Friday, March 26, 2010

Radio Free Northwest Feedback

Dear HAC-

If you can keep up this kind of fever-pitched rhetoric, I have no doubt that the NF can break into the consciousness of the mainstream.

Check out the number of views the RFNs have received on YouTube now. Apparently Stormfront and VNN hobbyists are deigning to look at them, for a while anyway. I looked at the YouTube Insight app, which analyzes nearly every aspect of viewers and their behavior, and I see that when written messages appear on the screen viewership falls off dramatically, and when violence and explosions appear viewership spikes just as dramatically. This is pathetic, but considering the average age of YouTube users and the intense dumbing-down they have been subjected to, it's a miracle that so many choose to watch at all. We're onto something now, and intense advertisement is the key.

Even Jim Giles admitted he would Come Home if he could conserve his material possessions in the process. I think the vast majority of Whites who would join us are locked into the false covenant that they believe still exists between them and their bankster creditors. The banksters broke the covenant and White people are not morally or legally bound to complete any contractual obligations that existed at the time of signing. Our forefathers crossed the Atlantic leaving massive debts to a vile, corrupt banking system--and their grandchildren crossed the plains leaving massive debts to the same system that followed them to the New World.

I believe the only times White people on this continent were ever truly free was during the interregnum between frontier and civilization, when barter and precious metal-backed currency was the preferred trade medium.

I'd like to suggest a future RFN segment along those lines, a call to those in debt up to their eyeballs to simply walk away without remorse and start anew in the NW. Supplying new identities and SSI numbers is "business as usual" for illegal Mexicans, so I can't imagine that one of us can't figure it out. I know you want to remain strictly legal for as long as possible, but I fear it will hobble us to do so. Perhaps it's best if you know nothing of this, so you could just send my contact info to people who would be outraged at my behavior and wish to correct me.

-[Redacted, just in case]

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