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Radio Free Northwest - July 1st 2010

Racial Comrades:

Radio Free Northwest #23, dated July 1 2010, is now available for download from the Party web site at

In this week’s podcast I talk some more about the Edgar Steele case and the moral aspects of Homecoming, I offer some advice on White immigration to the USA, and speculate on the origins of Aryan man.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heretical Two Appeal Denied

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, formerly the judicial committee of the House of Lords, has refused the Heretical Two leave to appeal. It is the practice of this Court not to give reasons for refusing leave to appeal, whereas it would be considered an error of law for any other court not to give reasons for its decisions.

The H2 are now entitled to petition the European Court of Human Rights for leave to appeal to that court, which they could not do before, as would be petitioners are obliged to exhaust all domestic recourse first.

Meanwhile, Steve, who was out on bail at a bail hostel in Blackburn which he found fairly agreeable, has been caught on the internet in breach of bail conditions, and sent to Preston goal. He was found by the police using the internet in Blackburn public library [we are no different to China and Burma in treatment of dissidents.] Steve would, as ever, appreciate messages of support to show that the H2 are not forgotten in gaol. His address is:

Mr Stephen Whittle A8041AA
H. M. P. Preston,
2 Ribbleton Lane,

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dreaming the Iron Dream

[I haven't reprinted this one for a while. - HAC]

[April 20, 1999]

Comrades and Brothers:

As the last summer of this most terrible of centuries begins, I find myself thinking of a day in early summer twenty-eight years ago.

On that day, having completed my last final exam and thus my last day at Chapel Hill High School, I walked up to my car in the parking lot on a hill beside the school. I stopped at the summit of that hill and turned, looking back at the buildings, remembering all that had occurred there over the past three years. In that moment I made a silent vow to myself that I would devote my life to ensuring that someday, no White boy or girl would ever again have to go through what I had to go through in that place.

To my frequent amazement, this vow of mine I have kept through almost three decades of chaos and madness. The century draws to a close and it is not inappropriate, I think, for us as a group to pause for the few remaining months of it and assess where we have all been and what we have done.

Many years ago an author named Norman Spinrad wrote a book called The Iron Dream. The book was not a very memorable one, a kind of literary joke, purporting to be what Adolf Hitler would have written had he emigrated to the United States after the Beer Hall Putsch and become a science fiction writer in New York.

Yet the phrase has stuck in my mind. I think it is a very good one, very descriptive of the kind of vision that National Socialism has for Aryan mankind. National Socialism itself might be said to be an Iron Dream, a vision of a world and a human identity that endures like the hard metal instead of decaying like mere flabby flesh, and where the soul of man is hard and strong instead of weak and vacillating. The Iron Dream is the hidden, instinctive soul of our mighty race; it lurks beneath the surface of the mind and desire of every White man and woman ever born, for it is the gift of the God or gods who forged our people from the ice and snow and granite of the vast forested expanse of our ancient homeland.

All my life I have dreamed the Iron Dream. I do not know why; some are simply born out of step with their time, I suppose. Even as a child I understood that things around me weren't right somehow, that this was not the way life is supposed to be.

Always I have been haunted, obsessed by a vision of a world very different than the one which I grew up in, an all-White world with very different standards and priorities. A world of strength and valor and glory, full of all the qualities and virtues and experiences which have been so deliberately bred out of us by Judaic materialism. When I was young I had an idealized view of the past, (all White faces, of course) but I had no idea of what this brave new world should be like in the future, until I discovered and understood the true meaning of Adolf Hitler, the Third Reich and National Socialism.

I have served the Iron Dream since that time because for me there was no other conceivable path. Every opportunity which presented itself for me to conform (and there were many) I rejected out of hand. It would not have been so hard. Like the ancient Domitian, all the power structure asked was that occasionally, I burn a small pinch of incense on the altars of the false gods of Judaism and materialism. But never once in my life have I burned that small pinch of incense which would have been my ticket into the wonderful world of money and consumer goods---that symbolic gesture of submission which would have meant, among other things, that I would have a medical insurance policy when I reached age 45.

At age seventeen, I recognized a racial, moral imperative which demanded my full attention and dedication, and I have submitted to it without question ever since. Not the usual twentieth century life story, to be sure, or at least not very common since 1945. "Making my peace with the system", a phrase I have actually heard used in the past few years by some people who were once active in the resistance, is something which simply never occurred to me. I talk about Holy Aryan Poverty, and possibly some of you think I am making a virtue of necessity. I am not. If I had it all to do over again I'd change some things, sure, but I would take essentially the same path I have taken. I have never looked back.

Taking Up The Burden

I have spent a large portion of my life making demands on you people--collective, generic "you," those of us who are racially conscious and who know the truth. I am forever asking you to do things that you do not wish to do. In essence I have demanded, and continue to demand, that you come up to my standards. I have done so not in my name, but in the name of the Führer Adolf Hitler and in the name of generations of White children yet unborn, both of whom have the right to demand that sacrifice and that action from you. I have done and said things that have made you extremely uncomfortable. I have spoken aloud of things you feel are better left discreetly unspoken; I have pointed the finger and named names, saying "Thou art the man!" I will continue to do and say these things, because it is my duty to do so, because these things must be done and said and no one else will.

Fraud is the curse of our Movement, more than anything else the cause of fifty years of failure. Let me tell you how to spot a Movement fraud, in one easy lesson. A Movement fraud demands only two things of you: your money and your applause. He never asks you to take any risk; indeed, he would prefer you did not, because if you lose your job you can't contribute money to him, can you? He never asks you to undertake any inconvenience. He never asks you to sacrifice or to endure persecution and pressure and loss and danger for the Aryan race; he convinces you that he will do all these things for you, that the Great Result can be achieved without you yourself assuming any part of the burden which history has placed on our generations of Aryan men and women. In this, the Movement snake oil salesman lies.

Nothing worth having is ever obtained without a struggle and without cost, and everything worth having is always the result of duty accepted and fulfilled. The Iron Dream can be made reality---indeed, time and again down through the centuries our people have made it a reality---but it requires blood and sweat and gold and tears, prison and death and long years of toil and grinding poverty. Anyone who does not tell you this is lying.

Above all things, National Socialism means duty. Duty to one's self, to be true to one's racial destiny. In this soft and supine era most White men run away from duty, will do anything to avoid it, for it is difficult and demanding and interferes with their television. Yet throughout past ages, real men have always embraced duty, sought it out, made it the touchstone of their lives. Man without duty is a simply a pig wallowing in a trough, another form of animal life. Man without a higher duty to spiritual principle is a Jew.

To be a National Socialist---to dream the Iron Dream---is to become a servant of history, to take upon oneself the burden of deciding in what form human destiny will be shaped. To be a National Socialist means taking on not only responsibility but moral authority, the right to determine the fate of others, and that is a terrible duty to assume, one which frightens and horrifies most modern men. To be a National Socialist entails the courage to determine that this society is sick beyond saving, and that mercy itself requires its swift extinction.

To be a National Socialist requires cultivating the character, the intelligence and the moral strength to recognize the true issues at stake for our race and our civilization in the face of overwhelming public distortion and pressure to conform, and to accept the persecution and the hatred that comes with non-conformity.

National Socialism Vanquishes Fear

One of the first things that struck me at Chapel Hill High, when I began to observe racial reality at first hand, was how afraid the White students and teachers were of everything. They were afraid of the niggers physically, but more than that they were afraid of becoming involved, of making moral decisions based on what was right as opposed to what was expedient, afraid of taking a stand in the face of the liberal power structure against the blacks' violence and drugs and their destruction of the learning environment.

For the first time I ran into a phenomenon I was to encounter again and again in my adult life: everyone around me knew perfectly well that I was right about the blacks, but no one dared to stand at my side and battle with me against institutional wrongdoing.

White fear has always filled me with shame, for more than anything else, cowardice disgraces our heritage and degrades our Folk. I have striven to show other White people, by the example of my own life, that they can rise above it. I have often thought that one reason I have been unable to get any help is not because no one understands what is required, but because most people do in fact understand these things, and aside from all other considerations, they are terrified of the responsibility of taking upon themselves the burden of history.

The human reality is that most people simply do not have what it takes to be a revolutionary, and that is true in every era. But the fact that most people aren't up to the task doesn't mean that the task need not be done. Racial survival is something we cannot take a "pass" on. The racial extinction of the White man is not an option. Someone has to step forward, and I have always accepted the fact that, for whatever strange karmic reason, I have drawn the short straw in this life. Sometimes I have wished it wasn't so, but my duty station is assigned and I remain at my post.

