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Post On Craigslist By Police Officer

I’m a TPD officer of more than 3 years, and I will post this only once, so it would be helpful if someone copied and repost it for me, because it will be flagged. I am posting from a public accessible computer so it cannot be traced to me. The phone's a throwaway.

We are “encouraged” to create as much revenue as possible. We are told in report to issue citations for speeding if we get you on laser even one mile over the speed limit, no grace any longer. And if you are close we will issue citations saying you were over the limit unless you ask to see the speed-reading and then we will issue a warning, so ask.

We are required to put as much information in our reports to get you for added charges on DUI arrests. We are pushed to add and falsify charges in our reports. If you don’t have more than one charge in your report for DUI arrests we are harassed by our commanders. We are ordered to lead you in the direction of a blood test v breathalyzer because one judge is throwing them out still. The blood test will add about .02 of a point to the reading, taking you, in some cases from a DUI to an extreme DUI and adding more of a case against you, added higher fines and jail time.

We are instructed to be as friendly as possible and lull you into revealing information that you may not or shouldn’t give. The roadside sobriety tests are voluntary but we’re “encouraged” to not inform you of that. We are told that the increase in added fines and arrests look good in our personnel file and it’s majorly considered in advancement. Even adding assault on a police officer if you are disrespectful in anyway, it’s called the “lean and bump” we bump into you and you get charged with assault. The goal is to have as many charges on you when you go to court so they might not get you on everything but they will get you on something. As well as have enough charges to make you look as bad as we can to win favor against you in a jury trial.

None of this is in writing, none of this can be proved. It doesn’t matter. If we win, nothing happens to us. If we lose, nothing happens to us. You are on your own out there. I don’t like the way things are going. But we can’t move our family out of Tucson because our house is underwater. I moved my family out here from another part of the country. We thought it would be a better environment for kids and family life and it has turned into a nightmare.

I can’t live with being commanded to be the cleanest dirtiest players out there any longer. These “suggestions” come all the way from the DA’s office in PHX. A few of the other officers I work with feel the same way I do, but most of them are going too far and actually like the loss of restrictions. The jokes and unbelievable comments I here are beyond conduct unbecoming. SB1070 is just the start. I wish I could do something but I’m only one woman.


Anonymous Robert Campbell said...

They say all politics is local. All Zionist corruption begins locally as well.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"To serve and protect" went out the window years ago, now it is "to make money and intimidate",


10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to make excuses for AZ (because this kind of policy exists elsewhere as well and because it will be spreading as time moves on), but the nearly dead economy of AZ probably has much to do with it-all the housing foreclosures mean less tax income and so they make up for it in this way. Also, George Bush's "Patriot Act", creating a new police state has much to do with it as well. But I am stymied as to what the writer of this post means when she says SB 1070 "is just the start"? To me, SB 1070, which is the legislation that pushes to have Mexicans rerouted home is a GOOD thing. What is she saying here?

5:18 PM  
Blogger Undead Skinhead said...

In some USA States, the cops word alone is enough to convict on drunk driving and or speeding. It is not absolutely required that a blood alcohol test or speed detector reading be presented as evidence. Cops can also steal all the cash you have on you without even charging you with a crime. Under the feds "War on Drugs" laws, all they have to do is tell you they believe it's drug money when they take it.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most people will support SB1070, mistakenly believing that it will serve the "advertised" purpose of shipping illegal shitskin invaders back to Mexishit, failing to notice that SB1070 is an obvious Trojan Horse. Failure to support it would seem to equal approval of permitting the spic invaders to continue to evade Justice, but this "solution" proposed by Jewish con-artists would only ratchet the Zio-Fascist regime's power to harrass Whites to a higher level. This is because SB1070 does not specifically identify Mexishit invaders as the worst offenders in the illegal invasion (or acknowledge that kikes, gooks and sandniggers from their shitholes in the Third World are also far more likely to enter the US illegally than would be Whites from Europe). SB1070 does not include the necessary verbiage to grant approval to racial profiling as a valid and necessary procedure in dealing with Third World invaders through law enforcement. Specifically, SB1070 means nullification of any prohibition imposed upon government and its hired jackboot thugs by the Fourth Amendment against violation of the inalienable God-given Rights of natural-born American citizens and legal residents of this country, subjecting them to unreasonable searches (for their “papers”) whose rationalization would certainly be cloaked in “avoiding the appearance of ‘racial profiling’” by the self-appointed (majority-Jewish) enforcers of Political-Correctness. The next step would be Soviet-style checkpoints. Over concerns about the possibility of ‘forged” papers, and perhaps after a few ‘examples’ of criminals who obtained (doubtless from expert Jewish forgers) exceptionally well-made forgeries, the proposed ‘solution’ to the manufactured ‘problem’ would ultimately be forcibly-implanted RFID.

-- WhitePride65

3:30 PM  
Blogger retank said...

In Kansas City they have moved from DUI checkpoints to Drivers License Checkpoints. So now they have two reasons to set up roadblocks and to request more funding for police officers.
It should be noted that police officers have a greater chance of being millionaires by the time they retire than most Americans.

3:02 PM  

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