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That Balloon That Never Goes Up

[This is some Classic HAC found in the archives. Figured I'd play Russian roulette once more, although the Organs might have a hard time explaining to their superiors why they never noticed this article at the time it was first published - HAC]

C-GRAM: September 21st, 2005

Okay, time once again to do what HAC does best: question a Movement sacred cow.

One of the hoariest and most time-honored of such sacramental beasts is the concept of When The Balloon Goes Up.

It runs something like this: the White man is completely lazy, apathetic, cowardly, dazed and confused, and useless. (I have to admit, it's hard to argue with that one.) He will continue to be so, as long as he has his job, his paycheck, his beer in the refrigerator, his television, and the Quickie Mart down the street run by Apu where he can stock up on salty snacks for his long weekends watching niggers bounce a ball. He will never, ever get up off his ass until such time as the supply of all these things is suddenly cut off by some big huge catastrophe, an economic collapse with a massive depression, race riots in the streets, fuel shortages, beer shortages, aliens descending from outer space, or whatever your favorite scenario might be.

This huge catastrophe will create a Mad Max Road Warrior type scenario, and all of a sudden we'll be riding around on motorcycles with green Mohawk haircuts and driving out the muds with crossbows, yadda yadda yadda. (I've never quite understood how a race of people who have spent their entire lives on the couch watching bakketbawl and swilling the worst excuse for beer in the world will suddenly transform into Road Warriors, but we'll let that pass.) Rite-wingers generally refer to this as
When The Balloon Goes Up.

The corollary to this is that since nothing can possibly be done while ZOG remains all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful (which it isn't), there is no point whatsoever in our actually doing anything until such time as The Balloon Goes Up. Or even trying. The people and the times, tsk tsk tsk, just aren't ready for us. If only the people and the times were ready, oh my, such deeds of manly heroism we would do then! But The Balloon hasn't Gone Up, and therefore we can do nothing except "educate" and "wake people up."

Educate, My Ass

If an inquiring mind is ever able to cut through mountains of waffle and get any kind of answer on this subject, "education" usually boils down to nothing more than hiding behind an e-mail address while playing with the computer in one's basement rec room, with a bowl of nachos and a cold brewski beside the mouse. "Education" in practice means circulating the same old material, mostly dating from the 1950s and 1960s or even from before the war, that we've been circulating for the past fifty years about Jews running the Federal Reserve, the Benjamin Franklin quotation, and an endless supply of atrocity stories about black crime.

And of course, there is that lovely, risk-free internet. This is why the Movement of yesteryear consisted largely of a bunch of sad old men who sat around mailing one another news clippings telling one another how bad things are. (Some of them are still around.) Today, it consists mostly of a bunch of sad old men who sit around tapping on keyboards and forwarding news articles all over the internet by e-mail, telling one another how bad things are. But what can we do? The White man is useless until The Balloon Goes Up. Right?

Now let me dare to ask the blasphemous question. Is The Balloon ever going to Go Up? I mean, really?

We've been waiting for almost forty years now for this big disaster to occur that will finally shake the federal monkey off our backs long enough so we can take all those guns out of the closet and clean this mess up. Has anything of the kind ever even come close to occurring?

No. The riots of the 1960s and the 1990s were purely localized events and consisted almost entirely of monkoids trashing their own neighborhoods. There was never any serious danger to the system, and all of these events were brought under control by the authorities in a matter of days. The fuel shortages of the 1970s were annoying, and nothing more. Jug-Ears' incompetence in foreign policy produced gas prices as high as $3.00 per gallon only last summer. White Americans grumbled...nd paid. And re-elected the misbegotten moron in November.

That Balloon Ain't Going Up. Well, Probably Not.

Will there ever in fact be some kind of nationwide catastrophe which will crack the iron bands that crush us and remove the federal government's heavy hand from us all at once, so all of a sudden we find that can do the necessary? (This of course, presumes that we have the necessary physical courage and will to do the necessary under any circumstances at all, which is dubious, but I won't get into that. Since by common consent we don't discuss the character issue within the Movement, there would be no point.)
Will there in fact ever be a depression so severe, a riot so widespread, an event so cataclysmic, that it will affect the supply of basic goods and services in most areas of the United States, to any serious or lasting extent? Will the electric power ever really go off and stay off, silencing the air conditioners and televisions?

