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Not Known, But Knowable

Classic HAC from the Vault

May 31st, 1997

Timothy McVeigh has been betrayed. He has been betrayed by his own attorney. He has been betrayed by the former associates who were involved in the Oklahoma City bombing with him. He has been betrayed by the Federal government of the United States who set up the whole incident as a "sting" operation in order to rehabilitate the discredited BATF and to get the draconian Clinton "anti-terrorist" legislation passed and thus introduce gun confiscation and prior-restraint censorship of political speech into the United States.

People have asked me what I think of Order Judge Richard Matsch's refusal to allow BATF informant Carol Howe to testify. That gets into the whole Dennis Mahon-Andreas Strassmeir thing. I admit I am having to somewhat re-assess my views on the matter. The sudden convenient "indictment" of Carol Howe is very suspicious indeed; according to media reports there doesn't seem to be a shred of actual evidence against either her or her current live-in toy boy. It is difficult to believe that she was not indicted to get a "handle" on her and destroy her credibility as a witness.

The idea that Dennis Mahon was involved in anything like this is simply stupid to anyone who knows him, as I do. I have had an opportunity to speak with two people who knew Andreas Strassmeir well, and one assures me that "Andy" was "kind of like a German Gilligan", i.e. a bumbling nonentity who never tried to get any information or start any trouble and for some odd reason seemed interested only in military models and dating American women. The other swears to me that Strassmeir "acted too stupid to be stupid", but this may be 20/20 hindsight combined with right-wing paranoia. This source also claims that Strassmeir was constantly talking about guns, bombs, and violence, the mark of the provocateur.

I find it somewhat understandable that the government would target the harmless Elohim City commune for this kind of sting; ever since Waco the regime and their Hollywood lap dogs have been striving mightily to "prove" that any group of people who choose to separate themselves from the rat race and the boob toob and go off and live their own way by themselves are violent maniacs who must be put in prison by the valiant BATF. But on the balance, I still think the Strassmeir-Mahon scenario is a crock, not only because there is a complete lack of anything resembling evidence with the exception of a BATF informer slut, but because of the people who have been pushing the Strassmeir-Mahon scenario for all its worth.

Specifically I am very mistrustful of a so-called "militia e-magazine" called "John Doe Times" which suddenly appeared on the internet and which is devoted entirely to trying to blame OKC on "neo-Nazis"; this is put out by a so-called militia group which seems to have no existence of any kind outside the internet, and is written by what appears to me to be an intelligent and articulate person who is trying to write and act like a semi-literate redneck.

I am also deeply suspicious of anything which comes from the mysterious and highly dubious "free lance journalist" going under the name of "J. D. Cash". According to media reports this man was apparently involved with defense lawyers in an attempt to frame Louis Beam for the bombing. It was "Cash" who came up with Carol Howe and started this whole Strassmeir business, which attempts to rope in not only Mahon and Beam and Elohim City but crusading attorney Kirk Lyons who just happened (surprise, surprise!) to be handling the Waco wrongful death suits. As far as I am concerned, "Cash" blew his cover by trying to kill too many birds with the OKC stone.
Beyond this I have a problem. As most of you know, I believe I know at least part of the secret of Oklahoma City. I am, however, under a court injunction which effectively orders me not to publish anything about Oklahoma City which does not conform to the officially sanctioned parameters of speculation on the subject.

If this injunction came from any other source than the one it does, I would be in court with bells on tomorrow, an American Civil Liberties lawyer in tow, challenging this completely unconstitutional assault on my civil rights. However, it has become quite clear over the past few months that a large part of the overall objective of the people who are involved in this grotesque episode (and there are many more than just one), is to degrade and discredit the entire Aryan racial nationalist movement by creating a public spectacle which will make anyone who holds racial views of any kind into a figure of fun as we throw mud at one another.

It is becoming increasingly obvious whose interests are being served in this matter, and I am happy to say that the penny finally seems to be dropping within the Movement that these people are not who and what they say they are, and have not been for some time. However, that does not help me in the short run as regards publishing the truth about Oklahoma City.

For the time being I have decided not to touch this particular tar baby. If I thought my knowledge my affect the outcome of events it would be a different story, but by now it's pretty clear that we are looking at a JFK Assassination-level coverup here and anything I say would simply be ignored, as it has been, indeed, by the media and by McVeigh's defense team.

This problem will not last forever, and there are ways and means by which the truth can and will be made known. Until then, my views on the matter may be summed up as follows: the truth about Oklahoma City is not known---but it is knowable.

Harold A. Covington


Blogger Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

Red Mike Vander(kike)boegh was the supposed author of the jew Doe Two Times. Red Mike has always been an ADL/$PLC/FBI/Alabama Bureau of Investigation plant. Red Mike used to be best friends with 'Colonel' John Parsons of the Tri-States Militia, but in June or July of 1996 it was revealed at the trial of 'Crazy Willy' Lampley that Parsons was a FBI agent paid $1776 per month to inform. Red Mike had to denounce Parsons, but according to Pam Beezely, who left her husband and three daughters in order to shack up with Parsons, him and Red Mike remained the best of friends and in fact spent a lot of hours calling up the Southern Poverty Law Center snitching out what they knew and receiving instructions from the jew lawyers and handlers there.

Red Mike was almost homosexually jealous of Pam Beezley, and at this militia event held at Colonel John Hassey's in May of 1998, Red Mike got all mad at Beezley taking pictures of Alabama Bureau of Investigation piglice and pigmobiles and pulled his .45 Colts automatic on Beezley until she gave up the camera and film. NOBODY had invited the ABI state piglice except Red Mike, and Red Mike freaked out Hassey and the rest of the militia generals there on Hassey's farm what with Red Mike pulling a gun on an unarmed woman and inviting the Alabama state pigs. As a result, Red Mike was never invited again to any more militia meetings except perhaps his own Internut militia, the 1st Alabama CONstitutional Cavalry Regiment, also known as Red Mike's Bolshevik Gang of Four or Five Horseless Mattoids.

Red Mike is freaking out because both the old timers in the militia, like myself, who were in the Militia Movement back in 1994-pre-OKC 1995 when almost all of them were Christian Identity and Klan rural White militias of less than a dozen or so members, and not the post-OKC suburban militias pretending to be CONstitutional militias and the left-wing LaRouchites have been telling everyone that Red Mike Vanderboegh is a ZOGbot. (There is no such thing as a CONstitutional militia because Article One, Section Eight took the militia away from the People and the States and put it into the control of the federal government proposed by the CONstipation. Patrick Henry and George Mason and the rest of the Anti-Federalists pitched a fit about federalizing the People's Revolutionary Militia, and the Civil War in which the Southern states used their militias to fight a war of rebellion against Lincoln's ZOG finished off the state militias. There is no such thing as a CONstitutional militia. Red Mike's militias have not been authorized by the state or the federal government and if even then they were so recognized, Obongo the Magic Nigger is their Commander in Thief.)

The Christian Identity people at Elohim City had no choice but to allow agents provocateur and informants like Andreas Strassmeyer and Carol Howe among them because they didn't want to be killed like at Waco. I myself got an invitation from Doctor Robert Millar to visit, but Katya Lane and Louis Beam told me not to visit because they knew that Bob Millar was snitching and that Elohim City was riddled with federal informants. Not wanting to be known as a fool or a possible traitor, and because there was absolutely no reason for me to go there, I declined the invitation.

Hail Victory!!!

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

12:20 AM  

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