Friday, February 19, 2010

HAC On Joe Stack Case

Audio comment on the Joseph Stack case by HAC. Go to

and click on "Fireside Chat" in the window center right.


Blogger brian boru said...

The song 'O ro se de do beatha 'bhaile' was written by Patrick Pierce. It esentially means 'welcome home'. I don't know what all the rest of it means, but Graine O'Malley is mentioned. She was a warlord along the west coast of Ireland in the 16th century. The song had political connotations and hints at the coming 1916 Rising.
Your fireside chat was uplifting, as were the other reports.
In your novels ZOG never exerts its full power against the NVA because of all its commitments around the world and to Israel. In reality, do you not think that the kike would do virtually anything to prevent an independent white homeland? Personally, I believe that they would be willing to radiate the whole place if it looked like they were about to lose it. I don't think there is any limit to yehudi's evil. I can't remember the source but I remember reading a report by an ex-American sailor who revealed that he discovered that all American naval vessels which carry nuclear missiles also have a store which contains cobalt sleeves for each of the missiles. The cobalt will permanently pollute huge areas around the site of each missile strike. This will supposedly be carried out if it ever looks like the jew will lose its power.
I don't think that this should cause any doubts about the validity of the Northwest Republic plan, but the vileness of the kike and its minions should never be underestimated.
Here's another insight to the soul of the jew from 1945: (about half way down, The Terrible Eyewitness Account).
How would I go about making a donation?

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your music, HAC... makes me want to listen to that radio show "Thistle & Shamrock"

7:50 PM  

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