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ADT On Religion

[The following is an excerpt from the Northwest independence novel A Distant Thunder, dealing once again with the question of religion.]

The final prop that we had to knock out from under ZOG’s tyranny was the Christian right, and it was the one that required the most delicate handling of all.

The “Late, Great Planet Earth” crowd, or dispensationalists to give them their actual theological designation, were always a minority even among the established churches, and most people frankly regarded them as kooks. Well, they were. But collectively they were immensely wealthy kooks, they were probably the best organized political special interest in the Zionist empire, and they served as the shock troops of the establishment. We had to not only target them and leave legitimate Christians alone, but make sure that the public and the churchgoing public in particular knew that we were doing so and that everybody understood the difference, understood what we were doing and why.

The one thing that the Old Man used to go into a tizzy over was his insistence that the Northwest independence movement must never, ever be perceived as anti-Christian in any way. The hard fact was that although we had a lot of fine comrades who were neo-pagans of various sorts and a lot more who were agnostics or just plain atheists, the NVA wouldn’t have stood a chance in hell if people had believed we were trying to overthrow the Christian religion and make everybody dance around wearing horned helmets and bearskins and drinking mead, or do quasi-Druid chants in robes out in the woods like escapees from a Harry Potter movie.

The undeniable fact was that the overwhelming majority of White people in the continent of North America and throughout the whole world were nominally Christian. They might not practice it in their daily lives, but they would not accept open paganism or stupid blasphemy about Jesus being a dead Jew on a stick, and if we had ever gone that route there would be no Republic today and there would be no white people left and we’d all be coffee-colored zombies stumbling around the great world consumer plantation. Anti-Christianity as a Party policy simply was not on, yet I don’t know another area in which the movement had such a difficult time coming down from Cloud Weird and living in the real world.

I suppose this would be as good a time as any to discuss the religious problem within the white resistance movement, which I have avoided up until now out of long force of habit. I regret to say that it is a problem which is still with us. We were taught to avoid it in the early days because there was no conceivable good that could come of discussing it, and one of the Old Man’s arguably greatest accomplishments was that he finally managed to pound that through our numb skulls. The one topic that the Chowder Society very pointedly avoided in our discussions was religion, and religion was the one area where the Party discouraged the exercise of free speech among whites.

“We know from long experience that for whatever reason, the Movement can’t discuss religion rationally,” Red mentioned once in a firm voice. “Religious discussion sheds heat rather than light, it is counterproductive, and we need to maintain a mutual agreement to put the whole topic in the back burner, hopefully permanently.”

The whole problem was a sticky one for the NVA. The Old Man on more than one occasion proclaimed proudly that the Party was a brotherhood of blood, not of faith, but I have to tell you that there was more than a little wishful thinking there. Just as there were men in the Confederate army who really were fighting for black slavery as opposed to the right of the states and their people to be free and control their destiny, I’d be lying if I were to deny that there were some among us who considered that they were fighting for their version of God first and the race second, and whose vision of the coming Northwest Republic was a kind of high-tech Puritan New England, complete with scarlet letters and burning witches. Nor can I deny that there were comrades among us who were equally convinced that Christianity was the greatest enemy of our race, and anything to do with Jews or ZOG was merely secondary.

I know there were elements on both sides who were quite serious about turning their guns on one another after we’d won. I never knew how close we came to having an Irish-style civil war after Longview, but from some of the bigger knobs in the Party I’ve met in the years since, I understand that it came a lot closer to that than anyone wants to admit, even today. Thank God the Old Man finally got some power and was able to knock some heads and slap silly some people who should have been slapped silly long before. And the problem persists, as anyone who has grown up in the Republic knows. It’s like we’re simply not content to fight Jews or blacks or Mexicans or Asians, like there is some perverse chromosome that demands we have a white enemy to hate.

It didn’t help matters that some of our enemies in the federal ranks, including a number of very highly placed leaders, were openly and passionately motivated by a genuine belief that they needed to kill a racist for Christ. I know it seems difficult to understand now, when the Jewish question is discussed openly and taught in schools and everybody knows about them, but the fact is that in those days there were people who actually believed that the Jews were the Chosen People of God and that all of the other peoples of the earth were bound to serve them as the so-called apple of God’s eye.

How could anyone know any differently when questioning any of it in public carried a prison term? In any of the larger denominations, even those whose theology wasn’t so extreme in other areas, it was worth a minister’s job and maybe his liberty or his life to even suggest that the Jews were otherwise than perfection in human form. The Christian rightists were the ones who fought against the Longview treaty tooth and nail, more bitterly and longer than anyone else.

