Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heretical Two Appeal Denied

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, formerly the judicial committee of the House of Lords, has refused the Heretical Two leave to appeal. It is the practice of this Court not to give reasons for refusing leave to appeal, whereas it would be considered an error of law for any other court not to give reasons for its decisions.

The H2 are now entitled to petition the European Court of Human Rights for leave to appeal to that court, which they could not do before, as would be petitioners are obliged to exhaust all domestic recourse first.

Meanwhile, Steve, who was out on bail at a bail hostel in Blackburn which he found fairly agreeable, has been caught on the internet in breach of bail conditions, and sent to Preston goal. He was found by the police using the internet in Blackburn public library [we are no different to China and Burma in treatment of dissidents.] Steve would, as ever, appreciate messages of support to show that the H2 are not forgotten in gaol. His address is:

Mr Stephen Whittle A8041AA
H. M. P. Preston,
2 Ribbleton Lane,


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