The Western world has reached a turning point, by the steep stages of a crisis mounting for generations, a crisis brought on us through our own weakness and cowardice and sloth. Several times throughout this terrible century, in Rhodesia, in South Africa, in the American South, twice in Germany, Aryan man has attempted without success to resist the onslaught of the crawling chaos which is known under so many names---liberalism, socialism, diversity, Political Correctness, multi-culturalism, humanism, all the various nicknames under which Judaic Marxism and its twin brother Judaic capitalism disguise themselves. (Believe it, Marxism is still alive and well in the world today.)

We have resisted thus far without success, but that does not mean that we must cease to resist or that those of us who know the truth can ever resign from the struggle. I say to you again, the racial extinction of the White man is not an option, and anyone who accepts it as such to avoid the effort and danger of racial duty damns his immortal soul to hell.

The Honor of Racial Service

We as a people must acquire the will to survive the crisis of civilization, where that will is elsewhere divided, wavering, or absent. At issue is whether our sick and weakened society, which we call Western civilization and which is the sole product of the Aryan race, can in its extremity still call up men and women whose faith in it is so great that they will voluntarily abandon those things which men hold good, including life, to defend it.

To be a part of this process, to be a soldier in this world-shaking conflict, is not an onerous thing to be avoided, but an honor, the greatest privilege which can be granted any man or woman, and it is a destiny I would not have missed for the world. The pain that these past twenty-eight years have inflicted upon me is something I cannot even begin to describe to you, but I understood from the very beginning that such pain would be part of the price tag attached to doing my duty, and I accept it without cavil.

Some day you will accept it too, for despite my periodic dressings-down I know full well that you are not bad people, and that you perceive in your hearts that you, as well, have a share in this destiny.

However much they may deny it, there persists in every White man and woman a scrap of soul, some faint remnant of conscience. Few White men, no matter how sunk in the fleshpots of Jewish materialism, are so dull as not to understand in at least some part of their consciousness that the crisis exists. It is in fact a total crisis---political, moral, intellectual, religious, social and economic. Nothing more or less is at stake than the continued existence on this earth of people with White skins. You know this, and some day you will join me. This is inevitable, although I make no secret of my hope that it will be sooner rather than later.

Our Race Is Our Nation

National Socialists are bound together not only by a common devotion to our immortal Leader and his ideals, but by a bond of blood which reachesacross the barrier of nations, differences of class and education, in defiance of every Jewish rule and tenet: Our Race Is Our Nation.

This mighty faith in our own heritage and destiny will someday give us the power to move mountains, and the time will come when at long last we will move men as well. National Socialists are that fragment of Aryan mankind who have recovered our people's long-lost ability to hold convictions and to act upon them, to live, to die, and for our faith.

There is no greater human calling than to sacrifice one's life---either in death or in selfless lifelong devotion, poverty, and obloquy---to an ideal greater than the personal self. This is what National Socialism calls upon Aryan men and women to do. In these times of timidity, prosperity, and inertia this is not a popular message, but a few in every generation respond to it. For idealism is in our very genetic makeup, and however deeply we smother it in the material wealth and indifference of the Judaic world in which we rot, it will always shine through. The spark of the divine essence within our Aryan souls is still there. You feel it yourself, or you would not be reading these lines now.

I know full well that this summer, as occurred to me on that summer day twenty-eight years ago, all across this land there are a small number of young men and women who are looking back at the place where they have just spent some wretchedly miserable years, and they are dedicating their lives to a future where it won't happen again. I have already met some of this new generation and I hope to meet more of them some day, to give them the benefit of my experience and to let them know that they are heirs to the glorious legacy of Hitler and Rockwell.

That legacy will come to fruition in the 21st century, and this will happen because a small band of us willingly gave up our places at the great consumer trough, our chances for what Politically Correct society calls happiness, in order to answer the call of our racial duty. It is we who will vindicate our people before the bar of history, we small band of brothers and sisters who gave it all up to do what was right, instead of what was convenient or what was socially acceptable. I would not resign my membership in this tiny elite for any price.

It's hell out here, people. It's dirty, it's shabby, it's dangerous, it's depressing, it's hard and brutal. And it is unspeakably glorious. Join me!

Join me! Let us dream the Iron Dream together, that someday the world may awake to that day of blood and fire and renewal which will usher in the greatest Imperium of mankind.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Madness of Welfare

Welfare in this country is an outrage. All thinking whites know this. It was meant as a safety net for mothers whose husbands had died, run off, or become disabled, and for the aged. It was never meant to be a permanent source of income for an entire race, or to finance a breeding program by an enemy nation trying to conquer our country.

Those are exactly the things it has now become. And we are paying for it. Statistics prove that currently, the white race in this country is no longer reproducing at the bare replacement rate because they simply can't afford to support their kids. Why? Because government taxes levied against us to support the children of these enemy races has become so heavy, that there's not enough left over for us to survive with. And now they want more. I predicted this over twenty years ago, and was laughed out of the room by almost everyone. Not anymore.

At a time when our economy is on the brink of total and permanent failure, liberal politicians are pressing harder than ever to increase taxes on us in order to keep their monster alive a little longer. Any fool can see that their welfare system is doomed to collapse under the sheer weight of the growing numbers of illegals, "legal" immigrants, and ghetto blacks that are breeding on a scale unmatched even by the most primitive third world countries in Africa and South America. Mestizos are having seven, eight, and even ten kids per couple, on all on our dime. And once born, we are legally bound to not only grant them citizenship because of an archaic liberal law that they refuse to let us repeal, but to support them the rest of their lives as well. This is madness.

Logic states that you cannot take out more than you put into something. You'll run out. Our welfare system has long since passed the break even point, and has been running in the red for decades.

Now it has gotten to the point where entire states are on the verge of bankruptcy, and still the liberals refuse to give an inch. Take California for a prime example: Over 2 million whites leave the state every year now, and that number is rapidly increasing. The same goes for companies and corporations, who are now fleeing the outrageous liberal regulations and ridiculously high taxes just to stay in business, as California liberal politicians desperately scramble to find more and more money to feed the spoiled and ungrateful beasts they have been supporting for the past 50 years.

Working whites in California paid their state income tax last year, only to receive an IOU from the state instead of their expected..and deserved tax refund check. They can expect more of the same this year as well, because things have only gotten worse. Tens of thousands of state employees have been fired, and thousands more have been reduced to part-time in an effort to grab more money, but it's like pissing in the ocean at this point, and still liberals in California are haranguing Arizona for finally doing something about the parasite problem in their state. What's wrong with this picture? And still the invaders continue pour into California by the hundreds of thousands every year, immediately getting on the welfare roles.

All dental coverage for the disabled in the state was eliminated this year, leaving tens of thousands of disabled people with mouthfuls of half finished dental work, rotten teeth, and even abscesses with no financial help left and no dentists that will take them. But mestizos are still getting full medical coverage including prenatal. Yes, they eliminated the dental to help pay for the parasites.

Governor Schwartzenigger is at his wit's end because he's a liberal in conservative's clothing, and refuses to do anything about the invaders. So he's been attacking the livelihood of American citizens instead.

To add insult to injury, the blacks are screaming that they want a raise. Raise? Yes! As if they are working a job! They want a raise! We have countless millions of these spoiled, uneducated, mentally retarded, murderous blacks about to go native on us. And when the welfare system does collapse, which it must..and soon, we're going to see murder and mayhem on a scale never before seen in this country.

And as we all know, blacks are always looking for any excuse to chimp out and riot. This is their ticket to looting. They know from experience that the liberals in DC won't allow us to shoot them because "they can't help themselves" when they're rioting. And they always get off in court with a slap on the wrist for being a "bad monkey". In a post I wrote a couple of years ago, I recounted an experience I had at the Northridge quake in California years ago, where I stood on a freeway bridge with a friend of mine that was a Guardsman. He'd been sent there, not to help with the rescue, but to keep the niggers out! (his words exactly).

As we stood there together looking down the interstate leading to Northridge from Los Angeles and San Francisco, as far as the eye could see, way off past the horizon were packed carloads of niggers, bumper to bumper in a traffic jam, all trying to get into Northridge to loot the damaged shops, stores and private homes of the victims of the quake.

Armed Guardsmen stood in the middle of the freeway, pointing their rifles at these greedy apes, forcing them, one carload of cursing chimps at a time, to stop and turn their cars around and head back to wherever they came from. Each car was stuffed with so many niggers that all you could see was black. Long, bony black arms waved out of every window, some with crack pipes in there hands and others giving the finger to the Guards for stopping them.

All of them were blasting that devil rap music they so love to play, and the freeway literally vibrated from a cacophony of evil rhythms. You could see the hatred, greed, and unbridled malice in their soft boiled egg eyes, which were the only things you could see inside those cars. These apes were tame and friendly compared to what's coming, a tiny precursor of the horror to come..just as soon as this evil welfare system falls.