Now me, I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with a God who would choose a people like the Jews, and I understand that whole business was a gross misreading of the Scriptures—hell, didn’t Ma and Rooney and China tell me so often enough? If nothing else, just look at the Jews and their behavior, and that will put the kibosh on this Chosen People crap. But a lot of people didn’t understand that. Like everything else in the United States, the whole Christian religion had been subjected to almost a century of gross misrepresentation by the liberal intelligentsia and social engineers who twisted it all completely out of recognition. Even with my limited Biblical knowledge I could tell that there is nothing at all Christian about “marrying” two perverts in a church and claiming that God blesses a loathsome deviation as matrimony which He quite clearly condemns on numerous occasions in His word. That’s one of the reason they banned the King James Bible and other “non-inclusive” versions.

I’ll give it to you as simple as I can. I’m not a Christian myself and I never was one, somehow it just never took with me, but I married two of ‘em. Remember that old saying about how the Northwest War of Independence was won by pagan men and Christian women? The fact that I am not a believer like my wives were does not blind me to the immense and pivotal role that Christianity has played in the development of Aryan civilization. I refuse to slander and belittle the theology which has given to the ages the magnificent Gothic cathedrals of Europe, the beauty and glory of countless Renaissance artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci, the awesome poetry and sweep of the English language at its’ height in the King James version, a cumulative legacy of music, art, architecture, philosophy, exploration and conquest unparalleled in the history of humanity.

I look at it from the First Church of Wingfield point of view, which is what I suppose you might call the traditional pre-corrupted version of the faith as Rooney and Carter and Ma explained it to me over the years. They sang Gimme That Old Time Religion and they meant it. I’m talking about the Christianity that made Stonewall Jackson march his entire class at VMI off into the Confederate Army after a night of prayer and reflection.

First off, yes, Jesus Christ was a Jew. Oh, all right, he was an Israelite if you’re Christian Identity and you insist. But a Jew of his time, not ours, and you don’t have to be a CI to understand that. It’s simple historical fact. The Jews of today are racially remote from the Jews of the Bible, who are now extinct. Biblical Jews don’t exist any more.

The Jews of today are of three kinds. There’s the Mizrahi, who are basically Arabs who took the Jewish religion for one reason or another down through the years. Then there’s the Sephardim, who are again largely of Arabic descent and who came into Spain on the heels of Muslim conquerors and were subsequently expelled by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

And finally there are the Jews who have caused most of the problems we have in the world today, the goddamned Ashkenazim, your basic such-a-deal-I’ll-make-you Brooklyn Yid. The Ashkenazim hail from Eastern Europe but they’re not European in origin, they’re Asian. They are actually an Armenoid people descended from a race called the Khazars, who took the Jewish religion in the seventh century A.D. and were later wiped out by the Persians and Mongols for their trouble, probably because they were just as obnoxious then as they are today. The urge to wipe out the Jews seems to be one of the few common denominators in civilizations from ancient Rome to Cochin China to medieval Germany to Tsarist Russia.

There are a number of Ashkenazim who actually have blond hair and blue eyes, true enough. They say that means those co-religionists’ grandmothers were raped by Cossacks or SS men, and I don’t deny they were persecuted in Europe. But they brought it on themselves by acting as the tax collectors and money lenders and estate managers for the nobility and screwing the peasants in every sense of the word. Always remember the epitaph which shall adorn the historic tombstone of the Jewish people one day: what goes around, comes around.

As for the business of Christianity being a Jewish religion, all I can say is that any religion that was good enough for Charlemagne, St. Francis of Assisi, Christopher Columbus, George Washington and all the Founding Fathers, Stonewall Jackson, and Robert E. Lee is good enough for me. Well, not really good enough for me, since I never was able actually to bring myself to believe in it. But people I cared about believed in it and I always respected their beliefs and never argued with them about it. I mean hell, we’re all going to die sooner or later and then we’ll know for sure what lies beyond, but until then why worry about it?

As for me and Rooney, I suppose you could say we were a mixed marriage in that she was a Bible believer and I wasn’t. We touched on it a few times, but we never argued over it because without ever saying so out loud, we had both simply decided that wasn’t ever going to happen. We knew we loved each other, that was all that was necessary, and the religion issue was not important as far as she and me went.

I once asked Ma in some context or other whether she minded having a polite skeptic like me in the family. She replied, “Shane, faith is a wonderful thing to have, but although I’m sure some preachers would disagree, a body can lead a Christian life without it. You’re a good boy and you’re good to my baby, and that’s all I care about. I know a lot of so-called Christian men who sing loud on Sunday in church and then spend the rest of the week sinning like it was going out of style. Including some so-called pastors. When I was Rooney’s age back in South Carolina, I had a pastor with a foot fetish. Wanted to suck my toes, of all the ridiculous things. Given the choice between a whited sepulcher like that and someone like you who has a Christian heart even if you don’t have the name, I’ll pick you any day.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. None of us was blind to the fact that the liberal establishment churches of every denomination were rotten to the core.

