Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is Tony Blair Light In The Loafers?

Clarissa Dickson Wright, one of the Two Fat Ladies cooking duo, has long claimed that Tony Blair was known as "Miranda" when they were both young barristers. Clarissa — who's been fond of a drop in her time — can't remember why.

But that wasn't the only time Blair's friends have been struck by his feminine side. A Fettes college old boy now recalls, somewhat belatedly you might think, that the former prime minister was known there as "Emily". "I remember him as a rather obsequious junior," sniffs Cameron Lees in The Spectator.

It can't be long now before we discover that Blair was known as Marjorie at his primary school, or whatever. But why? Can anybody help with this baffling mystery?

Roland White

(Sorry, had a great photo which was the purpose of this whole post, but can't upload it to blogger. "Unrecognized format.")


Anonymous brian boru said...

I remember reading an item a couple of years ago which claimed that Tony Blair had been cautioned by the police back in the early 1980s for soliciting in a men's public toilet. I can't remember the source and can't find a reference to it now.
However, I would not be surprised if he was a queer. After the Dunblane massacre Blair had lots of disturbing information which linked the killer, Thomas Hamilton, with powerful individuals in the establishment and pedophile rings, sealed from public scrutiny. Many of the 'elites' in the western world are involved with all sorts of filthy activities. The despicable homo, Peter Mandelson, is a close friend of Blair. Homosexual behaviour was quite common in English boarding schools going back a long time. The seniors probably used Blair as a girl and so gave him a female name. Nothing should surprise anyone about these people.

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