Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Radio Free Northwest 2-17-2010

Hi, guys:

Okay, the fourth Radio Free Northwest podcast is now available at

You will see the “new media” window in the center right; click on “Radio Free Northwest” for 2-17-2010.

My voice is kind of gravelly in this one, but the technical quality is improving, I think. Still not exactly where I want it, but practice makes perfect. I will try to get this podcast on the site every week by sometime on Wednesday from now on.



Anonymous Colonel House said...

Part of Joe Stack's "suicide note" is being repressed by the MSM - the part where he talks about his Marxist beliefs and his work for the Obama campaign. Leftists like Joe Stack believe that by joining the multicult and proclaiming their hatred for the White race, they are automatically on the "winning team" and are immune from the depradations of wealth redistribution. These phony Socialist race traitors need to study Lenin's writings a little closer, especially the part about the "useful idiots".

1:31 AM  

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