Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Hatred Like No Other

I've ranted a lot about the evils of liberalism, Obama and his motley crew of lowlifes. But no matter what I say about these freaks, seems that people just continue to let them systematically dismantle our nation and culture.

Every single day I turn on the news, I'm treated to yet another nasty surprise where Obama or one of his ilk have attacked yet another thread of the great tapestry that holds our nation and way of life together. Thread at a time they unravel it, until now we have a great, gaping hole where many of our freedoms and joys in being Americans used to be.

And it's growing. That gigantic tear is now threatening to literally destroy us, and still these monsters are industriously chewing at it like termites on crack. None of them will be satisfied until every trace of us, our culture, and our very history are eradicated from this planet. That, my people, is hatred that borders on the brink of insanity.

This evening I listened to Mike Huckabee, that one time presidential candidate that was beaten out in the primaries. And for the first time I was actually glad he was. This man...this fool, finally let his hair down and revealed to me, and all those with intelligence, just what a nightmare he would have been if he had won the presidency. He stated flat out that he "doesn't believe that Obama's actions are deliberate."

This is the same guy that was so pro-amnesty for invaders and a "controlled" immigration process." In other words, allow them to continue to enter our country in the millions. Electing him would have been more of the same suicidal policies of the Bushes...far too afraid of angering our enemies to do what's necessary to save our culture.

This has been our problem all along. The career politicians in our government were and are, far more concerned about their own personal gain than the welfare of this nation. To me that's nothing short of high treason, and any man caught doing this should be taken out and shot.

Treason is a serious, serious crime. It affects the lives and security of every American alive, and the very existence of America. And any man that has the audacity to put his own greed and ambition before the welfare of an entire nation should be taken out in the square in front of the capitol building and shot on live TV as a warning to all lowlifes that we no longer tolerate this kind of monstrous evil. And that's exactly what it is..monstrous.
The City of Los Angeles conducted a sting operation yesterday, busting over 4,000 illegals, blacks and various other third world immigrants for using disabled placards they didn't own or deserve. In fact there were almost no whites at all caught up in the sweep. The police stated that they were only a tiny fraction of the total offenders in that city, and that across America there are millions doing this. These offenders were hit with a whopping $3,500 fine, impounding of their cars and a possible six-month jail term. These parasites were literally choking off vital parking for real disabled people, and arrogantly refused to stop.

I brought this up as a small example of one of those tiny threads our enemies are breaking. By bringing multi-millions of these third world parasites into the country, they set loose millions of unpaid agents that will do what they themselves don't have the manpower to do. Immigration has nothing to do with the American ideal, but everything to do with destroying it.

Another expose' reported on the evils being perpetrated on millions of hard working American families that are being systematically evicted from their homes by greedy mortgage companies and banks, who have found a way to make billions on the backs of our life savings..another bid by our mortal enemies to drain off every last dreg of American wealth before the end.

One of their favorite tactics is to auction off a house out from under a family...even if they're only a few months behind in their payments, and even if the owners have a buyer for the property and are about to sell it and pay the bank off. After all, a nearly paid off house won't pay them nearly as much as selling the house outright.

One family had sold their house for a $150,000 profit, plus pay the bank off. But GMAC sold the house at auction just ten days before the sale was final, even after they knew the owners were about to pay them off..and had agreed to wait.

What few know however, is that most of these financial institutions are doing this massive theft under orders from the Obama administration! This scam puts millions of white families on the street and turns their property over to the government controlled banks and financial institutions for sale or possession. Another large segment of our free market goes under government control, and another large chunk of America's wealth falls in the hands of the Wall Street Jews and progressives.

And another thread is cut. And every time we try to fight back we are viciously attacked on every level, and I don't mean by just the media. The government itself is attacking Americans..whites in particular, because they represent the biggest threat to their agenda. Obama and his people despise America and everyone in it. They are working feverishly to destroy as much of it as they can before we rise up and stop them. And like all true fanatics, they are willing to sacrifice themselves like suicide bombers to see their agenda completed.

Huckabee is a fool. He can't see his enemy, even when he's staring him in the face. Obama definitely means to destroy us. There is nothing accidental about his actions.

They are as deliberate as it gets. There is no stupidity involved because his advisers are really running things, and they are anything but stupid. We are now facing a fanatical, evil enemy who has complete control of our government. They are motivated by a driving force that has plagued our race for thousands of years..the Jews.

They possess a hatred like no other for gentiles, and especially whites. Our very existence is an offense to them because it is a glaring reminder that we, not the Jews, are the most advanced race on the planet. We created and or invented every important thing on this planet, from civilization, philosophy, agriculture, art, architecture, music, mathematics, electricity, medicine, radio, television, the electric light, flight, space travel, cars, air conditioning, computers, movies, the printed word, clocks, and even eye glasses. We lifted all the races out of the stone age and into the light of civilization. And they despise us for it.

Even today, most of the world looks upon us with hatred, envy and greed. No matter how much we give them, and no matter how much good we do for them and this world, it's never enough to ease their hatred for us. They all want in here to take everything we have, then destroy us, even though they're too stupid to realize that our tiny race (whites only make up a mere 7% of the world's population), is the only thing holding this intricate mechanism we call civilization together.

Once we're gone, it will all start to quickly unravel, until they all slide right back down into savagery and starvation. Like a rabid dog, they're biting the hand that feeds them. We must always remember that as a race, we have no friends, no allies, no one we can trust. We are alone in this fight. So if we don't stand up for ourselves..who will?

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make a lot of good points, but the line of political fools responsible for our culture's demise goes way back beyond Mike Huckabee or Obongo (all the way back to Woodrow Wilson, the original sell-out). Awards for most traitorous pols would have lots of candidates, but surely Richard M Nixon should be mentioned, since, were it not for him "opening the doors to China", and providing our avaricious manufacturers with vast hordes of unbelievably cheap labor, we would not have a fraction of the unemployed white men that we have today. May Richard M. Nixon rot eternally in hell.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Ray Seltz said...

While the pratfalls of liberalism are obvious, we have to be equally leery of Conservatives, especially the Republican variety. Truth be told, Obama's relationship with Israel is the U.S.'s worst it's been since the LBJ administration. So, the switch of Jews to the Conservative's Neo-Con program is really growing-quickly, and will be a major factor in electing a 2012 Republican Israel boot licking, President. Conservatives passion about protecting big oil via the boot licking of Israel is eroding the future of white men at a more concerning level than Obama's social policies. Don't be lulled into thinking that these Conservatives are our friends. Your scope should include both the Liberal and Conservative.

4:50 PM  

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