Well—it can happen. It certainly happened to the people of Iraq. But will it happen here? Ever?

Or will our future just be one long, endless decline, a gradual deterioration of the quality of life, year after year, as more and more of North America turns into Brazil? I'll be honest. I don't know.

One thing I have learned in the Movement is that making predictions is a dangerous business. But I do believe that if in fact the Balloon were anywhere near Going Up, there would be certain definite indicators, and they would be visible and discussed outside the babblings of rite-wing conspiracy theorists on the internet.

I will say this: there doesn't appear to be any sign that anything of the kind is happening. This is a huge country and it still possesses virtually unlimited wealth. As god-awful as things are, America's ability to absorb economic, political, social, and biological punishment and abuse is still a long, long way from reaching the breaking point.

And you know something? I think all of us know in our heart that the Balloon ain't Going Up any time soon. And hoo boy, are we glad!

That Balloon Lets Us Off The Hook

You remember Leaderless Resistance, the brilliant strategy laid out by Louis Beam? And you remember how and why it failed, because in actual practice it turned out to be all leaderless and no resistance?

Beam's plan was predicated on the idea that these leaderless resistance cells would actually do something. It never happened. The internet came along and everybody retreated into the cool dark of their basement rec rooms and the warm glow of their computer screens.

Do you remember Lone Wolf, the strategy William Pierce tried to inspire with Hunter? What we ended up with instead of Hunters were violent kooks like Ben Smith and Buford Furrow, who were of course cheered on hysterically by people like Tom Metzger and Alex Curtis in order to sell their Skinhead music tapes and videos. As if the White race could be saved by lunatics who hear voices in their head.

Now, am I alone in suspecting that a lot of this talk about When The Balloon Goes Up is just basically an excuse for the White man to continue to do nothing?

Maybe I'm off base, but as Northwest Migration begins to slowly (way too slowly) catch on, I'm starting to hear a lot of this "but we must wait for The Balloon to Go Up." And it's sounding increasingly worried. Here we now have a perfectly legal, perfectly logical, and personally beneficial act that anyone can carry out, and which will advance the cause of the 14 Words and give White people a wonderful place to live. Bluffs are being called, and the Movement is getting jumpy. There is one thing that Movement Man most definitely does not like, and that is having his bluff called.

The Revolutionary Tripod

Where is this leading? Oh, it's leading somewhere. It's leading to an even more subversive idea, one that will have Movement Man befouling his Fruit of the Looms.

Okay, let's recap once again. We need to take another look at that Revolutionary Tripod, the three conditions which are essential for actual political and social change to take place in any society. I know, I know, I have gone over this about five hundred times before, but guys, this is really important. This is really something that we all need to internalize. For there to be revolutionary change the following three situations must obtain:

1. The Withdrawal of the Consent of the Governed. A majority, or at least a significant and effective minority, of the people of a nation or colony must consciously desire an end to the existing political and social order, and its replacement by a new one. It certainly helps if they want your revolutionary movement specifically to replace the existing order, although as Lenin and the Bolsheviks proved, it's not absolutely necessary.

2. A Fighting Revolutionary Party. A political, propaganda, and military vehicle must exist which will express the withdrawal of consent in concrete terms, and which is prepared to replace the existing order, and which is ready and willing to take direct action to do so.

3. The Loss of the Credible Monopoly of Armed Force. All political power is based on the use of deadly force by the ruler or the state, the infliction or threat of bodily harm or death on others, without punishment of those who exercise force in the state's name. This is what makes the policeman's club or gun different from the club or gun in the hand of the criminal. The policeman may do harm without being punished for it, except within certain narrow parameters when he harms an influential, a wealthy man or some other societally protected person such as our minorities, through error or stupidity , and sometimes even then he is never punished at all.

For example, FBI agents inflict terrible tortures on helpless prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere which would earn you or I life sentences if we were to inflict them on anyone without permission from the ruling elite, and yet they are not punished, but on the contrary they are commended and promoted. This is called a credible monopoly of armed force.