Welfare must be overhauled. We must force off the roles all able bodied blacks and whites, and eliminate alien parasites altogether. Sure, they might have it tough and have to return to their own country with a load of kids, but we didn't breed them, and we shouldn't have to pay for them. We've paid enough. We are out of money.

Liberals refuse to face one stark fact: The whole world wants in here. And if they could get in, they would, regardless of the damage it would do to you, your loved ones and your country. That's because these parasites hate you, and don't care what happens to you, just as long as they can take what you have.

We can't support the whole planet. That's the simple reality of it, and what liberals are going to have to grow up and face. They have no right taking from those of us that earned it, and giving it to those that didn't. That's called evil.

The mestizo mentality can be summed up quite nicely by the liberal senator from California (voted in by illegals that had no business voting), "We will take your country because you are weak, and the weak don't deserve to have this land!" Yes, this is a supposedly United State senator, and get this; a darling of Obama and Pelosi. We must take back this government by any and all means necessary and arrest for high treason every last politician on the Hill, both past and present.

And we must institute a law that demands that all welfare recipients be sterilized or they cannot draw welfare. Unfair, you say? Why? If they are needy mothers, they've already had kids and proven they can't support the ones they've got. And if they don't have kids they don't have any business on welfare.

It's not our job to raise whole generations of parasites. But what will all those blacks do? There are now five generations of lazy, thieving, crack smoking, worthless blacks that have never worked a day in their lives. We put them to work. They can trim trees, build our roads and bridges, watch our borders, sweep our streets, haul our trash, catch stray dogs, join the military, and pick our crops. They can work just like the rest of us. And if they don't like it there's always prison.

Of course that will change as well. No more steak dinners and air conditioning, no more cable TV and basketball gyms. Just chain gangs and empty, hot cells. Most prison inmates live far better than you do. This must stop. It's another travesty of the madness of liberalism.

Yes, this is what must be done, but I'm afraid it's too late for all that now. The madness of welfare has been a strong factor in the destruction of America. This country is about to fall, and when it does, the dark races will become the most evil, murderous machine of destruction whites have ever faced.

It will be open season on all muds and all liberals of every stripe. That's when the killing will begin, and whites everywhere will become soldiers of ethnic cleansing..or die. This should have been done a hundred years ago. We should have ruthlessly purged our country of all Jews, blacks, Mestizos and all other alien races. Cruel, yes, but necessary. And as any real man will tell his whining wife, sometimes you have to be ruthless to be kind.

-The Lone Haranguer

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Israel Is Ruled By A Madman

by Philip Giraldi

Is Benjamin Netanyahu rational? The question has to be asked because Netanyahu, the leader of a country that is paranoid about its own security, controls a secret nuclear arsenal and has the capability to bomb just about anybody. Rational behavior in the context of a head of state is admittedly an elusive quality, but it generally means that occasional lying is okay, particularly if it is tenuously based on something that might be true. Lying with a straight face or completely evading critical questions might even be considered a perk of office. But when the chips are down and hard decisions have to be made, a head of government should at least behave like a mature adult employing some logical process. That would mean weighing up the plusses and minuses of various actions, risks versus gains, and coming up with a response that serves the country’s interests with the least collateral damage possible.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has not made very good decisions. From Tel Aviv’s point of view, it is absolutely essential that Israel maintain the support of the United States and also very important that it be regarded positively by the Europeans and Russia. Yet Netanyahu has gone the opposite way, continuing to expand settlements even after the United States president has told him to stop, announcing new settlement growth to coincide with the arrival of the American vice president on a state visit, assassinating an Arab official using fake European passports, continuing the strangulation of Gaza for no good reason even when it is opposed by both the European Union and Washington, and engaging in an act of piracy on the high seas that resulted in the deaths of nine unarmed civilians, sticking his thumb in the eye of Israel’s closest Muslim friend, Turkey.

A keen observer of the Netanyahu behavior might well detect a suicidal tendency, perhaps tied in some way to the well known Israeli Masada complex. Masada was the first century A.D. site of the suicide of nearly one thousand Israelite zealots who refused to surrender to the Roman army. More recently, in 1991 investigative journalist Seymour Hersh reported on the modern version of Masada called the Samson Option, in which Israel was planning to use nuclear weapons to destroy most of the Middle East if it were in danger of being overrun.

Today hardliners have similarly warned that if Israel is threatened with destruction it will take the whole Mideast region down with it and possibly also nuke selected European capitals. So the idea of a mass national suicide leading to destruction of substantial parts of the world in one great conflagration is definitely floating out there in Israeli extremist circles. Christian supporters of Israel have also picked up on the end-of-days theme and are referred to as Armageddonists, signaling their embrace of a final world-ending battle preceding a rapture up to heaven and the second coming of Christ.

The neoconservatives frequently complain that Islam is not a "religion of peace," but the Old Testament is also a bloody book, including as it does many accounts of the Israelites massacring their enemies with God’s blessing. There are also elements of the Jewish religion that are dark and lend themselves to a mindset that accepts one standard for Jews and another for gentiles. The very concept of being one of a "chosen people" can be interpreted positively by observing that God had selected the Jewish people to be his witness and bear his message, but it can also be turned on its head to imply that those who are not chosen are somehow inferior. Being selected by God has also been used to support the Israeli claim to the land that they have stolen from the Palestinians, a line that has inevitably been parroted by the Christians United for Israel and other evangelical groups in the US.

The current Israeli government is the most hard-line and intransigent in the history of the country and it has a nasty, racist edge to it. Netanyahu has regularly played the race card, once praising the cutting of social benefits in Israel so the country’s Arab minority will be unable to have so many children. His Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is an out-and-out racist fearmonger who has openly advocated executing Arab members of the Knesset and drowning Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea. At one time he called for bombing the Aswan dam to punish Egypt for supporting the Palestinians. Lieberman demanded recently that Christian and Muslim Arab residents of Israel swear a loyalty oath to Israel as a Jewish state or face expulsion.
The insistence that Israel is and should be a Jewish state means that it cannot be democratic as it is making full legal rights contingent on religion, not on a concept of citizenship. Lieberman’s proposal was widely seen as an attempt to ethnically cleanse Israel’s Arab minority, forcing them to leave the country completely. Ironically, while Lieberman works assiduously to remove Arabs born and raised in Israel and Palestine he himself was born in the Soviet Union and did not move to Israel until he was 20 years old.

Netanyahu has demonstrated that he will not hesitate to shed the blood of foreigners, to defend his country even when the threat is not viewed by most observers as warranting such an extreme response. He regularly threatens the Iranians, up to and including nuclear incineration carried out by a cruise missile-bearing submarine which is reported to be parked off the Iranian coast.

The problem with Netanyahu’s threats and the thinking behind them is that the Jewish holy book the Talmud contains a number of passages that suggest that it is all right to kill a non-Jew. The meaning of the text has been disputed and sometimes challenged on the basis of context or relevancy and there are other sections that suggest that Judaism does not see itself in exclusionary terms, but the passages in question undeniably imply that killing a gentile is not the same as killing a Jew. And some other disputed sections of the Talmud also suggest that while telling falsehoods is a sin it is all right and even praiseworthy to tell lies to gentiles or to do things deliberately to harm them.

Recognizing that it undoubtedly makes many people uncomfortable to cite the bloodthirstiness of the Old Testament and Talmud, it must be observed that virtually all American and European Jews would rightly laugh at the notion that they are a people chosen by God that authorizes special rights and privileges vis-à-vis their fellow citizens. Nearly all would agree that lying or murdering someone is always wrong.

But other attitudes appear to prevail in Israel where there is most definitely a different perspective. To those who are skeptical about how religion bolsters jingoism, one need only look at reports that Israeli Army rabbis for the first time were seen exhorting front line troops during the 2009 invasion of Gaza. The army rabbinate also issued pamphlets advising "When you show mercy to a cruel enemy, you are being cruel to pure and honest soldiers…This is a war on murderers."

More recently, the Israeli commando who reportedly shot dead six unarmed Turks on board the Gaza bound Mavi Marmara has reportedly been recommended for a medal. Many Israelis excuse brutality towards the Palestinians based on a divine dispensation, God’s will to create a Greater Israel and cleanse it of followers of other faiths. Combined with an in-your-face nationalism that feeds off of a siege mentality, it is a sentiment that has been growing stronger over the past few years demographically as religious conservatives out-reproduce their politically more liberal counterparts. Many moderate Israelis have also become concerned that the army officer ranks are increasingly being filled by Jewish fundamentalists and settlers who believe in Israel’s divine mission.

