Saturday, October 31, 2009

Harold's Halloween 2009

[One of my favorites I like to post at this time of year. - HAC]

A Tale of the 13th Floor
by Ogden Nash

The hands of the clock were reaching high
In an old midtown hotel;
I name no name, but its sordid fame
Is table talk in Hell.

I name no name, but Hell's own flame
Illumes the lobby garish,
A gilded snare just off Times Square
For the virgins of the parish.

The revolving door swept the grimy floor
Like a crinoline grotesque,
And a lowly bum from an ancient slum
Crept furtively past the desk.

His footsteps sift into to lift
As a knife in the sheath is slipped,
Stealthy and swift into the lift
As a vampire into a crypt.

Old Maxie, the elevator boy
Was reading an ode by Shelley,
But he dropped the ode as it were a toad
When the gun jammed into his belly.

There came a whisper soft as mud
In the bed of an old canal:
"Take me up to the suite of Pinball Pete,
The rat who betrayed my gal."

The lift doth rise with groans and sighs
Like a duchess for the waltz,
Then in middle shaft, like a duchess daft,
It changes its mind and halts.

The bum bites lip as the landlocked ship
Doth neither fall nor rise,
But Maxie the elevator boy
Regards him with burning eyes.

"First to explore the thirteenth floor,"
Says Maxie, "would be wise."

Quoth the bum, "There is moss on your double cross,
I have been this way before,
I have cased the joint at every point,
And there IS no thirteenth floor!

The architect he skipped direct
From twelve unto fourteen,
There is twelve below and fourteen above,
And nothing in between,

For the vermin who dwell in this hotel
Could never abide thirteen."

Said Max, "Thirteen, that floor obscene,
Is hidden from human sight;
But once a year it doth appear,
On this All Hallows night.

Ere you peril your soul in murderer's role,
Heed those who sinned of yore;
The path they trod led away from God,
And onto the thirteenth floor,

"Where those they slew, a grisly crew,
Reproach them forevermore.

"We are higher than twelve and below fourteen,"
Said Maxie to the bum,
"And the sickening draft that taints the shaft
Is a whiff of kingdom come.

The sickening draft that taints the shaft
Blows through the devil's door!"
And he squashed the latch like a fungus patch,
And revealed the thirteenth floor.

It was cheap cigars like lurid scars
That glowed in the rancid gloom,
The murk was a-boil with fusel oil
And the reek of stale perfume.

And round and round there dragged and wound
A loathsome conga chain,
The square and the hep in slow lock step,
The slayer and the slain.

(For the souls of the victims ascend on high,
But their bodies below remain.)

The clean souls fly to their home in the sky,
But their bodies remain below
To pursue the Cains who emptied their veins
And harry them to and fro.

When life is extinct each corpse is linked
To its gibbering murderer,
As a chicken is bound with wire around
The neck of a killer cur.

Handcuffed to hate comes Dr. Waite
(HE tastes the poison now),
And Ruth and Judd and a head of blood
With horns upon its brow.

Up sashays Nan with her feathery fan
From Floradora bright;
She never swung for Caesar Young,
But she's dancing with him tonight.

Here's the bulging hip and the foam-flecked lip
Of the Mad Dog, Vincent Coll,
And over there that ill-met pair,
Becker and Rosenthal.

Here's Legs and Dutch and a dozen such
Of braggart bullies and brutes,
And each one bends 'neath the weight of friends
Who are wearing concrete suits.

Now the damned make way for the double damned
Who emerge with shuffling pace
From the nightmare zone of persons unknown,
With neither name nor face.

And poor Dot King to one doth cling,
Joined in a ghastly jig,
While Elwell doth jape at a goblin shape
And tickle it with his wig.

See Rothstein pass like a breath on glass,
The original Black Sox kid;
He riffles the pack, riding piggyback
On the killer whose name he hid.

And smeared like brine on a slavering swine,
Starr Faithful, once so fair,
Drawn from the sea to her debauchee,
With the salt sand in her hair.

And still they come, and from the bum
The icy sweat doth spray;
His white lips scream as in a dream,
"For God's sake, let's away!

If ever I meet with Pinball Pete
I will not seek his gore,
Lest a treadmill grim I must trudge with him
On the hideous thirteenth floor!"

"For you I rejoice," said Maxie's voice,
"And I bid you go in peace,
But I am late for a dancing date
That nevermore will cease.

So remember, friend, as your way you wend,
That it would have happened to you.
But I turned the heat on Pinball Pete;
You see---I had a daughter, too."

The bum reached out and he tried to shout,
But the door in his face was slammed,
And silent as stone he rode down alone

From the floor of the double damned.

The Sickest Fixation

Just the other day I saw a Jew inspired comedy sketch where to white boys built a nigger robot, replete with 70's jungle bunny Afro. When they turned it on for the first time, the first words out of its mouth were, "Where de' white wimmins?"

It was supposed to be funny. Instead it enraged me. Later, I skimmed by "The Price Is Right" where some bald and exceedingly fat and ugly nigger had won a new car. There was a beautiful blonde model sitting in it for show. The first words out of the buck's mouth were, "Do de' white wimmin come wit' de ride?" The audience thought it was a riot. I almost trashed my TV.

The same day I saw several disgusting ads put out by the USA network, promoting the "joys of diversity." It starts out with a ho spouting how she's against racism. Well duuuh! Niggers hate anything that makes them pay a price for their behavior. We're supposed to just ignore their evil and smile. The next speaker was a hook-nosed kike. He hates racism too, and any discrimination of faggots and other perverts. I'm supposed to be surprised by this? Criminy... A whole raft of assorted muds went on parade, speaking about the evils of racism. There was only one white among their ranks. It's getting harder and harder for liberals to find whites that agree with their propaganda.

A regular coon-o-rama has been pounded at the public the past four months in an attempt to counter the rising tide of anti-mud sentiment growing in this country. The regime, their bootlicks and also their army of brain-dead liberals are all feeling the heat, and they're now running scared. And when a lowlife gets scared, he gets vicious. This breed of maggot will stoop to absolutely anything to achieve his goals or protect his worthless ass. My late father had a saying that's proven true down through the years; "The lower the form of life, the more concerned it is about it's own ass."

Nothing will fight more desperately to survive than your average cockroach or rat. People follow this same law. A lowlife will sacrifice anything and anyone to save his own hide, even a loved one. I once saw a buck shield himself from the cops' bullets with his own year-old niglet. Before that, he was swinging from the balcony by one arm like a chimp, and dangling the niglet upside-down by one foot as he oogaboogahed and beat his chest at the police. Liberals and Jews are no different than this piece of dog shit. We can expect some pretty outrageous crap from these creeps very soon.

