Friday, June 25, 2010

Edgar Steele's Mailing Address

Edgar Steele’s current mailing address is:

Edgar J. Steele #1000016623

Spokane County Jail

1100 West Mallon

Spokane , WA . 99260-0320

It should be born in mind that Ed is in federal custody, which is odd in itself, because the charges he's looking at are usually a state offense. This is the very first time in many years of watching sleazy true crime shows that I have heard of a sting like this being run on a federal level.

That’s another interesting question here---i.e. how the goddamned FBI got involved at all in what is normally a purely state or local beef, even when it actually occurs, as there seems to be more and more doubt ever happened in this case.

This is looking more and more as if Steele was deliberately targeted by a specific long-term informant, Larry Fairfax, an informant who has now been arrested himself for planting a bomb in Cyndi Steele's car. My understanding is that Steele claims all this is being done on the direct orders of the nigger Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Okay, maybe that's paranoia on his part--getting dragged out of your home where you're recuperating from open heart surgery tends to make one a bit twitchy--but then again, how else to explain the odd participation of the FBI in what, even if there is anything to it, is essentially a domestic dispute? I didn't know J. Edgar's boys did domestics.

They moved Ed once from the Kootenai County, Idaho, and they may decide to give him another dose of “diesel therapy” soon (like send him to Chicago, as they did with Bill White and Matt Hale.) So you might want to get him off something in the mail quick, before they do a Houdini and make a 65 year-old man disappear. Bear in mind that anything Ed receives will almost certainly be photocopied and sent to Washington , so use sensible discretion.



Blogger Ray Seltz said...

It has been disappointing (to me anyway), how few whites appear to be concerned about this story. SF is once again full of Howdy Doody look-alike jokes about Edgar. This isn't the time comrades- it simply isn't good for any of us. You ready?

12:49 PM  

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