Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Internet Activism

Hi, HAC!

I sent this letter to the onlineTaxRevolt (link below) and similar emails to the fake right wing conservative hypocrites.

Maybe we can all do the same?


Hi, I was looking through your page and can see the picture of many white people and two brown skins and a negroid.

Whites are attacked every two minutes in this fu*king sick america! Why do you include them in your organization?

I would suggest you go to an Black or Brown organization and be the only handful of whites in THAT organization. There you will learn the 'black agenda' and 'brown self interest'

You are a fu*king white supremist for keeping some blacks and browns around to serve YOUR agenda.

Your movement is a fraud.

Thank you.

If you think you can defend your position....I am ready for debate.


Anonymous Colonel House said...

I sent them an email excoriating their organization and the entire concept, and received an email from a 'bot thanking me for my interest. It was signed by a jew, Aaron Schutte. This is just another time-wasting, resource-wasting faux "movement" to temporarily placate Whitey while the jew drains the remainder of our treasury before retiring to a "liberated" villa on the West Bank. The White man has become so craven that fighting the jew never occurs to him. Pathetic.

6:08 AM  

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