Everywhere we turn now, we are bombarded with pro-mud propaganda. The enemy still clings to the old tactics of lying long and loud, believing it will eventually change the thinking of an enraged white public. Well, it used to work, but there comes a point when the evil these freaks commit far outweighs any amount of propaganda trying to counter it.

And the single most enraging thing that blacks and other breeds of mud do is chase after our women. As much as it pains me to admit it, the majority of our women are as stupid as a day old goose. Silly, emotional, spoiled, and extremely gullible. Liberal propaganda works on our women with far more effect than it does the men..and the enemy knows it.
That's why most of their crap is aimed directly at them. The extreme majority of interracial breeding takes place with black bucks and white blondes. White men have better sense..and better taste than to even consider breeding, let alone even dating some skanky-assed nigger mammie.

Every honest essay I've read from the scientific community states that black males, even as young as 10, have a literal obsession with our women. This fact doesn't go down well with the hos', but there's not a lot they can do about it..or as one coon said to me, "Man, you ebba seen one o' our wimmins? Dey be some nasty, ugly-assed bitches! An' dey stink too!" He was dead right about everything he said, but that doesn't give that ape the right to go after our women.

In the old days, before Kennedy and the kikes instituted dey "cibo raahts," we used to castrate any nigger we caught even sniffing around one of our women. Second offence was a dirt nap. We need, we must return to those days if we're to survive as a race. We all must keep in mind that our enemies want us extinct. That's the real reason they passed the Civil Rights Act of 1966; the day America got a death sentence.

That evil bill gave bucks free license to start chasing our women. And ever since then rapes have skyrocketed and stayed there. Fortunately, there are still a great many white women that hate blacks and other muds, and refuse to even date them. This enrages the spoiled niggers in this country, and they immediately start screaming racism! when some white chick tells them to get lost.

Blacks get uppity very, very easily, becoming a royal pain in the ass at the first excuse. But her rejection doesn't seem to make much difference to a nigger, who'll simply rape her if she says no. And he usually gets away with it too. All convicted black rapists should be quickly and quietly taken out behind the courthouse right after sentencing and shot. No lengthy, multi-million-dollar appeals, no years of feeding and housing the murderous chimp while politicians milk the case for all the political clout its worth.

We should treat them exactly the way the Russians do. They have a room behind their courthouses, where they've poured a concrete floor that's identical in design to a butcher shop. The entire smooth concrete floor gently tapers to the center of the room, where a large round brass drain grate is installed.

They march the convicted rapist into this room. He has no idea what's about to take place. They've told him that they're transferring him to another cell. Not snapping to what's happening, he looks with confusion at the large grate in the floor. Then his eyes start to widen as the realization of what it's for finally hits him. But before panic can register in his brain, one of the guards puts a bullet in the back of his head. He falls face-first on the drain and neatly bleeds out with no mess, no fuss. The soldier holsters his weapon and they leave the room. The body will be picked up and cremated later in the day.

Russia doesn't have the rape problem we have, because the niggers and other muds know that justice is swift and merciless, and they're terrified of the Russian court system. This is exactly what it takes to get these maggots under control: fear. Blacks and wetbacks and other muds fear damned little here. In fact, going to prison is considered a badge of honor, a finishing school for the up and coming criminal. After all, they get "a punk, a bunk and three squares" they so love to phrase it.

Muds get the royal treatment in prison, or else the special interest groups created for these miscreants will gleefully sue the crap out of the state, the government, and any government employee they can find. They get three full and fabulous meals a day; stuff you and I can't afford, plus free snacks. They have air-conditioning, cable TV, central heat, full medical and dental, arts and crafts, schools, church, recreation time, and a whole host of other things that make them seem more like country clubs than prisons.

And as far as sex goes, they simply go punk out a young and vulnerable white kid. These are the lowest of the low, the filth of humanity, and soon most of them will be released back onto a defenseless society, which the liberals are trying like all hell to disarm at a time when the cops can no longer protect the public. This is insane and it's evil. We need to emulate Russia.

As I've said before, blacks have only one basic agenda, and that's to breed our women. It's the sickest fixation niggers have, and brother, they've got plenty. They want to destroy whitey by breeding him into a population of mulattos. Malcom-X flat-out said so in a public address in Berkeley in 1966.

Incidentally, he was a Muslim; just like Obama, who's a black Muslim communist radical. Ole' Malcomb said that he wanted all blacks to breed our women to "get even with those white devils" for if we ever enslaved any of them.

Only a tiny, tiny handful of rich land owners ever owned slaves. The common man could no more afford to buy a slave that you can afford to by a Ferrari. The cost was astronomical. But like all niggers, he had to create an excuse for his bad behavior. Niggers are incapable of accepting responsibility for their actions. That's an advanced, higher trait, reserved for those a million years further down the evolutionary tree. The average buck isn't thinking about any lofty political goals when he's out chasing our women; he's simply thinking about screwing one of them. That's all. Total bestiality.

I can't stress hard enough to you, my fellow whites, just how vital it is for you to sit down every young white girl you can find and explain to her the facts of life about niggers and muds and how they'll lie like dogs to get in her pants.

I still remember listening to two drunken niggers talking in a nightclub some years back. They were crowing to each other about their exploits with our women. They were surrounded by half-a-dozen other monkoids who hooted and knocked fists every time one of them said something half-way intelligible. It was like listening to a grunt-off at the gorilla cage. I'll never forget some of the crap those two rubber-lipped chimps said to each other. If they hadn't been smothered in allies, I'd have happily shut them up.permanently. One says, "Man, all you gotts ta do iz tell dem crackah bitches dats you loves dem, an' dey'll do anyting' youz says fo' her to dooz! Yazzuuhh!"

A bunch of the jigaboos laughed and knocked fists at those words. "Yea, but aah jes' be sweet to dem, you know? I tellem' all kinda bullshit bout' how pretty dey be, an' how I gonna be dey man fo-ebba an' all dat jive, an' as soon as dat ho be knocked up, I take off and go finds me a new bitch!" With that the coons exploded in laughter and Hi-5's all around.

I gritted my teeth violently. But these pricks are standard for Coonus Americanus, or the Domestic American Yellow Bellied Ho Humper.

Our women need to be re-educated at as early an age as possible. Because the longer the NEA run schools have had to twist their thinking, the harder it's going to be to reach them. But doing this is just as important as any other aspect of the war against evil going on in this country. Remember that.

Do your level best to make a real dent in their agenda. If you really want to straighten out their thinking, solicit some help from the chatrooms. Ask to talk to women that have been the victims of Coonus Americanus. I think you'll find that there's an abundance of females out there that are more than willing to vent their anger about how they were suckered by liberal propaganda that teaches that niggers are just as honorable as whites. You can then refer whoever you're talking to, to these women.