Netanyahu is a product of his environment, education, and culture and one can reasonably ask what drives him. The question is important because if his inner demons reinforced by a sense of ethnic entitlement and racial superiority are in control, he cannot be trusted at all, in anything that he says. And it could have dire consequences for the United States, suggesting that Netanyahu will behave ideologically and culturally rather than rationally and will unhesitatingly draw Washington into a war with Iran, a conflict in which the US will have to pay much the heavier price both in treasure and in lives.

So it is important to know what Bibi Netanyahu and Avigdor Lieberman as well as some of their extremist colleagues in government actually believe. Do they believe that they are racially or by the grace of God better or more entitled than their Arab neighbors or their American patrons? Do they think that the killing of gentiles is less wrong than killing a Jew? Do they believe that lying constantly is acceptable because the lies are directed at the gentile population, not to deceive coreligionists?

Based on recent evidence, lying to the gentiles certainly appears to be the hallmark of the Israeli government response to the Gaza flotilla massacre. The Israelis have fabricated information and even two videos, contrived a manifestly false narrative, and lied at every step along the way, ignoring eyewitness accounts and calling their unfortunate victims aggressors and "al-Qaeda mercenaries."

Unfortunately the arrogance of Bibi Netanyahu and the behavior of the Israeli government would seem to suggest strongly a belief in a manifest destiny granted by God. Israel is prepared to charge recklessly ahead to do whatever it takes to intimidate and instill fear among all its neighbors.

Tel Aviv wants to be a combination of a mad dog and the school bully, suggesting that its contempt for Washington made evident in the Lavon Affair and the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty in 1967 was the rule rather than the exception and could easily happen again. And Israel appears to have little concern about doing whatever is necessary to drag the United States down with it if that is what is required.

It is we Americans who should be fearful. Each American should be very concerned about what Bibi is actually thinking, particularly as our Congress and media have already been bought and occupied and we have a president who is so unsure of the support of his own party that he is afraid to face down an Israeli prime minister.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Edgar Steele's Mailing Address

Edgar Steele’s current mailing address is:

Edgar J. Steele #1000016623

Spokane County Jail

1100 West Mallon

Spokane , WA . 99260-0320

It should be born in mind that Ed is in federal custody, which is odd in itself, because the charges he's looking at are usually a state offense. This is the very first time in many years of watching sleazy true crime shows that I have heard of a sting like this being run on a federal level.

That’s another interesting question here---i.e. how the goddamned FBI got involved at all in what is normally a purely state or local beef, even when it actually occurs, as there seems to be more and more doubt ever happened in this case.

This is looking more and more as if Steele was deliberately targeted by a specific long-term informant, Larry Fairfax, an informant who has now been arrested himself for planting a bomb in Cyndi Steele's car. My understanding is that Steele claims all this is being done on the direct orders of the nigger Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Okay, maybe that's paranoia on his part--getting dragged out of your home where you're recuperating from open heart surgery tends to make one a bit twitchy--but then again, how else to explain the odd participation of the FBI in what, even if there is anything to it, is essentially a domestic dispute? I didn't know J. Edgar's boys did domestics.

They moved Ed once from the Kootenai County, Idaho, and they may decide to give him another dose of “diesel therapy” soon (like send him to Chicago, as they did with Bill White and Matt Hale.) So you might want to get him off something in the mail quick, before they do a Houdini and make a 65 year-old man disappear. Bear in mind that anything Ed receives will almost certainly be photocopied and sent to Washington , so use sensible discretion.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Radio Free Northwest - June 24th 2010

Racial Comrades:

Radio Free Northwest #22, dated June 24, 2010, is now available for download at

In this podcast I discuss my personal take on the Holocaust Hoax, offer some advice to our Nationalist comrades in Europe, and give us a peek at the long range plan for the Northwest American Republic.


Rare Racial Books Available

Hi, guys:

A few posts back I ran our "Recommended Reading List." Some people have asked where to obtain some of these books. A lot of them are hard to find, especially since the internet has taken the place of a lot of actual reprinting. It used to be there was a book dealer behind every post office box in the Movement; it was how Fearless Leaders earned their daily crust. No more. Now it's all web sites and podcasts and YouTube.

But there are still a few of the old timers left who actually sell real books. You might want to contact my old buddy Tony Hancock at and ask for a book list. He's in the U.K., which makes his position doubly difficult. A lot of the titles Tony handles may not be available in the future.



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Northwest Migration

Remember--Northwest Migration is not running away from anything.

Northwest Migration is running to something--struggle, glory, and a new nation for our people.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Kate Winslet on Holocaust Flicks

(Excerpt from article in Ha'aretz, the Israeli equivalent of the New York Times, quoting an episode of the U.K. series "Extras." Winslet, then winless in four trips to the Oscar nomination altar, explains to series star Ricky Gervais, why she's decided to act in a Holocaust film.)

Gervais: You doing this, it's so commendable, using your profile to keep the message alive about the Holocaust.

Winslet: God, I'm not doing it for that. We definitely don't need another film about the Holocaust, do we? It's like, how many have there been? You know, we get it. It was grim. Move on. I'm doing it because I noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust, you're guaranteed an Oscar. I've been nominated four times. Never won. The whole world is going, 'Why hasn't Winslet won one?' ... That's why I'm doing it. Schindler's bloody List. The Pianist. Oscars coming outta their ass ...

Gervais: It's a good plan.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Hatred Like No Other

I've ranted a lot about the evils of liberalism, Obama and his motley crew of lowlifes. But no matter what I say about these freaks, seems that people just continue to let them systematically dismantle our nation and culture.

Every single day I turn on the news, I'm treated to yet another nasty surprise where Obama or one of his ilk have attacked yet another thread of the great tapestry that holds our nation and way of life together. Thread at a time they unravel it, until now we have a great, gaping hole where many of our freedoms and joys in being Americans used to be.

And it's growing. That gigantic tear is now threatening to literally destroy us, and still these monsters are industriously chewing at it like termites on crack. None of them will be satisfied until every trace of us, our culture, and our very history are eradicated from this planet. That, my people, is hatred that borders on the brink of insanity.

This evening I listened to Mike Huckabee, that one time presidential candidate that was beaten out in the primaries. And for the first time I was actually glad he was. This man...this fool, finally let his hair down and revealed to me, and all those with intelligence, just what a nightmare he would have been if he had won the presidency. He stated flat out that he "doesn't believe that Obama's actions are deliberate."

This is the same guy that was so pro-amnesty for invaders and a "controlled" immigration process." In other words, allow them to continue to enter our country in the millions. Electing him would have been more of the same suicidal policies of the Bushes...far too afraid of angering our enemies to do what's necessary to save our culture.

This has been our problem all along. The career politicians in our government were and are, far more concerned about their own personal gain than the welfare of this nation. To me that's nothing short of high treason, and any man caught doing this should be taken out and shot.

Treason is a serious, serious crime. It affects the lives and security of every American alive, and the very existence of America. And any man that has the audacity to put his own greed and ambition before the welfare of an entire nation should be taken out in the square in front of the capitol building and shot on live TV as a warning to all lowlifes that we no longer tolerate this kind of monstrous evil. And that's exactly what it is..monstrous.
The City of Los Angeles conducted a sting operation yesterday, busting over 4,000 illegals, blacks and various other third world immigrants for using disabled placards they didn't own or deserve. In fact there were almost no whites at all caught up in the sweep. The police stated that they were only a tiny fraction of the total offenders in that city, and that across America there are millions doing this. These offenders were hit with a whopping $3,500 fine, impounding of their cars and a possible six-month jail term. These parasites were literally choking off vital parking for real disabled people, and arrogantly refused to stop.

I brought this up as a small example of one of those tiny threads our enemies are breaking. By bringing multi-millions of these third world parasites into the country, they set loose millions of unpaid agents that will do what they themselves don't have the manpower to do. Immigration has nothing to do with the American ideal, but everything to do with destroying it.

Another expose' reported on the evils being perpetrated on millions of hard working American families that are being systematically evicted from their homes by greedy mortgage companies and banks, who have found a way to make billions on the backs of our life savings..another bid by our mortal enemies to drain off every last dreg of American wealth before the end.

One of their favorite tactics is to auction off a house out from under a family...even if they're only a few months behind in their payments, and even if the owners have a buyer for the property and are about to sell it and pay the bank off. After all, a nearly paid off house won't pay them nearly as much as selling the house outright.

One family had sold their house for a $150,000 profit, plus pay the bank off. But GMAC sold the house at auction just ten days before the sale was final, even after they knew the owners were about to pay them off..and had agreed to wait.

What few know however, is that most of these financial institutions are doing this massive theft under orders from the Obama administration! This scam puts millions of white families on the street and turns their property over to the government controlled banks and financial institutions for sale or possession. Another large segment of our free market goes under government control, and another large chunk of America's wealth falls in the hands of the Wall Street Jews and progressives.