In order for any revolutionary movement to succeed, it must first break that credible monopoly of armed force, by demonstrating to the public an ability to do harm to its enemies and not be punished. The people must be made to understand that change is in fact possible, because the state is no longer certainly able to punish those who oppose it. Eventually the revolutionary movement transfers the monopoly of armed force to itself, thereby becoming the established state. This is how revolutions occur.

Now let's back up a bit, to the withdrawal of the consent of the governed and the creation of a viable revolutionary party. How, exactly, is this to be achieved?

Well, first, there has to be one or more legitimate grievances. Those we have in plenty, although they vary from age to age. Our ancestors in 1775 revolted over a paltry tax on tea. Our closer forefathers in 1861 revolted over a massive insult to the South and the Southern way of life on the part of the rest of the United States, as expressed in the election of the demagogue Abraham Lincoln to the presidency. Today we let our own children be routinely murdered, sodomized, deracinated, corrupted in their minds and bodies, and frog-marched into drug addiction, and we sit there staring at the television.
But let's assume that somehow we can in fact overcome the character problem and a significant minority of us do have sense enough to migrate to the Northwest and eventually form a Party of the kind Brad Davis refers to, the kind which we are clearly unable to form now—but let's just suppose. Right. We have our Party. What to we do now? How would we go about bringing on a revolution if, as it appears, that pesky Balloon isn't Going Up?

The Propaganda of the Deed

I know this is going to scare many of you shitless.

We need to start cultivating the habit of in-depth thinking, insofar as we're still capable of it, and thought must be free. Thought must have all the data in order to draw conclusions. Thought cannot be Orwellian and deliberately train itself to avoid certain topics, or else the mind ceases to hit on all cylinders. Maybe if you can be brought to understand the possibilities which would become available to us, if and when we ever deal with the character issue, then we might be able to persuade ourselves to deal with it.

The Reds and anarchists for the past two hundred years, ever since the days of one Gracchus Baboeuf, (don't ask), have theorized about and sometimes practiced something called the Propaganda Of The Deed. In its crudest form it consists of high-profile acts of violence or destruction meant to state a position, a claim, or a cause in such a manner that it cannot be ignored.

Let me repeat those crucial, key words: cannot be ignored.

Democracy is top-notch at ignoring messages that it does not wish to hear, and quietly, genteelly suppressing people and points of view that it finds inconvenient.

It does this with varying degrees of cruelty, up to and including death and torture, but mostly democracy utilizes its control of the public media of information, communication and expression to ignore any serious dissent or alternative to its policies or behavior. Democracy establishes a maze for the rats to run through which they call a political process, and claims that the rats therefore have nothing to complain about. But democracy is a maze that leads nowhere, designed only to perpetuate the existing order of a wealthy ruling élite and to prevent change of any kind. Democracy crushes the rats when they try to escape from the maze.

But what if the rat were to bite?

True, Propaganda of the Deed is very dangerous, and it requires men and women who are willing to give up their own lives in the service of others. We are so far from this condition that I honestly am not worried about being accused of "inciting" anyone to anything with this article. In all the nearly one hundred years of our existence, our Movement has produced exactly one Bob Mathews, one Gordon Kahl, and one Tim McVeigh...maybe. (We still don't know what McVeigh's true agenda was.)

So what is all this babble in aid of? The Reds believe that the Propaganda of the Deed, under certain conditions and with a little bit of luck, is of itself capable of jump-starting a revolutionary process. The ultimate example of this would be the 1916 Easter Rebellion in Dublin.

Taking it further, a revolutionary movement, intelligently led and possessing not only propaganda skills but the ability to deploy Propaganda of the Deed, can sometimes create the necessary conditions for revolution itself. In other words, The Balloon does not have to Go Up before the revolutionary struggle can begin.

Historical results? Well, to be sure, they've been mixed.