That alone should do the trick. For no matter how well meaning you may be, or how much fact you have on your side, a woman usually only listens to another woman.

Exposing these evil apes for who and what they are can, and will prevent most of their conquests of our naive' young girls. Because once she's saddled with a squalling niglet, her life is over.

You can save her from that. If the Fates bless our efforts and we take back this nation, there will be a day of reckoning for niggers, muds, and all the corrupt bastards that set them loose on us. We'll have a lot of new concrete flooring to pour...

-The Lone Haranguer

Friday, October 30, 2009

Doug Christie On The Case

For what good it may do, Vancouver attorney Doug Christie will be investigating the Jeff Hughes murder.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Southern "Poverty" Law Center

[From the Council of Conservative Citizens.]

When you’ve built an empire worth hundreds of millions under the guise of “fighting racism,” you have to keep finding more racists to keep the donations coming in.

Of course the Southern Poverty (not theirs) Law Center spends very little time and money representing poor people. It only takes a few cases a year. Most of the money either goes to pay outlandish salaries and bonuses, or it is added to the $150 million and growing “endowment.” An endowment that never actually funds anything, and is referred to by critics as the “Morris Dees retirement fund.”

The SPLC has been denounced by both the right and the left as a con game. Harper’s Magazine dubbed it little more than a fundraiser hustle, calling it the “Church of Morris Dees.”

More and more the SPLC has to brand ordinary middle class Americans as hard-core “racists” to justify its existence and fundraiser letters. Recent additions to the list of hatemongers have been traditional Catholics, Pentecostal tent revivals, the American Legion, the makers of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, and others.

Yet still new enemies must be found for new SPLC fund-raising letters. The latest addition to the list includes:

*People who are defending Rush Limbaugh concerning the NFL deal.

*Radio talk show Host Michael Savage, whom the SPLC calls a “hate radio host.”

*An online risk-style video game, called United States of Earth, which portrays Obama as a bad guy.

*Military and police who say they will disobey orders to disarm American citizens

*Dutch EU Parliament member (whose party received 27% of the vote), Geert Wilders.

*Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz. for inviting Geert Wilders to the US.

*Craig Bodecker for making a documentary exposing the left-wing “racism” hustle.

*People who gave positive reviews for Craig Bodecker’s film.

Of course the #1 group that the SPLC loves to hate, is the Council of Conservative Citizens. They have attacked us in every single issue of their free fund-raising magazine for the last ten years!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HAC Radio Show On Jeff Hughes

Now the media in Vancouver are referring to Jeff Hughes as a "mentally ill man," a statement which has no foundation of any kind in fact. This is simply vile, but then journalists are vile people who serve the interests of a vile society and a vile regime, so it's not unexpected.

I went on RV's internet radio show last night and commented on the Jeff Hughes case. You can listen to or download the MP3 file at

Hope you like country music.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Cop Comments On The Hughes Case

[It is an open secret that many police officers are sympathetic to the Nationalist cause, especially in the South and here in the Northwest. One of them sent this in, and in the spirit of honesty and fairness I think it should be posted. For obvious reasons, the officer's name has been redacted. - HAC]

Greetings HAC,

For what its worth, here are some cop comments/perspective on the Jeff Hughes case:

1. Initial, and subsequent press reports on this type of thing are always wrong, to major or minor degrees.

2. This sounds like it could easily be a genuine "panic shooting" rather than an assassination. They are more common than you might think, especially with female officers......which may have a bearing on possible coverup strategy, depending on a number of things including department politics.

3. There will certainly be an in-depth investigation, which could radically change the look of the whole thing.

4. I have, in recent years, heard bad things about the current makeup of the RCMP, which I tended to discount due to my personal interactions with the agency in the past.

5. Anyway, I will be very interested in whatever portion of the investigative report is made public, and would be equally interested in anything else you might hear from sources there, even if it is nebulous enough that you do not want to put it out through the normal channels.


Monday, October 26, 2009

How Jeff Hughes Died #3

The first "official versions" are now out in the Vancouver media. They say that the cops (the national-level RCMP and not the local police) showed up to investigate a noise complaint in another apartment, and that Jeff came charging out and attacked them with "what appeared to be a weapon."

[Sigh....] Yeah, yeah yeah. I think we all know the drill from here. Jesus, it took them almost four days to come up with that?

How Jeff Hughes Died #2

Again, I can't source this absolutely, since people are sent to prison in Canada for harboring doubts about the country's racial and political situation. But apparently the RCMP had been informed that the resident of Apartment #101 in the Selby Street complex was a "neo-Nazi white supremacist" or some such moo, and was therefore to be considered armed and dangerous purely on the grounds of his political beliefs.

This would make absolute sense in Canada, a country where politically incorrect thought is criminalized. It would also be in line with Jeff's recent visit from Sergeant McGowan of the Hatecrime Squad. He was known as someone whose mind was not completely under control, and under normal police procedure his address would have been red-flagged or whatever they call it in Canada.

It has now been over three days since Jeff Hughes was slaughtered on the street, and the authorities have still refused to offer any official account of what happened or any explanation at all of the RCMP's homicidal behavior. They have not identified the female officer who allegedly fired 10 bullets into Jeff because she "felt threatened," whatever the hell that means, nor have they identified her race.

If the woman was black or brown and confronted by a so-called "white supremacist" whom she had been told was some kind of ravening Stormtrooper armed with a machine gun, that might explain what happened. Or it might be a neat little way to set up a political murder.

Wonder how Dominic Da Vinci would have handled this? Unfortunately, Dominic Da Vinci is not real. The Canadian Zionist regime is.

How Jeff Hughes Died

We have an account of Jeff Hughes' murder from one of our Canadian comrades. I won't reprint it here for several reasons, not least because it was posted originally to a forbidden web site and in Canada this person could go to prison if they were detected posting anything there.

Basically, what appears to have happened with Jeff was he stepped out his door and one single female officer emptied her gun into him. That was the ten shots. Jeff was unarmed and he weighed about 145 pounds, if that, but Jeff made her "feel threatened," hence the ten bullets.

It is of course only pure coincidence that shortly before his murder, Jeff was visited by Sergeant Sean McGowan of the RCMP's British Columbia Hatecrime Squad, and declined an offer (more an order) to become an informant.

We are ruled by feral dogs who murder at will. This world and those who run it must end.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have now learned that Jeff Hughes was murdered on the morning of Friday, October 23rd, and not October 24th. This error was due to my mis-reading of the original news article, and I apologize. My bad.