And another thread is cut. And every time we try to fight back we are viciously attacked on every level, and I don't mean by just the media. The government itself is attacking Americans..whites in particular, because they represent the biggest threat to their agenda. Obama and his people despise America and everyone in it. They are working feverishly to destroy as much of it as they can before we rise up and stop them. And like all true fanatics, they are willing to sacrifice themselves like suicide bombers to see their agenda completed.

Huckabee is a fool. He can't see his enemy, even when he's staring him in the face. Obama definitely means to destroy us. There is nothing accidental about his actions.

They are as deliberate as it gets. There is no stupidity involved because his advisers are really running things, and they are anything but stupid. We are now facing a fanatical, evil enemy who has complete control of our government. They are motivated by a driving force that has plagued our race for thousands of years..the Jews.

They possess a hatred like no other for gentiles, and especially whites. Our very existence is an offense to them because it is a glaring reminder that we, not the Jews, are the most advanced race on the planet. We created and or invented every important thing on this planet, from civilization, philosophy, agriculture, art, architecture, music, mathematics, electricity, medicine, radio, television, the electric light, flight, space travel, cars, air conditioning, computers, movies, the printed word, clocks, and even eye glasses. We lifted all the races out of the stone age and into the light of civilization. And they despise us for it.

Even today, most of the world looks upon us with hatred, envy and greed. No matter how much we give them, and no matter how much good we do for them and this world, it's never enough to ease their hatred for us. They all want in here to take everything we have, then destroy us, even though they're too stupid to realize that our tiny race (whites only make up a mere 7% of the world's population), is the only thing holding this intricate mechanism we call civilization together.

Once we're gone, it will all start to quickly unravel, until they all slide right back down into savagery and starvation. Like a rabid dog, they're biting the hand that feeds them. We must always remember that as a race, we have no friends, no allies, no one we can trust. We are alone in this fight. So if we don't stand up for ourselves..who will?

-The Lone Haranguer


Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

- The Lone Haranguer

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anatomy of a Failing Presidency

Anatomy of a Failed Presidency (For Thoughtcrime)The following is an interesting article. You might ask how long Dr. Hunt can remain at NIH once the White House gets wind of it.

Dr. Hunt is a social and cultural anthropologist. He has had nearly 30 years experience in planning, conducting, and managing research in the field of youth studies, and drug and alcohol research. Currently Dr. Hunt is a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Analysis and the Principal Investigator on three National Institutes of Health projects. He is also a writer for American Thinker.

Anatomy of a Failing Presidency

Barack Hussein Obama is on track to have the most spectacularly failed
presidency since Woodrow Wilson. In the modern era, we've seen several failed presidencies, led by Jimmy Carter and LBJ. Failed presidents have one strong common trait--they are repudiated, in the vernacular spat out. Of course, LBJ wisely took the exit ramp early, avoiding a shove into oncoming traffic by his own party. Richard Nixon indeed resigned in disgrace, yet his reputation as a statesman has been partially restored by his triumphant overture to China .

But, Barack Hussein Obama is failing. Failing big. Failing fast. And failing everywhere: foreign policy, domestic initiatives, and most importantly, in forging connections with the American people.

The incomparable Dorothy Rabinowitz (oy! gevalt!) in the Wall Street Journal put her finger on it: He is failing because he has no understanding of the American people, and may indeed loathe them. Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard says he is failing because he has lost control of his message, and is overexposed. Clarice Feldman (oy! gevalt!) of American Thinker produced a dispositive commentary showing that Obama is failing because fundamentally he is neither smart nor articulate; his intellectual dishonesty is conspicuous by its audacity and lack of shame.

But, there is something more seriously wrong: How could a new
president riding in on a wave of unprecedented promise and goodwill have forfeited his tenure and become a lame duck in six months? His poll ratings are in free fall. In generic balloting, the Republicans have now seized a five point advantage. This truly is unbelievable. What's going on?

No narrative. Obama doesn't have a narrative. No, not a narrative about himself. He has a self-narrative, much of it fabricated, cleverly disguised or written by someone else. But this self-narrative is isolated and doesn't connect with us.

He doesn't have an American narrative that draws upon the rest of us. All successful presidents have a narrative about the American character that intersects with their own where they display a command of history and reveal an authenticity at the core of their personality that resonates in a positive endearing way with the majority of Americans. We admire those presidents whose narratives not only touch our own, but who seem stronger, wiser, and smarter than we are. Presidents we admire are aspirational peers, even those whose politics don't align exactly with our own: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, Ike, and Reagan.

But not this president. It's not so much that he's a phony, knows nothing about economics, and is historically illiterate and woefully small minded for the size of the task--all contributory of course. It's that he's not one of us. And whatever he is, his profile is fuzzy and devoid of content, like a cardboard cutout made from delaminated corrugated paper.

Moreover, he doesn't command our respect and is unable to appeal to our own common sense. His notions of right and wrong are repugnant and he ideas of how things work just don't add up. They are not existential. His descriptions of the world we live in don't make sense and don't correspond with our experience.

In the meantime, while we've been struggling to take a measurement of this man, he's dissed just about every one of us -- financiers, energy producers, banks, insurance executives, police officers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, post office workers, and anybody else who has a non-green job.

Expect Obama to lament at his last press conference in 2012: "For those of you I offended, I apologize. For those of you who were
not offended, you just didn't give me enough time; if only I'd had a second term, I could have offended you too."

Mercifully, the Founders at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 devised a useful remedy for such a desperate state--staggered terms
for both houses of the legislature and the executive. An equally abominable Congress can get voted out next year. With a new Congress, there's always hope of legislative gridlock until we vote for president again two short years after that.

Yes, small presidents do fail, Barack Hussein Obama among them. The coyotes howl but the wagon train keeps rolling along.

Margaret Thatcher: "The trouble with socialism is that sooner or later, you run out of other people's money."

"When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both."
- James Dale Davidson, National Taxpayers Union

"The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates." - Tacitus

"A liberal is a person who will give away everything he doesn't own." - Unknown

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Brigade, Chapter XVII. - Taking Down Tinsel Town

No, no, they do but jest, poison in jest; no offence i’ the world.

Hamlet – Act III, Scene 2

On a dark night in the following January, a high-level NVA conference convened in a private home in Westport, Oregon. Present were Red Morehouse, First Brigade Commandant Tommy Coyle with both of his urban battalion COs Bud Lawlor and Larry Donner, as well as Second Brigade Commandant Harry Hannon with his two battalion captains Mark Conway and Art McNeill. Lieutenant Wayne Hill and Lieutenant Charlie Randall represented the Third Section, with a nervous Captain Zack Hatfield and Lieutenant Charlie Washburn of Third Battalion acted as Mine Hosts. Once the men were all seated in the capacious living room of the safe house, and mugs of coffee or soft drinks distributed all around, Red opened the meeting. “Everything copacetic in the neighborhood, Zack?” he asked.

“We’ve got almost forty Volunteers outside and up and down the road, and patrolling the woods around and about,” Hatfield told them, taking his seat and taking off his broad-brimmed hat. “I’m not taking any chances. We made a concealed stand up on that little bluff behind us, and we’ve got a specially mounted twin M-60 rig and a couple of crack riflemen with infrared night sights in case any helicopters try to buzz us, but with all due respect, sir, I think we need to get through whatever it is you need to get done, and then break this up. I’m not happy about having this many of our people in one place, especially this many senior officers. The Wild Bunch has pretty much put the fear of God into anybody who might be inclined to drop a dime on us, but with this many bodies there’s bound to be some kind of accidental observation the longer we stay here, if only from Eye In The Sky satellites with infrared heat sensors. They can always send a Predator drone out here just on spec. I know you well enough not to have to say this, but this had better be important enough to justify this kind of risk.”

“It is,” Morehouse assured him. “All right, let’s get on with it, then. You all understand, I’m speaking for the Army Council now. I am going to be detailing a major strategic initiative, and the words top secret don’t even begin to cover the security we have to maintain on this until we’re ready to pop the top. First the bad news, and that is that I’m going to have to ask you guys for some of your best men, at least two dozen of them, maybe more, to be sent on detached duty for an undetermined amount of time. After a lot of consideration, the Portland brigades have been selected to put together a special active service unit for a series of highly sensitive and risky operations, the first extensive campaign the NVA has mounted outside the Northwest Homeland itself. The name of this unit will be Task Force Director’s Cut. Its mission will be to neutralize one of the prime weapons that ZOG has in this war, which is the Hollywood movie, media, and entertainment industry, and to render that industry as useless to the enemy as we can possibly accomplish. Put bluntly, we are going down to Hollywood, and we are going to take the Dream Machine apart at the seams.”

