Sunday, March 14, 2010

White Man's Hell

He walked into the store behind me. He was only about 5-foot two, greasy black hair that was slicked back, a very dark, swarthy complexion, large, coal black eyes, a splayed nose and thick, bestial lips. He wore an old pair of blue workman's pants and a pair of worn out black loafers, broken down at the heels. A stained white shirt completed his wetback ensemble. He smelledlike a goat, and had no doubt had his last bath when he was baptized as a Catholic infant in El Salvador, or some such third world cesspool. He slid by me with his head bowed, giving me a greasy, apologetic smile as he did so.

We've all seen a cur dog as it sidles up to a larger dog or a man with its tail tucked between its legs, back hunched, head turned to the side and giving a ghastly looking imitation of a human grin as it attempts to oh-so carefully and slowly get close enough to a bit of food to be able to snatch it and run like hell. This is exactly the image that this stinking invader put in my mind as he sidled guiltily past me. He was a thief, here in my country without my permission and against my wishes, so he can steal the fruits of my labors and my birthright. I knew it and he knew it...

He is here to steal what he knows isn't his, what he knows he doesn't deserve, and what he knows he should be shot for attempting. Thus the guilty grin. These bastards know damned well that what they're doing is wrong, evil, and about as lowlife as it can get. All any white man has to do is go down to any South American country to see for himself what mestizo rule does to a land. The same thing they're doing to ours. All of our border states are rapidly transforming into trash strewn, graffiti covered, crime ridden toilets thanks to the deliberate efforts of our criminal government. And those parasites are more than willing to help them do it because if there's one thing that motivates all mud people; it's their greed for whitey's goods.

I have liberals and even conservatives gasp at me for calling them mud people. I tell them that I call it as I see it. If they don't like the label, they can stop fitting it.A mud person is a parasite member of a race that invades my country like a mudslide. Like mud, everything he touches he dirties and leave useless. He breeds mindlessly, overrunning the countryside with more invaders. He smothers free enterprise and prosperity, and replaces it with decay, disease,and filth. They are mud people and will remain mud people until they start to behave like honest, hard working people..which will never happen.

Our leaders in both parties have proven to us repeatedly that they have absolutely no intentions of ever putting a stop to this invasion, or deporting the millions of parasites already here and breeding like there's no tomorrow. Well if we don't stop them now, there won't be. These bastards have no intention of leaving.

The only way we are ever going to get them out is by using force. We must re-take control of this criminal government, arrest, indict, and prosecute for high treason every last person in our government at all levels and in all departments, and then perform a mass deportation at gunpoint. Yes, the bleeding hearts; especially the women, will be whining that it's too cruel to deport all those people back to their third world toilets.

Oh yeah? Well it's going to be a lot harder on US if they stay! That's because they will continue to breed, breed, breed, as is their racial mandate.

All mestizos have a long range plan to breed us off our own continent, and they're doing it. We must stop them no matter what the cost, and leave an impression in their racial psyche that will last eons. We must punish them for ever coming here. We must make the experience so painful that they never forget ruthless that their remote descendants will be terrified of ever trying this stunt again. This is the only way we can be sure to put a stop to their greed forever. We have a right to protect what's ours, and by God we will.

After I left the store, I drove down the highway to a local gas station. On my way, some wetback in a beat up old Nissan cut me off, then hit the brakes and slowed to a crawl, causing me to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision. He didn't bother looking in his mirror, and had no reason to cut me off or to slow down like that, other than to screw with whitey. It was a 55 zone, yet Pedro was doing a slow 30. I was trapped behind this prick and was forced to follow behind him for over three miles. But as soon as an opening appeared in the road, the SOB speeded up to 60. It had all been a harrassment.

This is common bill of fare for whites here in California. We put up with this kind of crap on a daily basis. I came to a freeway onramp, and the highway signs on both sides of the freeway were supposed to say, "Los Angeles, 135 miles". Instead they both said "GS84 puto! "and "Chinga gringos!" etc. You couldn't even read the signs anymore. To add icing on the shit cake there was a large Bay City crane sitting there on the side of the ramp that was being used in some new construction there. It had been a beautifully painted, brand new crane.