Jeff Hughes' Facebook

Those of you who want to see Jeff Hughes's work need to go to

now. There are two videos by Jeff on there that especially need to be downloaded and preserved. I noticed that the main page is already showing "page not found." This looks suspicious to me. Everybody needs to look at this and grab what they can off it before the rest of it mysteriously disappears.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Comrade Jeff Hughes Murdered By RCMP

I have just been informed that Comrade Jeff Hughes of NF Canada was murdered by the RCMP at approximately 6 AM Pacific time yesterday morning, in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

The one sketchy news report so far indicates that around 10 shots were fired. I happen to know that Jeff did not own a handgun or other firearm, which is almost legally impossible in Canada in any case.

I am not going to say what I very much want to say at this point. Even I have sense enough to understand that would be neither helpful nor prudent. I will comment further when more details become known.

"Let Us Kill All The Lawyers"

I have been amusing myself lately by watching Boston Legal on DVD. The show is an absolute howl, funny as hell, with its insane and degenerate liberal and Jewish attorneys, the senile judges, and the sick and twisted clients. Inadvertently, this show is a clear and penetrating look at our Jewstice system in action, probably cut closer to the bone than the Jewish producers intended, and more accurate and truthful than they realize.

Boston Legal would also serve quite nicely as Exhibit A in the moral case which at some point has be made in America, that all of these people must simply be slaughtered if there is to be any hope for mankind.

There comes a time when a society becomes so sick, so corrupt, its flesh so rotted away from marinating in its own filth and excrement, that the only solution is a bullet to the head, in every sense of the term. No, I am not inciting anyone to do anything illegal or otherwise. I am making a historical observation which is entirely valid, based on mankind's unfortunate past out here in the real world.

There comes a point in the course of human events where both moral imperative and practical necessity dictate that entire races, nations, and classes of people must be eliminated in toto from the political, social, and economic equations, in order to wrench history back onto the track and keep the whole freight train of civilization from hurtling over a cliff. We reached that point some time ago in America, especially where attorneys and anything to do with our judiciary and criminal justice system is concerned.

I could go off onto a long Alan Shore-type rant as to why this is, but you know something? I don't think I need to. I think all of you know perfectly well that the legal system in this country is irredeemable and broken beyond repair, and those thieves and liars who serve it are wicked and corrupt beyond all acceptable bounds of human behavior. You know quite well that they deserve only condign punishment and personal destruction for what they have done, and continue to do every day, to this country and the people who inhabit it.

The only reason you do not join me in saying this, never mind doing anything about it, is that you are afraid of their steroid-pumped muscle men and gunmen with the blue serge shirts and the badges. I can't resist! The big bad policeman might hurt me...waaaaaah!

There is also, of course, the unspoken penalty of being repeatedly sodomized by niggers in a prison cell which is the real way our trembling and terrified White boys are kept in line these days, although no one speaks it aloud.

Except for me, of course. Yes, I will say it. These people we see on Boston Legal, in caricature but true to life caricature, maintain their power through the unspoken but generally understood threat of repeated acts of interracial homosexual rape by brutal black and brown savages. It is a penalty which is nowhere on the statute books, but which is always there looming in the background whenever a White male turns his desperate mind towards justice and freedom in this country.

You want to see who and what rules us, who and what holds our fate in their filth-encrusted hands? Catch Boston Legal. You will laugh so hard you probably won't even notice when the laughing stops and the weeping begins.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Madness of Obamacare

The politically correct Judaeo-liberal establishment hates normal people and holds them in contempt, but like all peasants, we have our uses. We work so that all may eat; the liberal lefty elite has big dreams, and we pay. reports: "If you make big bucks - or enjoy alcohol, cigarettes and Coke - the government might hit you up to pay for fixing the nation’s health care system. On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee peeked into vending machines and liquor stores, company payrolls and health savings accounts, looking for tax increases as a way to pay for a health overhaul - which could cost more than $1.5 trillion over 10 years.

"Experts thought the big debate might be public plan vs. no public plan. But that may well pale in comparison to the difficulty of settling on a way to finance health care reform...There appeared to be a bubble of support among the experts for taxing bad behavior, including a $2 tax on a pack of cigarettes and a higher excise tax on alcohol."

Leaving aside whether or not cigarettes and alcohol are necessarily "bad behavior" in every human being and in every circumstance, just who in hell gave these people the right to decide that?

"It’s easy to see why the bad-habits tax was so tempting: Taxing tobacco, junk foods and alcohol could raise $600 billion over 10 years. Lots of other options will also get a look. People who like the tax-free status of their company health benefits could be asked to ante up. Money in the pot: more than $700 billion over 10 years. Treasure the tax benefits from your health savings account?

"Some experts say the accounts encourage excess consumption of health services (all those greedy sick White people, of course, hogging more medical care than their share) - and committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) agreed they’re worth a look. Money in the pot: $60 billion over 10 years."

Need we even ask whether the Democrats consider the 30 million illegal aliens in our country who use the local emergency room as their primary care for them and their anchor babies to be a form of "excess consumption?"

"A panel of economists presented the committee with a menu of scenarios, from wringing savings out of Medicare and Medicaid to cutting medical costs by reducing sodium levels in packaged foods and at restaurants."

Sodium is one of the three flavoroids that actually make food taste good. Another item on the left-liberal agenda is eventually to have everyone in the world, or at least all White Americans, subsist entirely on a diet of organic crap that tastes like cardboard and rubber. Apparently delicious food is an evil right-wing luxury, suitable only for wicked and racist White males, and the truly ennobled and enlightened will survive on tofu and dandelion soup for fear of offending Mother Nature by partaking of her bounty. I'm not making this up. I have read gibberish like that in places like Utne Reader.

"Baucus gave one of the clearest signals yet that limiting the tax-free status on employer-based insurance" (which would compete with Obongo's new government medical bureaucracy and allow some people to stay out of the system) "remains a serious option. Obama opposed it during the campaign and repeatedly went after Republican John McCain for making it the centerpiece of his health care plan." (Another campaign promise the nigger has violated without a twitch of his krinkly eyebrow.)

"Labor unions are also against it. Yet the idea is attractive because of the money it could generate: $250 billion annually if the deduction was lifted altogether. Baucus insisted a full repeal was not under consideration" (and we all know how honest and truthful Democratic politicians are) "but he said lawmakers must look at the deduction."

No one can deny that the American health care system is broken, but the Democrats are not the solution. There is no solution which can resolve the crisis and still be politically correct, because of the nature of the crisis.

It is utterly ridiculous to attempt to fix the system without addressing several of the main problems, first and foremost the massive drain placed on America's medical facilities and resources by millions of illegal aliens. There are also the innumerable problems caused by AIDS. which in tuurn would require addressing the issues of intravenous drug use, largely among blacks, and also the buggery question, since these are the behaviors that transmit HIV.

