Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Madness of Welfare

Welfare in this country is an outrage. All thinking whites know this. It was meant as a safety net for mothers whose husbands had died, run off, or become disabled, and for the aged. It was never meant to be a permanent source of income for an entire race, or to finance a breeding program by an enemy nation trying to conquer our country.

Those are exactly the things it has now become. And we are paying for it. Statistics prove that currently, the white race in this country is no longer reproducing at the bare replacement rate because they simply can't afford to support their kids. Why? Because government taxes levied against us to support the children of these enemy races has become so heavy, that there's not enough left over for us to survive with. And now they want more. I predicted this over twenty years ago, and was laughed out of the room by almost everyone. Not anymore.

At a time when our economy is on the brink of total and permanent failure, liberal politicians are pressing harder than ever to increase taxes on us in order to keep their monster alive a little longer. Any fool can see that their welfare system is doomed to collapse under the sheer weight of the growing numbers of illegals, "legal" immigrants, and ghetto blacks that are breeding on a scale unmatched even by the most primitive third world countries in Africa and South America. Mestizos are having seven, eight, and even ten kids per couple, on all on our dime. And once born, we are legally bound to not only grant them citizenship because of an archaic liberal law that they refuse to let us repeal, but to support them the rest of their lives as well. This is madness.

Logic states that you cannot take out more than you put into something. You'll run out. Our welfare system has long since passed the break even point, and has been running in the red for decades.

Now it has gotten to the point where entire states are on the verge of bankruptcy, and still the liberals refuse to give an inch. Take California for a prime example: Over 2 million whites leave the state every year now, and that number is rapidly increasing. The same goes for companies and corporations, who are now fleeing the outrageous liberal regulations and ridiculously high taxes just to stay in business, as California liberal politicians desperately scramble to find more and more money to feed the spoiled and ungrateful beasts they have been supporting for the past 50 years.

Working whites in California paid their state income tax last year, only to receive an IOU from the state instead of their expected..and deserved tax refund check. They can expect more of the same this year as well, because things have only gotten worse. Tens of thousands of state employees have been fired, and thousands more have been reduced to part-time in an effort to grab more money, but it's like pissing in the ocean at this point, and still liberals in California are haranguing Arizona for finally doing something about the parasite problem in their state. What's wrong with this picture? And still the invaders continue pour into California by the hundreds of thousands every year, immediately getting on the welfare roles.

All dental coverage for the disabled in the state was eliminated this year, leaving tens of thousands of disabled people with mouthfuls of half finished dental work, rotten teeth, and even abscesses with no financial help left and no dentists that will take them. But mestizos are still getting full medical coverage including prenatal. Yes, they eliminated the dental to help pay for the parasites.

Governor Schwartzenigger is at his wit's end because he's a liberal in conservative's clothing, and refuses to do anything about the invaders. So he's been attacking the livelihood of American citizens instead.

To add insult to injury, the blacks are screaming that they want a raise. Raise? Yes! As if they are working a job! They want a raise! We have countless millions of these spoiled, uneducated, mentally retarded, murderous blacks about to go native on us. And when the welfare system does collapse, which it must..and soon, we're going to see murder and mayhem on a scale never before seen in this country.

And as we all know, blacks are always looking for any excuse to chimp out and riot. This is their ticket to looting. They know from experience that the liberals in DC won't allow us to shoot them because "they can't help themselves" when they're rioting. And they always get off in court with a slap on the wrist for being a "bad monkey". In a post I wrote a couple of years ago, I recounted an experience I had at the Northridge quake in California years ago, where I stood on a freeway bridge with a friend of mine that was a Guardsman. He'd been sent there, not to help with the rescue, but to keep the niggers out! (his words exactly).

As we stood there together looking down the interstate leading to Northridge from Los Angeles and San Francisco, as far as the eye could see, way off past the horizon were packed carloads of niggers, bumper to bumper in a traffic jam, all trying to get into Northridge to loot the damaged shops, stores and private homes of the victims of the quake.

Armed Guardsmen stood in the middle of the freeway, pointing their rifles at these greedy apes, forcing them, one carload of cursing chimps at a time, to stop and turn their cars around and head back to wherever they came from. Each car was stuffed with so many niggers that all you could see was black. Long, bony black arms waved out of every window, some with crack pipes in there hands and others giving the finger to the Guards for stopping them.

All of them were blasting that devil rap music they so love to play, and the freeway literally vibrated from a cacophony of evil rhythms. You could see the hatred, greed, and unbridled malice in their soft boiled egg eyes, which were the only things you could see inside those cars. These apes were tame and friendly compared to what's coming, a tiny precursor of the horror to come..just as soon as this evil welfare system falls.

Welfare must be overhauled. We must force off the roles all able bodied blacks and whites, and eliminate alien parasites altogether. Sure, they might have it tough and have to return to their own country with a load of kids, but we didn't breed them, and we shouldn't have to pay for them. We've paid enough. We are out of money.

Liberals refuse to face one stark fact: The whole world wants in here. And if they could get in, they would, regardless of the damage it would do to you, your loved ones and your country. That's because these parasites hate you, and don't care what happens to you, just as long as they can take what you have.

