Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aryans and Evolution

Ever since Darwin, so-called "modern" science has touted the religion of evolution. It has preached that we all came from some lower ape, and that the negro is "the oldest man." The fact that liberal science stands so firmly on this assumption should be proof enough to all those with an education that it's nothing more than another load of Communist bull, fresh from the dump truck.

If a person stops and examines the premise of evolution, then stands it next to their demand that we believe the black is the oldest man, we know without a shadow of a doubt that someone is lying. That's because evolutionary science claims that evolving is an extremely slow process that covers the space of eons to make even the smallest change in any species. They talk in millions of years, not hundreds or even thousands.

A rabbit grows big ears to better hear predators, a deer becomes fast as the slower ones are eaten, and faster, sleeker birds evolve because their forefathers couldn't be caught. Sure, it makes sense. Then the rub appears. If this premise is true, then let them explain away this:

They say that physical traits such as hair, eye color, height, strength and beauty, and mental traits such intelligence, creativity and self control all come from the fact that these traits help our species survive, and hence these people reproduced more than the bottom feeders of our gene pool. Well okay, then that means, according to their evolutionary premise, that it took our race untold countless eons; millions of years to evolve to the point we're at today, where many of our women are breathtakingly beautiful, and our men are godlike in their appearance and abilities. No, not all, but many, and until the Jews and their evil interbreeding program took effect, it was well on its way to "cleaning out" all the inferior traits of our race.

If this is fact, then comparing us to the extremely primitive features and abilities of the others races..especially the blacks, shows without a doubt that we, the Aryans are the oldest race on the planet.

This takes their "blacks are the first man" propaganda, and beats it to death with their own premise. According to evolution, blacks are the most primitive race on the planet. It could be no other way. Everything about them screams primitive. They very closely resemble their simian cousins, where the white man has only one similarity; we both breath air.

Obviously we have hoisted them on their own petard. The N=negro has barely stepped out of the trees, and this explains a great deal about the similarities in their behavior and appearance with simians. They are simians. No American black will ever accept this without throwing a typical nigger tantrum, because liberals have been pounding their lies into them now for generations. And the very stupidity they deny prevents them from seeing the truth and recognizing they're being used by their superiors in a much larger battle.

Yes, negroes have been on this earth a very long time, but whites have been here far longer. They had to be just to exist in their present state. Blacks, on the other hand, were even more primitive in appearance and abilities than they are now.

We have tons of fossil records proving this, that show the Negro in various primitive stages. But so as not to upset the equality applecart, the liberals have pronounced all these finds as "different species." All any white has to do is visit Africa in person and examine the locals all over the continent to see what I'm talking about. There are at least five different sub-species of black living there today, and all of them are frighteningly primitive in every way. Stupid, violent, and extremely, repulsively ugly and animalistic in their features and behavior.

American blacks aren't nearly as bad because of centuries of the worst among our race..and the Jews..interbreeding with these beasts. Blacks here are bad enough. But compared to their pure blood forefathers in Africa they're extremely mild. And for the purposes of genetics we must use the pure bloods in this argument. When naive yuppie Americans hear the word "apartheid" they see visions of slavery and bigotry. This is due to decades of careful manipulation by the liberal agenda.

In reality it was an extremely necessary tool to prevent the primitive bush negroes from literally overrunning the country the whites had built and reverting it back into another violent, starving, trash strewn no man's land..like it is again today. Once the liberals forced the white South African and Rhodesian governments to turn control over to the "poor oppressed blacks", both countries fell within a year and reverted back to primitive bush regimes.

Centuries of hard work, creative genius, blood and advancement were wiped out overnight. This is the liberal concept of progress. Are the lives of anyone involved any better? Of course not. We are now supporting both countries, though you hear nothing about this on the liberal media..and never will...

Liberals can't have their cake and eat it too. If they claim that evolution exists in its present form, than they must accept the fact that Aryans are the oldest and most advanced race by millions of years. All you have to do is look...

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Undead Skinhead said...

How come this guy gets to periodically treat us to his "out there" religious views, when Covingtonism says we are to avoid getting entangled in religious differences?

1:50 PM  
Blogger The Old Man said...

It's a fine line, and sometimes perhaps I err on the side of caution and sometimes on the side of imprudence. Like it or not, these things are on our people's minds. The problem is that I genuinely DO believe in freedom of speech, and yet we have a job to do and it has become apparent that there are some things we simply can't discuss rationally.

By the by, there is no such thing as "Covingtonism." Very little of my ideas are original with me, and I have never claimed otherwise.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

The Nordish are descended from Space Aliens, we have no survival instincts, therefore we must have evolved elsewhere....

Darwin always postulated evolution, but he could not have visualized the modern welfare state, where negroes are devolving,


1:06 PM  
Blogger Grunt said...

Yaphet Koto

3:44 PM  

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