Finally, there is the immense greed of Big Pharm, who flood the cable waves with ads for patent medicines that most people don't really need, like so many 19th century snake oil salesmen. ("Ask your doctor about crapzacin! Side effects include leprosy, psychotic homicidal rages, and 48-hour fits of uncontrollable giggling!") They do this in an effort to convince the rapidly crumbling Baby Boomers that they can live forever, cheat death, and go on grazing in the grass forever.

What Obongo can and will do is make one unholy mess. I hope I can survive the American health care system long enough to watch him crash and burn.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Marching Toward Zombieland

[We actually have a Jewish guest columnist today, pinched from his website at

Will Mr. Kunstler get a visit from the Secret Service, like I did when I said some things about The One which were far less "threatening" than this? Of course not. Mr. Kunstler is a Jew, and he is therefore able to say or write whatever he likes without being subjected to such annoyances. Like all of us used to be.]

Marching Toward Zombieland
by James Howard Kunstler

When sober-minded individuals begin to regard an enterprise within a nation as "an enemy of the people" you can bet that some serious blood is going to flow. This is now essentially the situation for the Goldman Sachs company, which last week announced third-quarter earnings of over $3 billion largely derived from converting zero percent loans from taxpayers into zero risk profits off of anything paying more than zero percent in interest, revenue, or dividends.

The "people" across this big country may not have a clue how any of this is done, and there may be much to fault them on from the care-and-feeding of their own bodies to the content of their dreams, but you can't argue with the fact that they are heavily armed to an extreme. And although it may be hard to measure with precision, one might venture to state that they are increasingly pissed off. How else explain popular entertainments like "Zombieland?"

The political part of what has to date appeared to be an economic problem is resolving into a crisis of authority and legitimacy. When those in charge of a nation's livelihood prove to be comprehensively false and dishonest, the economic automatically turns political. Nobody believes the bankers anymore, of course, and nobody believes the interlocutors of the bankers - the Federal Reserve chairman, the Secretary of the Treasury, the heads of the SEC and a dozen other regulatory bodies - and increasingly the charming figure in the White House cannot be believed on these issues of the nation's livelihood.

The questions lately revolve around whether the nation is destroying itself by inflation or deflation - by the willful destruction of the value of our currency to evade the repayment of debt, or by the hapless destruction of households, companies, and governments by default and bankruptcy.

It's a fire-or-ice debate. Either way the nation is going down as a viable enterprise. The fiction that we can return to a Crate-and-Barrel credit card orgy has sustained the false of heart and mind for some months now, but even that pleasant reverie will come to an end as the foreclosures mount. Only remember, men living in their cars who have lost nearly everything else will still have guns.

All these tensions beat a path into the holiday season when emotions run high, when blessings are counted and sorrows taste most bitter. So the big question now floating above the sheer data of Goldman Sachs profit announcement is: what kind of year-end bonuses will they dare to pay their executives and minions, and how will the "people" react?

It seems to me that conditions are ripening for a bloodbath. The kind of heinous acts that we have feared emanating from foreign "evildoers" since the awful stunt of 9/11/01 are now most likely to come from among our own "people" - a few pounds of Semtex in the lobby of Goldman Sachs's New York headquarters... a few men with market-grade small arms converted to full-automatic outside on the Wall Street sidewalk one evening at holiday time when the suits are leaving work for the day.... It won't take much.

President Obama had better strike first. He's about the only figure left in the whole termite mound who has a shred of even potential credibility left because he still has the power to act. He can instruct the people who work for the executive branch to "claw back" any and all ill-gotten bank bonuses; he can direct the Justice Department to investigate everything from the uses of federal bailouts to grand-scale accounting fraud; he can fire people in high places who have failed to act and lost legitimacy. If he doesn't do these things soon than he's finished, too. In the wake of such a failure things will get fractal fast.

The sense that Wall Street has pulled off a coup d'etat and taken over the machinery of the United States is the most powerful meme out there now, and its power is growing in magnitude every day among all classes of Americans. I can't say how much it reflects reality. Even if it is a result of sheer happenstance - the tragic evolution of an industrial economy into a financial finagling economy - the citizens will still experience it as a stealing of their future.

Whatever else one might say about American culture, it is keenly attuned to a sense of heroes and villains. We take great pride in our ability to blow away the bad guys. And life imitates art, as Oscar Wilde observed. If a zombie virus is on the loose in America, the first infections showed up in the zombie banks, among the zombie bankers.

Watch out, Lloyd Blankfein! Woody is on his way....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Backs To The Wall

[To stop me from getting all kinds of e-mails, yes, I know Glenn Beck is a Jew-loving Christian Zionist neocon. This is Lone Haranguer's column, not mine, and he apparently is willing to overlook the spectacle of Beck's lips glued to kosher buttocks. I'm not, but LH's viewpoint is fairly common. - HAC]

It doesn't take much anymore to get me really angry at those bastards in the media. All they do is pump out a continual, never ending stream of lies and propaganda. Actually, it's frustrating as much as enraging because all I'm trying to do is get some news; some simple facts about an event. I can't even get that. Everything, and I mean everything they report on, be it local or national, is twisted beyond all recognition in order to fit some current political agenda.

I usually have to go to the Net for the truth, and even then I have to resort sometimes to using overseas news agencies. Considering that America is the cradle of modern freedom, I find this outrageous, to put it mildly. And how many of you have noticed that whenever there's some heinous crime committed by some plate-lipped ape, the talking heads always seem to omit the pictures of the perp, and "forget" to say what race he is. After all, that wouldn't help improve relations between de' po' downtrodden blacks and their prey, namely white America.

The blatant hypocrisy both astounds and maddens me, and I wonder why the hell my people have put up with this crap for so long. Fortunately, there are a rapidly increasing number of resistance organizations and cells forming all over the union to counteract this evil. But our enemies know it, and it's putting fear into their black hearts; the same fear a rat has when it sees the exterminator coming.

Consequently their anti-white propaganda has once again taken another click up the scale. Sometimes in the evening, after a long, hard day, I'll lay back and surf the TV channels to find something mind-numbing to watch before I konk out. The other night I stopped at that new show, "Amazing Grace" which is about some rabid liberal feminist cop with the morals and ethics of a bitch in heat.

This particular episode was guessed it...evil white racist revolutionaries. The Jew writers did their level best to portray any white that kicks against the present evil system as a racist, terrorist, bigot, nut-job, villain. The hero of the show and her effeminate sidekick saved the day and arrested all the evil whites before they could blow up a building full of innocent children. Oh yeah, they did their worst to make us look like monsters. They know as well as we do that TV is a powerful propaganda weapon. And it doesn't matter whether or not the episode is pure fiction out of the mind of some perverted Jew; the public accepts it as fact. That's why the media is so dangerous.

Recent polls show Obama's popularity is tanking so badly that even the liberal media can no longer lie about it. Obama himself is irate over the new figures and was overheard saying "Dey racist!" Think I'm kidding? I'm not. Like I always said, he's just another uppety ghetto nigger.

