Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Free Northwest Novel Downloads

Hi, guys:

Okay, in addition to Colonel House's new download site for the Northwest novels at, they are now available for free at

There are a couple of differences between these sites. On Scribd you have to do a search for each book by name, and that brings up a copy someone uploaded to the site.

Of these online texts, two of the novels--The Hill of the Ravens and The Brigade--are actual scanned copies of the books themselves, and so they're fine. nice and readable. Something happened with the other two, A Distant Thunder and A Mighty Fortress--they seem to have lost their internal formatting. The type face is very small, the line spacing is too tight, and there are no paragraph indentations, which makes for one big huge block of text that can be very annoying to read.

On the other hand, the one big advantage of the Scribd site is that the books can actually be read online, directly off the Scribd server, and do not need to be downloaded. This is ideal for people who are using public computers in libraries, schools, internet cafes or whatever and cannot actually download a file, or people who for whatever reason can't download large files at all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no advantage to Scrib'd at all. Your ISP is recorded and cookies are issued at Scrib'd. Books can either be downloaded or read online from as well, just click either open [to read online] or save [to download and read later]. The Hill of the Ravens, The Brigade, and A Distant Thunder are actual scanned versions of the novels [The Brigade is even autographed by the author]and the scanned version of A Mighty Fortress will be uploaded on 4/27/10.

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