Saturday, February 20, 2010

Epic Beard Man T-Shirts

I presume that most of you are by now aware of who Epic Beard Man is. Somebody’s already cashing in on that video. You can buy your own Epic Beard Man T-shirts from

Some of you who have told me you have T-shirt manufacturing capability might want to try your own efforts at immortalizing this heroic Ancient of Days. (By the way, his real name is Tom Bruso.)



Blogger brian boru said...

The sambo got more than he bargained for. He probably thought that the old man was just another white coward. If white beard had been thirty years younger he would have knocked the ape through the window. Most middle aged white men have forgotten what physical aggression is like. It's exhilerating when you are fit. It would do any white man's soul good to hammer a nigger into the ground, even if he takes a few licks in turn.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's classic! The ape was SO stupid. Look, when you're in a city on public transport and ANY wierd shifty character gets in your face like this, there is usually a _very good reason_ they are doing that. They might have a black belt, might have a weapon, and pretty much sure as shootin' they are ready for a fight. If the mudape was smart (lol, yeah right) he and his long tailed moll would have made tracks in the opposite direction from E.B.M. Instead the submenchen brown thing got the holy living shit beat out of him.

It just shows how the apes have no intellect or logical thought. They just attack, attack, attack like the animals they are. Not for one second did the mindless gorilla think "Hmmm, old geezer trying to rile me up to fight... doesn't seem much of a threat but maybe he's hiding something. Maybe today is a good day to blow him off and walk away"

But Noooo, its "I gotta attack to impress my bitch and because i dunno no udder ting than to attack. DUHHHHH"

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In five days, there's been over 2.6 million views of this video.

My personal theory is that these kaffirs went on the bus with the intention of starting trouble, so they could post it on JewTube and laugh about it with their friends. They must have gotten the surprise of their lives.

Dave 02212010 / 1156

11:55 AM  

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