Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Devil Made Me Do It

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Greetings fellow White-Folk. Interestingly, Portland, Oregon- the whitest large populated city in the USA was recently voted The Most Unhappy City in the US. The unemployment figures certainly bare this out! Y'all are really pathetic, eugenics-loving IN-BRED Neo-Nazi White TRASH!!! Please- move to Alaska, or Siberia. They have a lot of your people- I use the term generously- waiting for you. All the Best.


"I have made but one prayer in my life, and it was "Lord, make my enemies ridiculous"... and He answered me!" - Voltaire


Anonymous The Lone Haranguer said...

Must be really hard being a bottom feeder mulatto, but hey, we all have our problems, right?

Too bad you don't recognize your superiors when you see them. Oh. And as far as that poll on
"the unhappiest place", that poll was done BY liberals WITH liberals, who, as everyone knows,
are indeed the most miserable people on earth. They live like dogs, have no morals, ethics or
character, and support every vile and disgusting philosophy and practice that comes along, to
the point they can't even look in the mirror when they're alone. Miserable? You bet they are.
ARYANS on the other hand, are extremely happy, and are a cohesive and determined people.

Your whole problem is the same problem mud people have always had with us. Jealousy. You're
so jealous of us that your skin won't hold you. Everywhere you look, you see the results of white
genius, hard work and creativity. We created the world you live in, and every single bit of technology
you use, including the computer you're using to dis' us. The food you eat, the clothes on your back,
and the language you speak all came from US. The only things that any of the dark races have ever contributed to this planet are overpopulation, war, famine, disease, corruption, gangs, drugs, and

And let's not forget the liberals! Oh no! These fools actually support every vile thing the dark
races do, and stupidly support a rabid communist agenda that, if it succeeds, will destroy
them even before it destroys us. History proves this repeatedly, but liberals never learn. It
seems like every twenty or thirty years, a few million of them have to be killed off to put their
idiocy in check for a while. Things are coming around full circle again, and karma is about to catch up with all you bottom feeders...

So go ahead and rant fool. Nobody's listening but other jealous lowlifes...


6:04 PM  
Anonymous Joann said...

Rightly named sender...... BAEL- a false god and Lucifer-an expelled angel, banished from Heaven.... two 'winners' for sure.

Yes, I certainly HOPE only WHITE people move to Alaska! This place has not been RUINED, yet!

I can't tell you how marvelous it was, to go to a Spring Concert at the local school last Friday evening, and in grades K through 12, -NOT ONE BLACK FACE!!!!

And the whole audience stood and said the Flag salute, and not one person complained.

And when I go into town I seldom SEE a black face! If I do, it is cause to REALLY look at them, and try to figure out WHY they are here......

High school sports? Seldom do you see a black face. Sports pages in the local paper? - RARELY see a chimpanzee face.

So this person says :"Interestingly, Portland, Oregon- the whitest large populated city in the USA was recently voted The Most Unhappy City in the US. "
but does not mention WHO took that poll and WHAT questions were asked......
probably the ACLU or the SPLC.
As a former pollster, I know you can get any result you want- by asking the 'right' questions.

Normal people WANT to be with their own kind. Eagles do not mix with crows nor pigs run with horses......I LIKE being with MY people, but far too many 'do-gooders' want to force me to live among savages.

I hope YOU enjoy the higher crime in the city where you live- and note that black-on-white crime outweighs white-on-black crime- EVERYWHERE. Keep your wonderful blacks and all the problems that they bring.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous P.H. said...

Who wouldn't be crazy having to live under such an ideology as liberal egalitarian. Its very name shows how out of touch with reality it is!

8:32 PM  

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