There was a low round of chuckles and approving grunts and comments. “Do we get to volunteer?” asked Conway. “I need to work on my tan.”

“I’ll need a cover job as a waiter or a soda jerk so I can be discovered by a big Jew producer,” said Lawlor. “Full frontal nudity is no problem.”

“I get dibs on wasting that obnoxious hebe Bert Steinfeld,” said McNeill, naming a well-known Hollywood leading man of the Mosaic persuasion who claimed to be a karate black belt and former Green Beret, a claim disputed by the United States Army, and who specialized in tough-yet-sensitive cop roles where he and his black or female or gay sidekick beat up on wicked white racists of various kinds while laying on snappy witticisms and one-liners.

“That’s one reason we’re here, to start working out the nuts and bolts,” said Morehouse. “Gentlemen, I don’t have to tell you that ever since the invention of the motion picture over a century ago, the movie industry has been the most completely Jewish field of private enterprise in the world, with the exception of international banking and the stock exchange. Even today, Yiddish is considered to be Hollywood’s second language. Literally so. It is spoken regularly on movie lots and sound sets, and in every office and casting department and boardroom. The senior executive office complex of every major production studio contains a private synagogue or chapel called a mincha, with one or more rabbis attached, as well as special glatt kosher catering facilities and kitchens. Entire boards of directors in Hollywood and also at their parent companies in New York sometimes hold Jewish religious services prior to meetings. Every crucial, non-technical job on the business and creative end of any major movie is either held by a Jew or is in the power of a Jew, from the studio heads, the producers and the directors, down to the scriptwriters, the casting directors, the agents, the accountants, and anything to do with the money. Even in areas that seem to be controlled by Gentiles, you will find that somewhere along the line during the process, Jews have crucial input and veto power. This control by the Tribe is pervasive and complete, and it extends into television as well, with the exception of two of the major cable networks, which are heavily Jewish in their senior personnel but are owned by consortiums of super-wealthy Protestant evangelical Christians of the Israel-worshipping, neo-Zionist persuasion, major neocons and Republican party backers, who are in their own way even more poisonous in their evil than the Jews themselves, because they have no excuse for turning on their own blood.

“I do not need to tell you of the terrible and largely irreversible damage that Hollywood has done to the white race and to Western civilization over the past century. For four generations, the international bankers and the corrupt politicians have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity, especially the war after war after bloody war they have plunged our people into for Jewry’s sake, but it is Hollywood and Hollywood’s mutant bastard spawn television that has made the white people of America and the world swallow these atrocities and actually support them with enthusiasm. It is Hollywood that has spent the past 50 years pushing every conceivable kind of perversion of body and mind down the throats of white people. It is Hollywood that has turned the loathsome practice of homosexuality into something cute and trendy, the subject for silly jokes, when it is in fact a poison of the very soul. It is Hollywood that has turned white women as portrayed on film into either mindless sex objects, or else de-gendered, masculinized, man-hating neurotics. It is Hollywood that has poisoned the minds and broken the spirits of generation after generation of white children who are now beyond recovery, and turned them into whiggers.

"The bankers have stolen our money. The federal government of the United States has stolen our lives and our freedom and soaked the earth with Aryan blood, spilled to save a filthy race of Asiatic parasites. But Hollywood has stolen our peoples’ minds and souls, and in some ways that makes Hollywood more evil to my mind even than the sinks of iniquity centered in New York and Washington, D.C. Comrades, we will go down to southern California, we will grip this monster by the throat, and we will cut its heart out!” There was a cheer from around the table; the men found the project to their liking. “At this point I’ll turn the floor over to Lieutenant Hill,” said Morehouse.

“Thank you, Red, and isn’t this a great audience in our studio tonight?” There was a chuckle from the assembled men. “I need to begin by explaining just what has precipitated this operation, which by the way, has been designated Operation We Are Not Amused,” said Hill. There was more laughter. “Obviously, any revolutionary movement within North America has to deal with the Hollywood problem at some point or other, and it’s always been on our back burner, even back in the pre-10/22 days of the old Party. But for the past several years, our main problem has been survival on the streets of our own land. Although we have taken on the printed and electronic local media here in the Pacific Northwest and largely neutralized them as an effective weapon for the occupiers, we haven’t had the time and the manpower and the resources to go for the very root of the problem, that cesspool down in Los Angeles.

"That’s changing now. It’s pretty obvious that barring some catastrophic event, the NVA is here to stay as a permanent feature of Northwest life, and for us, to survive is eventually to win. The time has come for us to take our offensive for balance in the media right into the belly of the Beast.

“As odd as it may seem, in view of the rubbish they put on the tube about us every night, we’ve actually been surprised by just how relatively restrained the reaction of the Hollywood establishment has been to events in the Northwest. Restrained by their standards, anyway. The news programming originating outside the Northwest is pure government propaganda, of course, since they think we can’t get at them in New York or Atlanta or Los Angeles. Especially the cable TV talking heads. We get the sarcastic needling jokes by the late night celebrity show hosts, and there have been a few television episodes in various series dealing with the main characters fighting wicked racism in the Northwest and heroically saving cute little black babies and kiddies in yarmulkes from the Satanic racist revolt during the Sixteen Days, that kind of moo, but all things considered, the treatment that we’ve gotten at Hollywood’s hands hasn’t been nearly as vile an outpouring of hysterical hatred and incitement as we might have expected.”

“Yeah, I kind of noticed that myself,” spoke up Donner. “They’re just being snide and vicious, not full-bore screaming. Why do you think that is, Lieutenant?”

“A couple of subtle and complex reasons,” said Hill seriously. “First, we need to realize that Hollywood is not a monolith. As in all empowered élites, there are a number of competing and antagonistic factions within the top echelons, bitter personal feuds and conflicts of interest, and all kinds of wheels within wheels. Mostly these factions are concerned with personal prestige and wealth, and the acquisition and use of what was, up until Coeur d’Alene, real power in this society, i.e. media power, money power, and political power emanating from La Cesspool Grande on the Potomac. There are a lot of people of power in Hollywood, men and women, Jewish and otherwise, who are genuinely opposed to President Clinton and her clique for a wide variety of reasons, some ideological, others personal.

[Author's note: This was obviously written before the advent of the Funky Monkey. Oh, well, one can't be prophetic all the time. - HAC]

"You will notice that the slant of some of these television shows that have in fact come out over the past two years about events in the Northwest have not been so much about how wicked and evil we are—that’s taken as a given in the Hollywood ethos and our people are portrayed as simple stereotype villains—but how bumbling and incompetent and compromised Hillary and her government and her FBI are in the face of their increasingly obvious inability to do anything about us. There are also a lot of people in the industry who are really concerned that Hillary is going to throw the Constitution out the window and set up what amounts to a Presidency for Life.”

“Word is she’s going to put Chelsea in the Oval Office to warm her seat for her, while Mommy Dearest keeps on calling the shots,” said Morehouse. “I don’t know, though. Chelsea is so completely hopeless that I’m not sure the Sea Hag could get even this brain-dead electorate to swallow her.”

“Sir, you’re talking about a nation of people who actually re-elected George W. Bush in 2004, when everyone knew perfectly well that he had lied to the whole country to make up an excuse to invade Iraq and begin this horror show in the Middle East that hasn’t left us since then,” Hatfield reminded him. “There is no limit to the stupidity of the American electorate.”

“Point taken, Cap,” said Morehouse with a chuckle. “But Lieutenant Hill is correct in that so long as we don’t start shooting them, there are empowered people in Hollywood who, although they would never come right out and say it, don’t really mind having us around as a stick to beat Hillary with. They have fallen into the error of believing their own stereotypes about us. They don’t take us seriously and in the insulated, incestuous and self-absorbed world of Hollywood, it’s simply inconceivable to the empowered élite that we can win, so they don’t see us as a long-term threat to their own wealth and position.”

“But now we are about to start shooting them,” Harry Hannon interjected.

“And that’s another reason I think they’ve gone comparatively lightly on us since 10/22,” said Morehouse. “I said that the Hollywood élite don’t take us seriously as a long-term existential threat to their world, but remember, they live in a kind of money-fortified Green Zone down there, surrounded by criminals, junkies, black and Mexican and Vietnamese gang-bangers, and psychos of every stripe. Men with guns they can wrap their minds around. These people aren’t fools, comrades, and like all Jews they have a very highly developed personal sense of danger awareness and an almost instinctive threat assessment. They understand that we don’t like them or their filthy movies and boob tube, and that it wouldn’t take much provocation for us to come down there out of our northern forests and take a crack at them.”

“From the fury of the Northmen, good Lord deliver us?” said Hatfield.

