Sunday, February 28, 2010

"All The Whites Will Die Tonight!:

That’s what a Hispanic woman, Miriam Leticia Malave, yelled as she and three Hispanic men began attacking white patrons in the M&T Bar in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania last week. Malave attacked a female bartende Melissa Elrod, with a baseball bat.

Shenandoah is full of Hispanics. How did a small town in Pennsylvania become overrun with mestizos? You’ll have to ask George “Family Values Don’t Stop at the Rio Grande” Bush about that.

Miss him yet? Well, don’t forget – Sarah Palin says it would be “inhumane” to deport people like Malave and her gang of thugs, so you’ll get a chance to vote for more of the same in 2012.

Last September, Malave stabbed a woman in the thigh and stomach outside La Casita bar in Shenandoah. She was awaiting trial on those charges when she led the attack on white people last week.

Plus, in 2006, Malave and “three Hispanic men” tried to attack white people with baseball bats. When the would be victims escaped, they instead began smashing their cars with the bats.

Prosecutors initially charged the four with hatecrime, criminal mischief, and recklessly endangering another person and conspiracy in the 2006 attack, but then dropped all those charges and reduced it to disorderly conduct.

Do you think if four whites had chased a bunch of Mexicans with baseball bats and then smashed their cars up they would have gotten off with disorderly conduct charges, and without a hatecrime charge?

Me neither.

But Miriam Leticia Malave and three other Hispanics got away with it in 2006.

And now, they’ve actually attacked white people with ball bats, while yelling “all whites will die tonight!” and guess what?

The prosecutor hasn’t filed hatecrime charges this time either. In fact, none of the three Mexicans who beat the whites in the bar have even been arrested.

The DA says he “hasn’t ruled out” hatecrime charges in this case.

Hasn’t ruled them out?

Try to imagine the DA “not ruling out” hate crimes charges if four whites had gone after a bunch of Mexicans with ball bats in 2006, and then smashed their cars, and then attacked white people in a bar while screaming that all whites are gonna die tonight a few years later!

The DA would be in jail for a hate crime himself. Eric Holder would see to that.

But, as Eric Holder explained to Congress during hearings on the most recent hate crimes bill, white people aren’t a protected class under hatecrime law.

So get used to it, white man. And be sure and vote for Sarah Palin in 2012, so we can keep on celebrating diversity!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had one of those whites who were attacked *dared* to defend himself or (heaven forbid!) harm or kill one of his attackers, he _definatley_ would be up on a racial hate charge. That's another sure statement that can be said about this case.

5:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring it on.

8:05 PM  

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