the border, but we need to find someway to let the whites know they are in peril. I dont know how myself. You're right, it cant be done by listing incidents, nobody cares about incidents if they are not personally involved. It can't be done with statistics, minds shut off when confronted with streams of numbers unless one is some idiot savant. I dont know how, but we must show whites they are in peril, they are in danger. The Jew has done such a fantasic job of leading our race down the garden path. They took CS Lewis' "advice" (in the Screwtape Letters) about the road to hell being shallow, straight, with no sharp turns, no dangerous turns, no dropoffs which might wake the traveller up to his peril.

I wrack my brains daily knowing that our first attack must be on this road to hell the Jews have us on. We need to find the bridge to blow, the overhanging bluff to bring down, something, anything! That's what my contribution to the movement will be, if I can ever manage it. We got to wake up. Listing the numbers of white women raped and impregnated by blacks won't do it. Listing the numbers of whites murdered by mex's on the border wont do it. Those are like jumping up on the side of the road to hell... the drivers dont even turn their heads. I think if we can ever trully wake up the White Race to its peril... yeah, I know, you've been trying to do that for fifty years, but we can't stop trying, Harold!

-The Strange Mage

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Johannes Mehserle murder trial will be the spark. This is a cop who shot a black on New Year's Eve. The black's family says murder, the cop's side of the story is, he was going for his Taser and came up with his pistol by mistake.

What really happened is irrelevant. If the cop is convicted, the blacks will riot out of sheer animal pleasure at "beating the Man." If he is acquitted, well, you know why they'll riot. Either way, it's coming.

This will be a multi-city riot. One will occur in Los Angeles (where the trial is being held), one will be in Oakland (where the black was shot and the cop worked). Since the black lived in Hayward, Ca. (Oakland without the panache), there will probably be one there, too. Cell phones and flash mobs will start them in other cities.

Get off the Internet right now, and clean your weapons. Make sure you have water and food, and some source of power.

Dave 06122010 / 1020

10:25 AM  

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