It works quite often in Third World coups, (the assassination of Omar Trujillo in the Dominican Republic comes to mind) but we won't count those as genuine revolutions. In 1881 the assassination of Czar Alexander the Second definitely didn't succeed in bringing about revolution in Russia; Lenin had to wait until 1917. The assassination of the King of Iraq worked, eventually. The storming of the Bastille is a maybe. The murder of the Duchesse de Praslin in 1848 brought down the last King of France. The Kirov murder in 1934 enabled Stalin to launch his major purges, although there's a good chance Stalin himself had Kirov whacked. The Pazzi conspiracy of 1478 in Florence failed miserably. (Now you get some idea of what I do with my time, not having the financial wherewithal to go gambling on riverboat casinos.)

People, we've got to discuss the character issue. Not now. I know we're not ready. But it's going to have to be soon. Our race is running out of time, and hard decisions must soon be made.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"People, we've got to discuss the character issue. Not now. I know we're not ready. But it's going to have to be soon. Our race is running out of time, and hard decisions must soon be made."

Why? What is there that is not understood here? It is not a mystery: Caesar stated it in plainterms eons ago; the masses want"bread and circuses" and so long as they have them, they are "transfixed" into non-action. It is a formula that works and has worked for two thousand years. As you yourself have stated, in too many places to mention, "as long as
Americans have their computer monitors in the basement with the brewski next to the mouse, they are happy (or at least complacent), it will not be until they have lost EVERYTHING, that they will be willing to face reality, and then only reluctantly. After all, they ALL have something "invested" in the "system": whether it be "X number of years" paid into social security" or a house HERE (wherever "here" may be), sons or daughters, wives or whatever relatives that they do not wish to see harmed or otherwise brought to impoverishment through their own actions (we all know that ZOG WILL retaliate against all who are related to us, should "we" decide to resist them). So there is the twofold impediment of "I have something to loose" and "I do not want my family to suffer on my account" that is holding whites back from "joining the movement".
Yes, certainly cowardice and and a soft life enter into the picture, but the two contributing factors mentioned before are the main impediments to any real "action" on the part of white "parisans". Then too, there is the factor of gullibility. There are still plenty of people out there who think they "can make a difference" within the system. Yes, it is hogwash, but they believe it, and that is all that matters. It is a fact that, until they have NOTHING left, they will not see the light and change. Maybe not even then! It is hard to break out of a lifetime of programming. Not until they have lost everything will your readers "be ready" for a revolution, and maybe not even then.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a believer in the Balloon Going Up school of revolution. However, I don't think the event will turn white men into road warriors. I simply think that it will take something of that degree to FORCE the white man to pay attention. Only at that point is a revolutionary movement possible.

People that espouse this idea are not morons, they simply observe that the great political revolutions ALL took place in an environment of massive social turmoil, brought on by system breakdown.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The saddest part of these rants is the fact so few read them. The tea parties showed white men are becoming slightly aware of what is going on. People like Beck have shown within their PC limits what is going to be the balloon. But even economic collapse will not spark a revolution anymore than it did in the 30’s. Whites don’t understand what future awaits their children on the current path to minority status and they will weather the next great depression just like they did the first one. The posting of internet blogs or sending out a little paper to a handful of people every month is not going to inform them. Until and unless an articulate spokes person is allowed on one of the cable news programs the movement will fail. When you have a couple of hundred supporters in a country of 300 million you’re not an activist you’re a very minor nuisance. The great migration is never going to happen because you are never going to get the word out to enough people to make a difference.

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've tried and tried waking our people up and they hate me for it. I'm banned from forums, my posts are deleted, etc. I have full time access to my family to discuss these issues over and over again. It represents the optimum environment for waking them up. Have I succeeded? No. Dad continues to watch endless nigger ball. Mom is transfixed with Hollywood Celebs and loves everything on TV. She could care less that Jew Feminism has resulted in her NOT having grandkids. Brother married a non-white. Unreal!

So, if attempting to wake them up results in them calling me a "racist" then I'm going to push hard in the other direction. I'm going to go over the top in my push for more diversity. I'm going to start saying how great the USA will be when whites make up only 1% of the nation. I'm going to say I advocate a law that prevents white people from marrying each other because it will strengthen diversity. If dumb shit whites won't wake up when you tell them the real deal, will they wake up when I push hard in the other direction? I doubt it. Nothing works! WTF? I can't take it anymore.

4:44 PM  

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