Now the talking heads are saying the same thing, that white America doesn't like Obama because he's black. They're wrong, and they're right. The Left is always whining we don't like blacks because of the color of their skin. That's the most ridiculous claim I ever heard. It's what their color represents that we despise. I don't care if they're polka-dotted. Blacks are lowlifes as a species. History, along with every last statistic ever polled literally screams this at us. It's a fact, not an opinion, and no amount of propaganda is ever going to change that fact.

But as long as they can blame our hatred on something so superficial, they can divert America's attention away from the real reasons blacks are hated. Obama is bound and determined to leave his mark on the U.S., regardless of how much grief and damage he causes to do it. This is the identical thinking we always see in black despots around the world. That nigger is dangerous.

Now the bastards are going after Glenn Beck. Not because he's spreading lies about them and their liberal cronies, but because he's telling the truth! The House has no defense against Beck. That's because he names names, and puts dates and places and events together, and exposes their evil agenda. Millions of Americans now know the truth about this uppety, egomaniacal nigger and his evil plans for America.

In my book Americans deserve the crap that's happening. What the hell were
they thinking when they allowed those Democratic weasels to put a buck nigger up as a Presidential candidate? They should have demonstrated and refused to vet that monkey. How many millions of felonies, rapes, murders, robberies, and other evil deeds do blacks have to commit on them before they get it through their thick heads that no nigger can be trusted in any position of authority, let alone (my God!) as the President of the United States? That's like appointing MC Hammer as Secretary of Defense.

We are now facing a nightmare of black abuse of power, exactly as I warned, long before Super Chimp was ever elected. A coon is a coon is a coon. Period. It's built into their very nature to abuse power. They are literally millions of years behind us on the evolutionary tree. Just tonight that liberally poisoned network called The Learning Channel (gimme a break), ran a show on the roots of humanity, tracing us all back to some nigger ho' in early Africa. Yeah right. And my mamma eats chitlins.

The host kept repeating that "We are all 99.9% genetically identical!" BullSHEEEIIIIIT! What we have here is millions of extremely gullible Americans swallowing their crap hook, line and sinker, without even questioning that statement. The whole show was a subtle propaganda attack promoting diversity. The truth is quite different.

You see, what they didn't bother to tell their idiot audience, is that all life on this planet is 99% identical! Trees, fish, birds, reptiles, and people. We all have that much DNA in common. How? Simple. Almost all our DNA is to "build" life. We are all carbon-based life forms. We are all made of some type of flesh. We all have nervous systems, and we all burn food to live. All this data takes up most of our DNA. Plus, we also have an astounding amount of dormant DNA, left over from millions of years ago. As life-forms slowly evolve, they create new strands of DNA to allow new functions and traits, and they also shut down older, more primitive, or now useless genes. Nevertheless, they're still part of us all, be we a tree or an aardvark.

It only takes a minute amount of DNA to create a radically different type of life-form. DNA is powerful stuff. It's amazing how skillful these propaganda experts have become at twisting the truth to suit their agenda. Americans need to be triply careful in believing anything they tell you on TV anymore. I've even discovered some inconsistencies on Fox News as well. It seems that no place is 100% truthful anymore. If truth is to ever return to our land, we will have to do it.

We are being pushed to the point our backs are now against the wall. We have a choice to make. We can either submit to the new authority and say goodbye to truth and freedom forever in this country, or we can join forces with grim determination and fight, like our fathers would...and did. You have a duty to them, and all the millions of Americans that fought and died to give you the freedoms you've enjoyed all your life.

Freedom isn't free. Every generation must spill the blood of patriots on her altar, or she abandons them. Stop worrying about your house and your bills and job. You're going to lose all of that very soon now anyway, and you know it. Isn't it far better to do so on your own terms? Remember, we don't instigate anything. Let them make the first move. Then we'll make our enemies pay for what they've attempted to steal from us and our children. Pack your vital things, close up shop and join a group or cell. Get ready.

It's going to get really nasty soon. Do you want to be an unarmed sitting duck sheeple when they come knocking, or are you going to be far away from the big city? The test of your mettle is upon you. What will you choose white man? Slavery and death, or freedom and revenge?

-Lone Haranguer

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bad Comparison

We should stop comparing Obama to Hitler. At least Hitler got the Olympics to come to Berlin.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Upcoming HAC Radio Appearance

I will be appearing on Dr. Tom Sunic's show on Voice Of Reason radio on Tuesday, October 20th at 9 p.m. Eastern time, 6 p.m. Pacific. In this interview Dr. Sunic and I discuss the Northwest independence novels as well as some of my other fictional works, and general concepts of the new White Nationalist fiction and literature, which is a growing genre. The show will air Tuesday, October 20 at 9 PM Eastern US time. You can listen in as it airs by going to the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network at

and clicking on one of the players in the Live Streaming Audio section at the upper right of the main page (suggestion: use one of the Other ways to listen: for better streaming stability.) If you cannot catch it as it airs, the mp3 of the show will be archived at


Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Brigade Video

Great new Brigade video from Colonel House. Joe Bob says check it out.

Be Prepared

[This author may be paranoid, but remember: just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they ain't out to get you. Paranoids have enemies too. -HAC]

Personally, I simply do not trust anything the government tells me concerning any issue you care to bring up. I base that on their string of lies and deceit dating back 175 years. Almost from the very inception of our “Republic” it has been about power and money. Nothing more, nothing less. Those who rose to power were allowed to do so, by anointed elites both in our nation and in Europe. Nothing has changed.

We are simply seeing the final act played out as most of us bury our heads and promote this insidious and lethal combination of communistic worshipping simpletons, and a government all too willing to use these idiots. They are too far gone on the government gravy train to know or to ask any questions at all. Those of us (and thank God for patriots) who act as human shields for the keyboard warriors who whine and complain but add nothing to the effort to defeat this express train to hell are weary from years of battle. When the camps begin filling and the roads are mostly empty, the truth of what we have all been saying will cut to the marrow like a razor.

I have advised tens of thousands to have a plan and prepare. If you have done that, you are light years ahead of the ACORN crowd who are betting their miserable and corrupted lives on ACORN’S former legal representative Barack Obama. [I note that like most kosher conservatives, this guy is still too frightened to come right out and mention the racial issue or the Jews. - HAC]

If you do not have a plan and are not prepared, then you are already a casualty. Hear that mournful music—it’s the gravedigger and he’s moving your way.

I have also advised people to think defensively and strategically. [In contrast, the Party advises White people to think offensively and aim for revolution and a new, free nation for White people on this continent. Sorry, I'll stop interrupting. - HAC]

I continue to do that, but the time is coming when that will shift to other strategies that Jefferson admonished us about using when dealing with tyranny. [ he wandering in the direction of Thinking the Unthinkable and maybe even Speaking the Unspeakable? Let us see...]

