Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Abyss

When you start adding up the insanity of our leaders in every aspect of American life, you seriously wonder why America hasn't risen up and arrested every last one of these criminals. The crimes those bastards are guilty of literally defy description. It boggles the mind to try and fathom the depth and range of the evil and betrayal now being perpetrated upon us. Name the problem and there's a Jew or his liberal bootlick behind it.

This is in every case, not just a few or even the majority, but every case. This country is teetering on the edge of the abyss, and I've been working hard to warn people of what's coming.. I feel like I'm whispering in a hurricane. 99.9% of people don't have the faintest clue just how bad it's going to get, or how fast it's going to get that way.

I was talking recently with a survivor of the Katrina disaster. He's an old white Cajun who's lived in Louisiana most of his life. He sipped on a shot of whiskey and told me in no uncertain terms that the liberal media buried the real story as deeply as possible, so as to keep up appearances with their pet apes. This guy steamed as he related to me the events following that hurricane, and my eyes bugged out of my head in shock and rage at the things he told me.

He said that within twelve hours of the hurricane stores, shops, and even private homes were being looted and stripped of anything edible or valuable, whether there were people living in them or not. Large gangs of blacks and mestizos went on looting sprees, stealing, raping, shooting, and burning buildings just for the sheer meanness of it. He said he went to the local Piggly Wiggly (a supermarket chain store there), and found the shelves stripped to the bone. Nothing. Just bare shelves. He said that after 24 hours there wasn't a bottle of water or a loaf of bread, or a can of food to be had anywhere, and people were in running gun battles with pack niggers all over town.

He told me that a lot of whites had been shot, maimed and murdered, but that the press kept a tight lid on all of it. By the time he got done relating all this to me, we were both shaking with rage. How could this happen in America? How did we ever let it get to the point where the muds are now holding us hostage in our own country, under pain of prison or death? Shoot one and YOU go to jail, I don't care if he just raped your daughter. Call one a nigger and do more prison time than a murderer! What the hell's wrong with this picture?

With every day that passes we hear of more and more new and ever more ridiculous bills and laws being put into effect without our knowledge or consent. The criminals in DC are deliberately trying to bankrupt this nation so as to declare martial law and hence a police state. Oh, they know the muds will riot. They're counting on it. That's why they imported them in here in the first place.

And all those "guilt laws" as I call them, were instituted to keep us under control while they did it. There comes a time folks, when laws no longer mean anything, where to obey them is the WRONG thing to do. It has now become morally and ethically wrong to obey this government, or any of the laws it enforces. Do you understand this? It is wrong to obey this government any longer! You are enabling our enemies and violating the laws of man and racial survival. Whenever a government becomes the source of your troubles, it's time to replace it at any cost. That time is here...

Our Founding Fathers ordered us to take back this government if it ever got to this stage. If we continue to allow things to continue on their current course, we are violating our constitution! Do you understand this? From this point on, their goons and agents will be arresting dissenters and harassing our families. None of us is safe any longer, and it's only going to get worse until we act.Do not cooperate with their "legitimate" representatives. They no longer represent the People, and We The People ARE the government! Got that? There's nothing legitimate about them! This is an illegal, outlaw government that no longer represents the People. It is a regime, nothing more...

These criminals are pushing us toward the abyss and we're only a couple of short steps from falling into it forever. Do you want to die on your knees to an enemy that laughs at you? Or do you want to stand like a man and fight these freaks? Let's make them pay for what they've done to our beloved land and race! When the hammer falls, be ready to act. Get ready for revolution.

Obama and his cronies are about to spring the trap and when they do, riots will break out everywhere. Food and gas will be in very short supply. Violence and want will reign. Either way we're in for a rough ride. The only question left is whether or not you're going to face it as an obedient little slaughterhouse lamb or a pissed off wolf. Your choice. He's going to call out the National Guard, US soldiers and yes, UN troops which are already living here at several military bases in preparation for the collapse. This whole thing has been engineered and orchestrated from the start by the Jews and their progressive bootlicks. When they attack we must move to arrest every last criminal we can find.

We must prosecute and sentence these monsters according to their crimes. Treason is still a death offense in this country. All criminal leaders are ruthless, and will proclaim all those that resist their evil to be criminals and terrorists themselves. This tactic is as old as prostitution. We must always keep in mind who the real criminals are here, and the fact that we have a sacred duty to defend our land from people like these. In the end it will be them who are led away in chains to stand before the People and answer for their crimes...

When the federal agents and law enforcement come to your door to arrest you for being a "terrorist", remember that they are the illegal ones! They are the criminals, attempting to enforce illegal orders and laws issued by an illegal, criminal regime that we the People did not authorize or empower to rule us. You have the God given right to resist your arrest by any and all means necessary. Anyone that attempts to deprive you of life, freedom, or property without just cause is a criminal. Any agent of any department of this so-called government that attempts to arrest you is himself a criminal. Neverforget that, and never, ever let them psyche you into submission. Because the moment you surrender your freedom to these people, you can kiss the life you knew goodbye. They will either imprison you or kill you..or both. You are now in their power, and they can do with you as they see fit.

And considering this is an atheistic, immoral, communist regime, expecting fair treatment is a hope for fools and morons. White America is now living in an occupied territory, The progressives have passed so many laws and regulations over the past few decades, that they have succeeded in robbing us of almost every freedom and right we had. We can't go to the store or make a phone call without fearing we are breaking some vague new law. This has to stop. The abyss is yawning before us, and we all must now make the decision to either surrender and jump, or fight like hell. The choice is yours..but don't take too long to decide, or they'll decide for you.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I am in general agreement with what you say about the coming catastrophic times, and yes, we can expect looting and killing from these imported (and native) "people of color", I have to wonder whether there will be enough of US troops, including National Guard to effectively maintain the martial law that will be declared. After all, most of our armed forces are busy fighting Israel's various enemies or staffing outposts in Europe that haven't been needed (well ever, really) for decades. Already the US tyrannical goverment is stretching its military thin, just how effective can they be fighting both here and "there"?

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