Monday, February 22, 2010

Hitting It On The Head

Subject: The Itty Bitty Ethnic Minority Who Control America & Their Connection to That Shitty Little Country in the Middle East

We have but 2 to 3 percent Jews in our population, and yet look at the harm they do. They make up 30 percent of the Congress. They totally control the White House, the Pentagon, virtually all federal agencies. Our military are but Israel's mercenaries, constantly murdering innocents that happen to have incurred Israel's wrath. They have made America and Americans hated throughout the world for doing their bidding.

They own and control the Federal Reserve and are basic to the entire debt-money banking scam. They have us into another world-wide depression as before. Wall Street is almost entirely Jewish, as is Hollywood with its immorality run loose today since the Hays Office was eliminated. Five Jewish groups control the radio and TV of the whole country, instilling their sickness in the land. If the doors are wide open to any unwanted illegal immigrants it is because of their doing, as part of their campaign to destroy white, European America.

They control most of the countries of Europe and have made it a crime to speak as I am writing here now. They are trying hard to get their imagined "anti-semitic" prejudices statutized in the US.

Any vilification of Islam is inspired by Jewish hatefulness. They keep feeding the goyim their propaganda and sadly, many pass it on. I have no personal hatred of Jews or of any other people who happen to be unfortunately embodied on this mudball at this time, but I do hate any manner of wrong-doing towards others, no matter by whom instigated, and 90% of it is too obviously Jewish inspired.

In centuries past, Jewry has been expelled from every country in Europe at least once, en masse. This started the very century in which Khazaria lost its own kingdom, after adopting the Talmud in the 8th century. While such an action might quickly solve any country's woes, I doubt today that any modern people might effectuate such an action, outside of Israel anyway, in raped and occupied Palestine. So we will suffer their indignities in hopes of better days, thanks to our Christian morality, which they would like to destroy. It would be interesting wouldn't it, if they succeeded in getting the rest of the world down to their level of degradation, if the goyim of the world rose up and sent them to the moon. Don't think it can't happen!!

Best regards,
Bob Taft


Blogger Anchorage Activist said...

A good essay by Bob Taft, with one exception: According to a Pew Report which I've documented HERE, Jews actually make up 8.4 percent of Congress. They're still over-represented, but we need to define our terms as precisely as possible to preserve credibility.

The Pew Report only reflects those Congresscritters who specifically identify as Jews; there are others, such as Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) who are Jewish ethnically, but who do NOT identify as Jews religiously.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a piece on the myth of the "Israel Lobby" from US News and World Report.

6:20 PM  

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