That day is just ahead dear friends. I believe there is no way now to avoid it. It almost must come, for the evil that surrounds us cannot be destroyed any other way. In a perfect world, we could talk it out. We could reason and reach a moral and logical agreement.
But logic, morality, truth, common sense and accountability all went down with the Republic. Vicious evil and its legions must be eliminated. The time for debate is over. The legacy to our children and grandchildren will be utter defeat and evil upon this world unseen since the days of Noah, or a bitter struggle that will stamp out this cancer on our nation, and stand at the doorstep of a new Republic. (The gravedigger is waiting for our response.)

If I had a very short list of the most essential items to offer you, then this common sense effort might help. It is basic, but a point to start from. [Ah, nuts! He almost made it there, but now he's back to "run off and hide in the woods."]

1. Do not be immunized. Resist if you have to.
2. Begin buying “original” (real) foods from reputable growers.
3. Use meat products from the same sources.
4. Familiarize yourself with “home remedies” and stock those items
5. Buy only the gold and silver necessary to barter your mortgage, etc.
6. Stock food, food, food and ammunition. They will be invaluable.
7. Create home church and Bible studies along with prayer groups.
8. Start moving off the grid and plan how you will live without power.
9. Stockpile quantities of gas, kerosene, diesel, water and candles.
10. Create your plan of defense and protection for your home and area.
11. Sharp-shoot practice with your weapons and prepare to use them.
12. Re-locate to a more rural area near resources and a clean water source.

I intend to do everything in my power to see that our family’s cemetery plot remains unfilled for many years. The gravedigger is not welcome here.

Dedicate every available moment from now until this great struggle is over toward planning for your survival and your availability to help remedy this nation’s horrible situation. Together, I believe we can do this. Easy? No. Necessary? What is the alternative? When there is nothing left to lose, then you will have your answer. I have mine. I just told the gravedigger to go to hell, and take a bunch of these Obama lunatics with him.

From a column by Greg Evensen, NewsWithViews. com

[Weeelll...I'll give him a B-minus. He briefly tiptoed up to the solution, was frightened by what he saw, and then fled back into the safe, comfortable old "hide in a cabin in the woods with ten years' worth of freeze-dried lima beans and piles of guns and ammunition which will never be fired at the regime" routine. But at least he did tip-toe up to The Unspeakable, which is more than most conservatives ever do. Yeah, B minus.]

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coming To The Homeland

[We get a lot of inquiries from Europeans, South Africans, and Antipodeans about emigration to the Northwest Homeland.]

Dear Ms. [redacted]:

I will get an introductory packet out to you Monday. Experience suggests that it should take about a week to reach you in [redacted.]

Unfortunately, America's discriminatory immigration policy makes it almost impossible for Europeans to come here legally any more. Some years ago, I tried to get my New Zealand girl friend into this country legally, a woman with skills and a work history that were in demand and easily economically justifiable. I was faced with a stack of forms that was literally a foot high, hundreds of dollars in fees (thousands if I employed an attorney) and a delay of one to two years, if we were lucky.

At the same time we have millions of mud-colored scum swarming over our southern border, America makes it clear that our rulers simply do not want White immigration. You must be very, very skilled or else very, very rich to come here lawfully if you have a pale skin. We make jokes about it being easier to paint your face brown with boot polish, change your name to Rodriguez, and swim the Rio Grande. Well, there's many a true word said in jest.

The only hope I can realistically hold out is if you work in a medically-related field such as being a doctor, a nurse, or a medical technician of some kind. But let me hear from you after you've received your packet and we'll see what we can come up with.


Friday, October 16, 2009

The Politics of Child Rape

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on a front-page news story in today’s New York Times on the problem of child sexual abuse:

Reporter Paul Vitello shows the shocking extent of child sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. He details the cover-ups that have long been aided and abetted by law enforcement.

Where have all the church-and-state separation advocates been all these years when Orthodox rabbis were allowed by the D.A.’s office to settle these cases “internally?” Where have all the professional victims’ groups been in staging protests outside synagogues? Where have all the sue-happy lawyers been, seeking to plunder the Orthodox Jews? Where have all the comedians and late-night entertainers been in cracking jokes about rabbis raping kids?

It’s not just Orthodox Jews who have been given a pass: no group has gotten away easier than public school employees. Consider this: Because public school students have only 90 days to file suit, it is already too late to prosecute a teacher in —who molested a minor as recently as last spring. But if the offense took place in a Catholic school, the student has years to file suit. Not only that, teacher molesters are still shuffled from one school district to another.

Orthodox Jews try cases of child rape in their own secret rabbinical courts. Imagine if the Catholic Church failed to report abuse cases to the authorities and decided instead to institute its own ecclesiastical courts? Today’s article quotes a Jewish attorney urging law enforcement to recognize “religious sensitivities” for the guilty by seeking alternatives to prison. Allow a Catholic attorney to advise the same thing and it’s called corruption.

Last year, 40 minors in a small Jewish community claimed they were abused. Last year, there were 10 such allegations in the entire Catholic Church in all 50 states. Catholics are fed up with the duplicity. It’s not just Roman Polanski who can rape and run with impunity these days. The politics of child rape is sickening.

Susan A. Fani
Director of Communications
Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
New York, NY 10123
212-371-3394 (fax)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Disarming Lie

The liberal media has been intensifying their push for gun control lately, to coincide with Obama's recent announcement of his own anti-gun agenda, in direct violation of his campaign promise not to mess with gun rights. At the time he made that promise I warned everyone not to believe that lying chimp, but idiots always seem to win out, and he got the presidency anyway.

The show I saw today was put together by Jews (of course) Democrat politicians, and rabid liberal yuppies, who used isolated incidents as examples of why we need gun control and blew them all out of proportion. They even used footage from the time that nut in San Diego stole a tank and crushed cars with it, as if that had anything whatsoever to do with gun control. Talk about desperate.

And I'm sure this will come as no surprise to any of you that there wasn't one single black perp shown or discussed, though 98% of all gun crimes are committed by blacks. They must have had one hell of a time finding enough white footage to talk about if they had to stoop to using that tank, as if unlicensed tanks were a problem (I wish).

We all need to keep in mind at all times, that gun control is key to Obama's agenda to take over the country. Down through history gun control has always been the last step before a takeover. Every single time.

Obama and the evil bastards that control him have a totally different fate in store for us. We can piss and moan all we like, but it's going to come down to either obeying the regime and handing over your ability to defend yourself against our benevolent government and the vast mud hordes coming, or becoming a wanted fugitive and outlaw in the eyes of this corrupt gang of thugs now in control of our nation. They're not going to leave us any wiggle room. It's going to be one or the other, cut and dried. And sadly, far too many of us just don't have the stones to resist like we should. Most whites will humbly bow to their will and obey like good little sheeple, even a lot of our most vocal supporters on the Net.