The preachers of the established churches betrayed the White race. They preached that the Jews are God’s chosen people and thus gave aid and comfort to the enemy. They preached love thy nigger. Most of them advocated and more than a few practiced faggotry, once things had decayed to the point where they could get away with it. They kissed the ass of every trendy minority and every politically correct cause of the moment, then went out and cheated on their wives and buggered altar boys. Their ministers practiced every kind of fraud to obtain money which they spend on luxurious lifestyles for themselves. They preyed on the faith and the weakness of the spiritually vulnerable, women, the elderly, the poorly educated and working class. They used religion as an opiate to keep the White wage slaves docile and obedient to Washington. This applied especially to those religious right doofuses, but also to the Catholic liberation theologists and lefty activist nuns and Father Trendies, and the just plain weirdos like Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Mormons were a mixed bag. They all seemed either to be violently against us or violently for us, because they were genuine U.S. loyalists, or else they were covert and not so covert Party supporters because they didn’t like Salt Lake’s version of theology, the Salt Lake Prophet’s politically expedient revelations, the mainstream church’s stand on polygamy, etc.

Mormonism has almost as many odd little sects and variations as Islam does. A lot of FBI agents and even FATPOS were blond, blue-eyed, buzz-cut Mormons who would have thrilled J. Edgar Hoover down to his high heels and who hated our guts and killed us with relish. On the other hand, O.C. Oglevy was a Mormon and so was Winston Wayne. One of the most bloodthirsty NVA crews of all was the Kennewick Flying Column, who had a lot of female Volunteers due to their practice of both Mormon and CI polygamy, and they sang Come, Come Ye Saints in combat.

Third Section had a team of clean-cut Mormon assassins called the Danite Band who traveled the country whacking people while posing and acting as LDS missionaries, making converts while they tooled around complete with the short-sleeved white shirts, the dark ties and the bicycles. One of those guys was a fellow named Moroni Probert. He packed a pair of matched Western style Colt .45 Peacemakers he called his Urim and Thummim. There’s an old security tape of Probert taking down two FBI agents coming down the steps of the federal building in Medford, Oregon. Two pistols, one in each hand. Two shots, simultaneous. Two dead feebs. One Mormon missionary calmly mounting his bicycle and peddling away. I heard somewhere that after the war he had ten or twelve wives.

The Wingfields and other Christian-Christians in the NVA hated the Judæo-Christians like poison, and the feeling was mutual. Each sect regarded the other as heretics in the service of the devil. “They done made a covenant with Satan, and with hell they are in agreement!” Ma would snarl as she watched some blow-dried coiffured yay-hoo on TV pounding the drum for Israel. Whenever we got hold of one who needed some serious wet work, before we went medieval on his ass Carter would get down on his knees and thank the Lord for delivering this wretched sinner into our hands that we might chastise him with scorpions, which really freaked out the captive tub-thumper.

They were disgusting race traitors, vile lickspittle System lackeys who sold their racial birthright for Jacob’s mess of pottage. No argument from Volunteer Ryan, folks, and I helped do some of the Holy Joes in, in grand style. But I was always able to understand clearly the difference between the Christian faith itself and the morally denatured people whom the Zionist system propped up as its alleged spokespeople. This was not religion. Organized Christianity was a political ideology and a poisonous one. We had to put a stop to anti-white and pro-Jew preaching without offending those genuine Christians who were potentially supporters of the Party and the independence movement, and without actually coming out against Christianity per se.

The NVA found that our best handle on this situation was the physical cowardice of the preachers themselves. Killing them simply made them martyrs, it made us appear anti-Christian, and the other Judæo-Christian TV preachers found ways to use such deaths to raise more money from their pig-ignorant faithful. But public humiliation and making them look ridiculous was another matter. It turned out that none of them really believed in their Jeeee-zus sufficiently to be willing to die for him.

We revived the ancient Anglo-Saxon custom of the tar barrel and the feather sack especially for them, as well as other such variations as making the miscreant river dance down the street buck naked with a flower sticking out of his butt. Do you have any idea how hard it is even for the most dyed in the wool tub-thumper to get an image like that out of his mind and take that preacher seriously again?

And like just about everything else we did, it worked. We did it a few times and then we found we didn’t have to do much of anything again, because when push came to shove these guys simply did not feel sufficiently strongly in their cause to die for it or be made a public figure of fun or risk getting their snouts knocked out of the trough. You might say they saw the light.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jesus was a jew only because they are the chosen people. the jews them sevles Hated Christ. Because they are the chosen ones and have turned from God they will Suffer severe consequences but that being said they are The Chosen ones. the people that God allows to be the Jews *Punisher* will also be punished themselves. No jew will enter the kingdom of heaven unless he does what any gentile must do to receive God. Fighting God is like fighting the air...poof
and we grit our teeth anyway

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not a Christian. I don't believe in anything supernatural. That said, I would gladly enter battle at the side of a Christian White Brother as long as he is in the battle to accomplish the 14 words. My own wife is Christian and there is not a woman more dedicated to our people than is she. I respect the Christian's right to believe ,but demand that they respect my right not to.

Terry Phillips

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