We can't support the whole planet. That's the simple reality of it, and what liberals are going to have to grow up and face. They have no right taking from those of us that earned it, and giving it to those that didn't. That's called evil.

The mestizo mentality can be summed up quite nicely by the liberal senator from California (voted in by illegals that had no business voting), "We will take your country because you are weak, and the weak don't deserve to have this land!" Yes, this is a supposedly United State senator, and get this; a darling of Obama and Pelosi. We must take back this government by any and all means necessary and arrest for high treason every last politician on the Hill, both past and present.

And we must institute a law that demands that all welfare recipients be sterilized or they cannot draw welfare. Unfair, you say? Why? If they are needy mothers, they've already had kids and proven they can't support the ones they've got. And if they don't have kids they don't have any business on welfare.

It's not our job to raise whole generations of parasites. But what will all those blacks do? There are now five generations of lazy, thieving, crack smoking, worthless blacks that have never worked a day in their lives. We put them to work. They can trim trees, build our roads and bridges, watch our borders, sweep our streets, haul our trash, catch stray dogs, join the military, and pick our crops. They can work just like the rest of us. And if they don't like it there's always prison.

Of course that will change as well. No more steak dinners and air conditioning, no more cable TV and basketball gyms. Just chain gangs and empty, hot cells. Most prison inmates live far better than you do. This must stop. It's another travesty of the madness of liberalism.

Yes, this is what must be done, but I'm afraid it's too late for all that now. The madness of welfare has been a strong factor in the destruction of America. This country is about to fall, and when it does, the dark races will become the most evil, murderous machine of destruction whites have ever faced.

It will be open season on all muds and all liberals of every stripe. That's when the killing will begin, and whites everywhere will become soldiers of ethnic cleansing..or die. This should have been done a hundred years ago. We should have ruthlessly purged our country of all Jews, blacks, Mestizos and all other alien races. Cruel, yes, but necessary. And as any real man will tell his whining wife, sometimes you have to be ruthless to be kind.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...And as we all know, blacks are always looking for any excuse to chimp out and riot. This is their ticket to looting..."

And it will happen within the next ten days. (I personally believe it will be the July 4th weekend, because that sends the message The One™ wants sent). The Johannes Mehserle case will probably go to the jury next Tuesday. (A white cop shot and killed a black parolee by accident when he grabbed his pistol, not his Taser). When that verdict comes in, whatever that verdict is, stand by.

The D.A. went for a murder 1 charge, which is not supported by the evidence. If the jury acquits, stand by. If they convict for a lesser charge of manslaughter, stand by. And if the cop gets convicted? Stand by. In Los Angeles, they rioted because the Lakers won.

As LH said, they're always looking for an excuse. Be prepared.

Dave 006272010 / 1008

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We must take back this government by any and all means necessary and arrest for high treason every last politician on the Hill, both past and present."
"Yes, this is what must be done, but I'm afraid it's too late for all that now."
- Yes it is too late now. And Kalifornia is conquered territory, in the red to a fantastic degree and only a liability to the rest of us now. The government might as well cede the state to Mexico and let them pay their welfare (as if that would ever happen). The good paying, meaningful manufacturing jobs are all gone to China and elsewhere in the Far East and the economy is beyond being saved. To top it all off, we have a negro in the "offal" office who is incompetant (is there any government anywhere in the world that has been successfully run by blacks?) and that costly war to "make the Middle East safe for Israel" is going on just as before, even though Obongo's first campaign promise was to get us out of there. What a laugh. But as far as Whites in America taking any meaningful action against these people is concerned; that will not happen until everyone is near starvation, and maybe not even then; I fear we have completely lost the heroic temperament of our forebears and have become a nation of soft, spineless people.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Austrian Swan said...

I totally agree with The Lone Haranguer, I recently visited South America(Paraguay,Argentina,Bolivia) and I saw too many "people" living in terribly poor conditions, and they all had something terrible in common: they ALL have MANY kids, I even met a 29 years old granny in argentina! I was shocked to see how fast these mestizos and amerindians can breed! we don´t this here in Europe and you don´t deserve it in America.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post. Everything you wrote is 100% accurate. When I was a younger man in the 80s I used to pray the system would collapse so we could do what had to be done before things went too far. Unfortunately when it happens now its gonna be rough and bloody. But still It will be worth it all to put this country right. Keep up the good work and Ill keep reading.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"We put them to work. They can ... join the military ..."

The only statement that's absolutely wrong in the whole article. No nigger should EVER have an opportunity to have a gun put into its chimp paws. Guns don't kill people ... savage nonwhites with guns do. The ONLY beneficial form of gun control is to outlaw possession of any firearm by any nonwhite (niggers, spics, gooks, but ESPECIALLY kikes)!

-- WhitePride65

8:13 PM  
Blogger Jim Brown said...

For a related article which proposes solutions to most of the Welfare Madness in USA today go to the following website. Better yet forward it to your members of Congress and demand that they be implemented:

4:59 PM  

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