Now it was absolutely covered in layer upon layer of multi-colored Mexican profanities and gang emblems. Even the glass windows had been painted over. A sign of the growing chaos and breakdown of society everywhere. Western civilization is coming apart at the seams thanks to liberalism and political correctness, integration, "civil rights" and the "joys of diversity". The only "joy" being felt is by our enemies as they see our world being destroyed by the very parasites we now can't touch. It's time for war.

I passed a squat, fat wetback female, pushing a baby cart holding two little ones while four more tagged along behind her. There was yet another one in the oven. Hubby was beside her; a carbon copy of the millions of other little brown invaders already here. He was pushing a stolen grocery cart that was piled high with food stamp chow. He doesn't work. He doesn't need to. The liberal politicians are forcing you and me to support them through all these new skyrocketing taxes on the struggling working class. They were a snapshot of my country's future.

On the way home I hit a pothole deep enough to bust the axle on many cars. But all the roads here are now showing the same signs of decay and disrepair, as the money that used to go for the infra-structure is now being funneled into liberal wetback aid programs to help support the mushrooming invader population. And there's no end in sight.

In fact as I speak, the liberals in DC are fighting tooth and nail to prevent us from passing some new laws that would put a stop to the invasion. And you guessed it; the Jews are behind it. In fact they're behind every rotten deed we've been suffering from as a people. California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and even Texas are now a white man's hell on earth. We are moving out by the millions, but these parasitic bastards are following us! White flight only works if you escape the creeps. But the mud people need whitey to sustain them. Like the vampires they are, they need the blood of whitey's labors.

I recently read a blog where some liberal glibly stated that minority cities needed whites "to ensure financial stability". That was thepolitically correct way of saying that the liberals need us to support their pet parasites! This isn't a debate. This isn't speculation. We are under attack. We are being enslaved to support the very parasites destroying us. If your rage hasn't hit the boiling point by now, I'm ashamed to know you. You're a coward and don't deserve to live in this country, or to enjoy its rights and freedoms. You deserve what these creeps do to you.

When the final collapse hits, don't hesitate to stand up and fight. If you think our border states are bad, just wait until these parasites complete their invasion of our nation. There won't be anyplace left where you and your loved ones can go to escape their evil and filth. You'll be forever trapped in white man's hell.

We owe a debt to these creeps and the criminals that brought them here..a debt that screams to be paid. A debt of retribution and justice. The time for talk and negotiation is over. You cannot negotiate with those bent on your destruction, you can only destroy them first. This lessen had flat better sink into people's thick skulls fast, or it's going to be too late to act..if it isn't already.

Our enemies are training and arming their mindless goons as I speak. They're giving them lists with our names on them..all those that would dare resist the coming destruction and enslavement of our people and nation. They are coming for you whether you fight them or not. So why make it easy for them? One way or the other, the world you used to know is about to end forever. You can lay down and let them run over you, or you can make them pay dearly for what they've done. I don't know about you, but when they come for me and my loved ones or my country's freedoms, I intend on making them wish they'd never been born.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the Jew has screwed up bigtime over this one. Blacks, for all their bluster, are easily controlled woman-beating savage cowards. The Jew has an easy time controlling them. But the mex'cans? The muds never were slaves and are devious and insidious. Sure, they are as savage and dirty as the black apes but they once dared to challenge white supremacy in the new world back in the 1600s in a way the blacks never did. The spiks doint cry to the ACLU and the Reviled Jessie Jackson when attacked, they fight back. Sure, its in a savage and unthinking way, but they will strike back. They are alot more dangerous and I think even their Jew handlers are finding them impossible to control.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



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Anonymous Austrian lady said...

South and central america are the most rotten places one can think of (with exception of africa)I recently visited argentina and paraguay and I am still scared to death, Argentina is the most demential place on earth: a land where mestizos consider themselves white and nazis and fake blond hair is the norm for beige skined ladies, while we did find the tourist spots to be “prosperous, beautiful, tourist meccas, clean and free”, we found the rest of Buenos Aires to be one of the most destitute places around–that is, until we took a plane for a few euros to take us to Paraguay to discover something unimaginably worse, Most europeans really cannot imagine just how POORLY paraguayans govern themselves. It’s the kind of governance which doesn’t even take the time to get the dead bodies off the streets (which at least the government of Argentina does handle well). My imbecilic french nephew said the only good thing about these countries is that marijuana is fifty cents a joint in either Buenos Aires or Asuncion.

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

Makes me think of the old LASucksBigTime blog.

7:57 PM  

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