Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I Want To Hear America Scream

I got the following e-mail:

"It's like we've been saying all along HAC, it's coming, and when it gets here it's going to hit like a hammer on a potato bug. - Vic"

Yes, I know. And this is one reason I would never consider suicide, no matter how bad my own situation might get as I grow older. As horrible as it's going to be growing old in this filthy world, I want to watch while it dies.

I want to sit in my old folks' home, or under whatever bridge I end up under, cackling with laughter while these fat, lazy,stupid and ugly people suffer, all of them.

I want to see them lose their nice suburban houses and their SUVs. I want to see them broke, with nothing in the world besides whatever they have in their wallet that day, and not knowing where the next dollar is coming from. I want to see them lose their jobs, and kneel on the rainy concrete in front of the local McDonald's, begging some little 21 year-old Mexican girl for a minimum wage job flipping burgers--and be refused.

I want to see Americans beaten bloody, time and again, by the Mexicans they have let into the country and the niggers they have allowed to run wild, because they were too chickenshit cowardly to stop it. I want to see Americans buried under the garbage they have allowed to pile up while they sat in front of their televisions staring at Jew pornography and monkoids bouncing balls. I want to see Americans dragged away to prison by Barry Soetoro's black and brown gun thugs, there to scream while they are sodomized by niggers.

I want to see them bury their sons and daughters in a dozen stupid, pointless foreign wars that the Jews and the oil companies start, sons and daughters forcibly drafted into the military to keep Barry and his Jewish handlers in power. I want to see Americans hungry, physically hungry. I want to see them wander the streets with mad and staring eyes, knowing that they are in hell, that they deserve to be there, and that there is no longer any hope.

I want to see Americans running around like chickens with their heads cut off in sheer terror, while the world they have allowed to come into being kicks them and stomps on them, picks them up and bites their heads off and drains them like all those beers they used to suck down while they sat in front of the television watching niggers throw a stupid ball.

I want to see mass suicides as millions of these pale-skinned blobs jump off bridges, or step in front of trucks, or blow their brains out with the guns they will never fire at their oppressors, taking the coward's way out because they would rather destroy themselves than run the risk of resisting. I want Americans to feel pain, bodily and spiritual, all the time. I want to see Americans' faces smashed into a bloody pulp and hear them scream while they are beaten and beaten and beaten.

These are the people who even today have the power, and who could stop all of this madness and evil, if only they weren't yellow dogs. If only they just had the tiniest smidgeon of personal, physical courage necessary to STAND UP TO THESE EVIL MOTHERFUCKERS WHO RULE US, physically.

Or hell, they wouldn't even have to do that. If only everyone who sees and understands and despises America for what it has become would simply stand up and speak, stop being afraid to speak, then we could break the hold of the Jew media and the politically correct system. There are still almost 150 million of us in this country. Even The One can't fire us all or lock us all up if we stand up and speak. But we won't even do that.

The problem is that Americans are pale, trembling cowards. They are stupid, stupid, stupid, and I want to hear them scream as they are justly punished for their cowardice and stupidity.

I want Americans to pay and pay and pay for what they have so spinelessly done to this beautiful land that our forefathers gave them. I want to see God shit on Americans and then drown them in the sea, and I want them to die knowing that they are worthless and contemptible.

Even now, they could stop this. Not all White people are over the age of 60, yet. We have how many million privately owned firearms in this country? But they won't do it. For that, they are going to suffer, and I want to be around to see it happen.

Hmm...guess I better start exercising and eating right then, as hard as that is to do in this society. Well, anyway, it's nice to have something to look forward to, eh, Vic?


Anonymous BLU-82 said...

A good speech !

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who knows maybe Cassandra also had some satisfaction in the final moments of Troy.


3:45 PM  

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