“Exactly,” said Hill, nodding in agreement. “They’re taking precautions, against us and against their own environment, which ironically they have helped to create with their own crapulence. One of the biggest industries right now in Tinseltown is high-powered and discreet bodyguarding, personal, home, and corporate security. If you’re an ex-cop or ex-FBI you can write your own ticket down there. The stars’ homes have been fortified for years anyway, because of stalkers and gang-bangers and the general parade of lunatics that comes out under every southern California full moon, but now every studio and every lot and every office building in the industry is almost like Stalag Thirteen, surrounded by electrified fences and razor wire, with checkpoints and armies of hired goons patrolling the grounds, guard dogs, security clearances for various levels of employees, electronic surveillance everywhere, you name it.”

“But it’s not just simple fear that’s made Hollywood go a little easy on us so far,” Red Morehouse said. “I don’t want to get metaphysical, but Hollywood has always been the American ruling establishment with its heart on its sleeve, and southern California has always taken point in the culture wars, openly and brazenly, so you can read them like a book. And I can sense a deep and definite malaise. The Jewish and liberal establishment down there is not just afraid, they’re puzzled, disturbed, confused. They don’t know what to make of us quite yet. They’ve never seen white men act like this before—hell, no one in living memory has seen white men act like this before. Comrades, even if we were all wiped out tomorrow, the NVA has managed to achieve one incredible accomplishment, something that for the entire twentieth century, no one ever thought was possible. We have reintroduced the gun into American politics, the ultimate fount of all law and political power.”

Morehouse smiled and shook his head in admiration. “For the first time since the Civil War, the United States of America no longer has a credible monopoly of armed force, and that fact has thrown the whole ruling élite in this country for a loop, unbalanced them. Jews, Senators, judges, sheriffs, prison guards, lawyers, bureaucrats, corporate CEOs, asshole bosses, arrogant teachers and professors who destroy kids’ lives for a politically incorrect remark, faggots and dykes who corrupt and seduce teenagers, liberal and neo-con talking heads on TV, federal house niggers who are used to Mau-Mauing the honkies and seeing us tremble, all of these people who were once cock of the walk are now having to adjust, to come to grips with the fact that they can no longer just do any damned thing they please. If a tyrant in a black robe or sitting behind some government desk or directing a movie camera fucks over white people, there is now at least some chance that he will be shot for it, that he will be punished, that he will be held responsible.

"You can’t imagine how completely freaked out these arrogant ruling élitist sons of bitches are over this, and in Hollywood, where the Burger Kings, the Big Kikes, are neurotic as hell anyway under the best of conditions, we see signs that they are going quietly bonkers with paranoia. Those Hollywood Men of the Nose in their boardrooms and their jacuzzis and their limos, with their little twenty-room hideaways in Carmel and their reserved tables at the plushest restaurants, and their special trailers on set with the casting couches for blonde shiksas, know damned well that their turn is coming.”

“Which is why they may have decided to strike the first blow,” said Wayne Hill. “For reasons we have not been able to determine yet, the movie industry’s hands-off and go-slow policy regarding the NVA over the past two years seems to have been abandoned. This appears to have occurred several months ago at a hush-hush weekend house party at the Beverly Hills mansion of Sid Glick, the head of Paradigm Studios, attended by over 50 people. The guest list included other studio czars, industry CEOs, independent producers, directors, screenwriters, and some major actors and actresses. All without exception were Jewish, and according to our sources down there, even the caterers, the masseurs, the cocaine dealers and the poolside prostitutes were all Jewish, provided by a specialty madam in Bel Air. Whatever was discussed that weekend by Sid Glick’s swimming pool, and in his hot tub, and on his private handball court was not for goyische ears. The results of that meeting weren’t long in coming.”

Hill opened his briefcase and took out two large, bulky typescripts hand-bound in heavy cloth report covers. He handed them around the room. “About a month ago, Third Section came into possession of two highly classified documents from the Dream Machine down there. Both of these are movie scripts. Each studio copy of these preliminary scripts is numbered, a number you will see that I have effaced in these photocopies. The first, the blue-bound one, is from World Artists, chairman of the board Manny Gelblum, Senior Vice President in Charge of Production Hyman Landauer, you get the idea. This script has the working title Great White North, written by two top-echelon Hollywood writers, Josh Horowitz and Andrea Franken, and it’s being pushed through WA by the producer David Katz, with Arthur Bernstein slated to direct.

"This abortion is up to the slimiest Judaic standards, needless to say. It’s the story of a wicked and evil NVA terrorist who discovers to his horror that he’s really Jewish, and so he ends up returning to his Jewish roots and turning over his whole brigade to the feds, led by a sassy and charismatic black FBI agent with a lame white sidekick for comic relief, and of course his Strong Womyn supervisor. In the closing scene the rabbi places a yarmulke on this character’s head in a prison synagogue while he’s in chains in an orange jump suit, and he weeps for joy at having found peace at last as they take him away to the needle room to be executed.”

“Oh, for God’s sake!” snarled Larry Donner in disgust, throwing the script on the table.

“We’ll take your word for it, Lieutenant,” said Lawlor.

“You don’t need to eat all of a bad egg to know it’s rotten,” said Hannon contemptuously. “The smell is enough.”

“Yeah, well, if that one smells, this one in the brown cover reeks like the sewers of Calcutta,” said Hill. “It’s from Mammoth Productions, which is a subsidiary of Sid Glick’s Paradigm and run by his brother Shlomo, but this one has Sid’s fingerprints all over it. The working title is Homeland, and I won’t even try to describe the plot to you. It is a compendium of every anti-racist, anti-Nazi, anti-white cinematic cliché since To Kill A Mockingbird. We are not just wicked and evil. We’re ugly and fat, or else alcohol-skinny, usually covered with prison tattoos, we have black teeth and body odor and we fart and pick our noses, we’re psychotic killers and craven cowards, we bomb babies, we’re all closet queers of course, and needless to say we abuse white women—in fact, the flick opens with a group of so-called Volunteers gang-raping a beautiful blond white girl whom we suspect of being an informer and then cutting her up with a chain saw. Do you want me to go on?”

“We get the picture, Lieutenant,” said Hatfield grimly.

“If we’re all supposed to be queers, then how do we come to be gang-raping women?” asked McNeill sarcastically.

Morehouse raised his finger bookishly. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Ralph Waldo Emerson.”

“You need to understand that these are not just made-for-TV movies or B flicks that will hit the theaters for three weeks and then go to DVD,” Hill told them. “These are going to be the biggest blockbusters Tinsel Town has put out in years. They have both been granted starting budgets of one hundred million dollars each. Virtually every speaking role in both movies will be played by a major or minor star. Some of these are only cameo roles or walk-ons, and they’ve got every once-famous has-been from the past twenty years lined up for the parts, even some old coots from the 80s and 90s they’ve dug up out of retirement or some nursing home. Mary Steenburgen is playing an old lady in a wheel chair, Ted Danson’s doing a wino and Melissa Rivers is playing a Yiddishe grandmama, with a nice long shawl to conceal her colostomy bag. The opening titles will read like a Who’s Who of Hollywood for the past quarter century; the casts alone will draw audiences since almost everybody’s favorite star is bound to be in there somewhere. And get this—they’re digging into the old archives and they’re going to be including some gratuitous dream sequences and fantasy scenes and whatnot with old movie footage never before seen, outtakes from Casablanca and Citizen Kane and old Westerns, so they can legitimately give new credits to old stars like Bogart and Bacall, Charlton Heston, Orson Welles, John Wayne, Glenn Ford and Jimmy Stewart.”

“Jesus, that’s overkill!” exclaimed Lawlor.

“Yeah, but can you imagine what the playbill is going to look like?” Hill asked. “It’s a blatant trick, but it will work. People will go see these damned things just to see Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Robert DeNiro and Brad Pitt do a scene together, and to watch all those hams falling all over the set trying to upstage one another.

"Needless to say, these pictures will be given the very best cameramen, sound men, grips, and crew in the industry, the most skillful cinematographers and set designers, top-notch special effects and fight coordinators, the zonks. They’re already scouting Northwest-looking locations for outdoor shooting, in Colorado, around the Great Lakes and in New England. They have sense enough to stay away from the Homeland itself, of course, and they’re doing their damnedest to keep it all hush-hush. They know how we’re going to react. As if it was ever possible to keep any secret in that goldfish bowl down there! But this is what’s coming down the pike, comrades, and if we don’t put the hammer down on these shenanigans, then from now on it will be more and more of the same, lies, vilification, insults, contempt, world without end!”

“We’re putting the hammer down, comrades,” said Morehouse. “We’ve taken a hundred years of this shit from these people. No more! It ends now!”

“Who gets to be the hammer?” asked Tommy Coyle eagerly.

“Sorry, Tom,” said Morehouse, genuinely commiserating. “You and Harry are too badly needed up here with your brigades, and that goes for you battalion commanders as well. I’m afraid the reason you are here is because we’re going to need your help and your concurrence to cherry-pick your units. The actual hammering will be planned and organized by the Third Section, but the nails will be from Portland and the North Shore.”

“Who ya gonna call? Jew-Busters!” laughed Charlie Washburn.

“But we don’t want to just arbitrarily start snatching bodies right, left, and center for Task Force Director’s Cut,” Wayne Hill assured them. “We have a list of names and we want to go over every one of them with you beforehand.”

“Who and what, exactly, will you need for this special team?” asked Hannon. “What kind of skill sets are you looking for?”

“For that I’ll hand over the floor to a colleague of mine. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we have a comrade here tonight who hasn’t said much so far,” said Hill. “Gentleman, allow me to introduce Lieutenant Charlie Randall, one of our racial brothers from Down Under, who will serve as company commander for Task Force Director’s Cut.” Randall got up and stepped forward, and stood by the hearth, leaning on the mantelpiece.

“G’day, gents,” said the young Australian. “Threesec chose me to ramrod this little shindig because you can tell I’m not from around these parts the first time I open me mouth, and of course because of me rugged good looks as well, which will make it credible that I’m an aspiring actor and give me an excuse for hanging around movie people and places at all odd hours. Not to mention that me life’s vocation is manufacturing dead sheenies, a craft I’ve gotten bloody good at, if I do say so meself.”

“I will be the XO, the planning and intelligence officer,” Hill told them, “For the third member of the task force’s Trouble Trio, I would like to ask Zack here for the services of Lieutenant Christina Ekstrom as quartermaster. I heard she had to go under a while back.”

“Yeah, she’s been helping her dad out, and she’s as knowledgeable on guns as he is,” said Zack. “But before that she was our eyes and ears in local law enforcement for almost two years. I think she could do with a change of scene. The FBI have a real case of the ass for her because of the first tickle she helped us with, and they want her almost as bad as they want me. She’s a good choice.”

“We want to bring in at least six or eight other female comrades so we can make up boy-girl teams for the large amount of surveillance we’ll need to do,” said Hill. “Established couples would be best if you can spare them. I also want Lieutenant Vincent Pascarella and two Volunteers of Pascarella’s choosing from First Brigade EOD. I really want the Red Baron himself, but I was told flat out by the Army Council that he’s too badly needed here and the risk of losing him would be too great, so I can’t have him. We’re going to be making some noise down there, and we might even pop a chug-chug or two.”

Coyle nodded. “Okay, you got Pascarella and two EODs.”

“Then from Second Brigade, I’d like to take Johnny Featherstone along for torch work. I hear he’s good at it.”

“Yeah, he uses some goop one of our techie nerds made up that burns hot enough to melt steel, and he knows just where to place it and how much,” agreed Hannon. “When Johnny flicks his Bic, you can put what’s left of the joint in a teacup. Okay, you got him.”

“Now, dollars to donuts here’s where you comrades are going to go downright mulish on us,” said Randall, with a friendly grin. “We want at least four of your best snipers, including Cat-Eyes Lockhart himself.”

“I kind of saw that one coming,” admitted Coyle. “To be honest, I’ve been worried about Cat. Things are getting really hot for him in Portland again. His face is on TV every night and on every damned wall and telephone pole. They want him so bad they’re slavering, and his DT bounty is the only million-dollar reward in the NVA for a non-officer. He seems to have some kind of magical ability to move almost openly in the city without being spotted, but that kind of luck can’t hold forever. As much as I hate to lose Cat and his body count, I actually think it would be a good idea for him to go on the road again for a while outside Portland, until the heat here cools down a bit. You got him.”

“We need at least four good full auto men for watch-dogging and for spray jobs where necessary,” continued Randall. “Machine-gunners who can actually hit what they aim at and not just play John Wayne on the sands of Iwo Jima. Two from each brigade.”

“Jimmy Wingo,” said Coyle reluctantly. “Ace Biedermann to back him up.”

“Mike Gauss,” said Hannon. “And, uh, let’s see—Willis Nixon.”

“Machine Gun Mike? Good on him, mate,” said Randall happily. “As a sweetener, you can tell them they’ll be given two M-60s, a PKM, and an HK-11, with plenty of belts and ammo, and they can pick and train their own crews once we get down there.”

“You plan on playin’ Rambo down there, Lieutenant?” asked Conway, intrigued.

“We plan on rattling those Hebrews’ cages but good,” said Randall firmly. “Now, I mentioned we need at least six or eight gun bunnies, couples are fine, but bear in mind we’re dealing with Jews here, and so we’re going to need at least a few of those girls to serve as Loreleis and set honey traps. This will usually require the Sheilas to pose as aspiring actresses. As male chauvinist and crude as this may sound, they’re going to have to be built and look good enough to be Loreleis and starlets in Hollywood, where there’s a ten on every corner. Our girls have to stand out enough to attract some randy kike across a crowded cocktail party, you know wot I mean. You need to square that with them before they sign on. Let me know who’s willing.”

“Mmmm, we got that really sweet looking preppy girl in A Company, Becky, but her father’s a major knob and she’s too well known in society circles under her real name,” said Bud Lawlor. “She might run into someone who knows her at the wrong moment. Kicky McGee would fill the bill, if you can target a kike who likes ‘em blue-collar and tattooed. She’s uh, experienced. No disrespect to the comrade, she’s a cool hand and she’s gutsy. She’s carried some packages, she’s driven for Cat Lockhart, and we all saw her in action on Flanders Street.”

“Any of her tattoos racial?” asked Randall. “Any Confederate flags or Swastikas, or anything that might give the game away?”

“No, not racist, just Celtic biker kind of stuff, some flowers and barbed wire and witchy motifs. She’s got a couple of leather and denim outfits she looks hot as a two dollar pistol in.”

“She hooked up?” asked Randall.

“She and Jimmy Wingo have a thing going,” Lawlor told them. “That’s another reason I thought of her.”

“She’s in, then,” decided Randall. “Maybe she can lead Sammy Steinberg into a close encounter with Jimmy’s M-60.”

“What will be your plan of attack, Lieutenant Randall?” asked Hatfield.

“The main strategic objective here is to neutralize the Hollywood movie and television apparatus as an effective weapon of enemy propaganda,” said Randall. “It is now such a weapon because of the Jewish control of these industries. We have to get the Jews’ hands off the levers of power and creative control down there as much as possible, not only by terminating individual hebes, but by establishing a credible deterrent sufficient to prevent those reptiles from producing dingo doo like those things there.” Randall pointed to the scripts on the coffee table.

“They have to know that even to contemplate producing an anti-NVA movie or television episode means bloody near certain death. We won’t be so much going after movie stars or actors themselves as we will be taking down the Jews who actually decide what movies and shows are made, and what their contents will be—studio heads, producers, directors, and screenwriters, and the money men. We have several objectives. First, to physically prevent these Jews from doing the dirty. A dead Jew can’t make an anti-white movie.

"Secondly, to create a psychological disincentive to make propaganda movies and telly for the Americans, since live Jews and liberals don’t wish to become dead ones. Finally, and this is a long-term goal, we want to demonstrate to the extensive Gentile community in the movie and television world down there that Jewish control of their industry, their money, their speech, and their creative talents is not some kind of perpetual, God-ordained inevitability. We want to show them and the whole world that Jewish power can be broken, right in the heart of their own oldest and most cherished empire in this country.”

“Gentile Hollywood people have been conditioned all their lives to a second-class status in their own world, in their work, and in their thoughts and their public utterances,” said Red Morehouse. “To them the Jewish control of their existence seems to be a law of nature, an immutable fact of life. Anyone who dares to stand up against it, or who makes a drunken slip like even the biggest stars like Max Garrett sometimes do, is crushed. But no one who has to live under Jewish rule likes it, and no one who is confronted on a daily basis with Jews in the flesh likes them as individuals. In a way, we’re trying to show the stars and the genuine film artists down there the same thing we’re trying to show our own people here in the Homeland—that it is possible to resist, and that the enemy is not invincible.”

“Which brings us to our own debut,” said Randall with an evil chuckle. “Gents, I am sure you’ve all seen the great blood and gore flicks of the past. Halloween. Friday the Thirteenth. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Prom Night. Black Christmas. Well, the Northwest Volunteer Army is going to add another memorable date to the calendar of Hollywood horror. The one that will beat all those other nights of horror all to hell and gone, the goriest splatterfest of them all.” He leered and leaned forward as he hoarsely stage-whispered:

“Oscar Night!”