I heard one of us recently say that people on the Net take on a whole different personality than the one they have in real life, and that all their talk and bravado is just I agree 100%. Most of the ones that crow for rebellion and resistance among us will be the first to crap their pants and hand over their weapons at the first sign of government goons. To be quite honest, most of my fellow whites sicken me.

Are their comforts so precious to them that they'd surrender their self respect, dignity, future of our race, and their freedom? Yes. Dammit, yes. That's exactly how lowlife most whites have become.

That's why I trust almost nobody. I've had tons of people talk a great game to me, but when I put them to the test, 95% of them suddenly have urgent business elsewhere. They don't seem to comprehend that they're going to lose it all anyway, and damned soon now to boot.

By going along with the government, all they're doing is postponing the inevitable, and not by much. The government's timetable for the takeover is a short one, and due to be implemented very soon now. Oh sure, I could be wrong about that, and so could all the hundreds of thousands of other whites that have seriously investigated every angle of this government's plans and activities over the past year. But there's really far too much solid evidence pointing to the fact they really will act.

And even if the Plague of Obama flu scam doesn't turn out to be the trigger for their plan for implementing martial law, you can rest assured that whatever it is, it's almost upon us. Too many very expensive, complicated, and far reaching preparations have been made for them to just do nothing. Get real. Only a complete idiot would still believe that it's all just a bunch of paranoid conspiracy BS.

All that crap they spew about the American people having the right to assembly and to form organizations is a bold-faced lie. It's just one of many this regime puts out every day of the week to pacify an increasingly fed up public.
The government knows it's running out of time. It sees the handwriting on the wall, and knows that the country is teetering on the brink of revolution. They also know that they're going to have to act before that happens.

What the media isn't telling you, including Fox News and all of the other news outlets we still trust to some extent, is that there are a great many incidents of civil unrest and resistance happening all over the country. It's simply that most of these go unreported due to government censorship, which has become almost as ruthless as Russia's. We may not know about these attacks, but rest assured the government does. And this only serves to spur them onward toward a quicker solution.

The reason they're preventing the public from knowing about these attacks is obvious. Even one of them could trigger the revolt. That's how all revolutions start, one single watershed event, usually something most people would consider unremarkable, ends up being the trigger to the bomb. As I've stressed repeatedly, the enemy is not stupid. They know this as well as we do.

For the present we all need to continue moving out of all major population centers, forming either lone wolf operations or small cells in quiet, remote places. Be quiet, unobtrusive, and discreet in your actions, words, and activities. Never tip your hand. For even the most harmless looking sheeple next door can get all of you killed. Keep your mouths shut! Don't go bragging about your activities to anyone, not even your family. Only the smart among us are going to survive this mess. No flags, signs, badges, uniforms, or rallies. We are at war, and it's time people acted like it. Stop waving a red flag at the bull. You will get gored.

The government, the media, and it's allies the Jews are on a lying campaign as never before. Propaganda is literally pouring out of every seam of the liberal media. Don't be disarmed by their lies or you, and everything, and everyone you've ever loved will be dead. Be wise, be discreet, and be victorious.

-The Lone Haranguer

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brother, Can You Spare A Billion?

If you ever have a yen to check out the glories of black rule, Zimbuggery is the place. Take a good look at what goes on there today; you see the United States in a few years' time.

According to Reuters: "Zimbabwe's central bank will introduce new higher-value 100 billion Zimbabwe dollar notes on Monday as part of a desperate fight against spiralling hyperinflation...Zimbabweans are suffering chronic shortages of meat, maize, fuel and other basic commodities due to the collapse of the once prosperous economy, which critics blame on President Robert Mugabe's policies, including his violent seizure of white-owned farms."

What kind of nation destroys its own food supply? Probably somewhat more primitive cousins of a nation like ours, that destroys its own energy sources by threatening to bomb and invade our primary suppliers.

"Central bank Governor Gideon Gono announced on Wednesday that inflation had surpassed 2.2 million percent, though some economists put it much higher. In a notice in the official Herald newspaper on Saturday, Gono said the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe would introduce 100 billion dollar special agro-cheques (notes), to help consumers who currently need to carry large wads of cash even for simple transactions."

Yeah, they'll cause a lot of aggro, all right.

"This new $100 billion special agro-cheque will go into circulation on Monday, the notice said. The central bank has been printing higher denomination banknotes to keep pace with soaring prices. The most valuable bank note currently in circulation is worth Z$50 billion."

"Gono said he was also considering raising the amount of cash people could withdraw daily from their bank accounts. The central bank has imposed a withdrawal limit of Z$100 billion, but this is only enough for two trips on an urban commuter bus or two loaves of bread -- if one can find a bus that's running or a shop with any bread for sale.

"The Zimbabwe dollar, which had been officially pegged at 30,000 to the U.S. dollar before exchange rules were relaxed recently, now trades at about 800 million to the greenback. Besides struggling with shortages of basic goods and services, Zimbabweans also spend long hours in bank queues trying to withdraw their money." (Like some American bank customers over the past year.)

"The central bank says the limits on cash withdrawals are designed to curtail a thriving black market in foreign exchange and basic commodities." (Give us time in this country, and we'll have dynamic black market economies just like all socialist societies.)

Reuters concludes: "Two weeks ago a German firm, Giesecke and Devrient, stopped deliveries of banknote paper to Zimbabwe following pressure from the German government amid international criticism of Mugabe's widely condemned re-election. Gono said Zimbabwe had made alternative arrangements."

In other words, they're getting their currency paper from their Chinese friends now.

When, oh when will ignorant savages like Mugabe learn that simply printing money as you need it leads to galloping inflation and economic destruction? And come to that, when will the Federal Reserve learn the same lesson?

You see, the Federal Reserve and the financial rulers of Wall Street are now doing exactly the same thing, on a more sophisticated scale, that Mugabe's Commie kaffirs in Zimbuggery are doing. It's just a bit less visible, concealed by a little more smoke and mirrors, and since we have more wealth to waste, it's taking a little longer.

In Mugabe's Zimbibbledy, the inflation is wiping out basic commodities everyone can see and feel and touch and eat, like bread and oil and gasoline and electricity and auto parts. When outfits like Bear Stearns and IndyMac go down, what happens is that the Fed "prints" (i.e. creates on a computer; they're probably not even bothering to actually print the bills any more) X billion or trillion dollars and then "loans" it to J. P. Morgan Chase or to the FDIC, as the case may be, in order to shore up the creaking and decrepit financial structure another few weeks until the next crisis.

The same thing applies to government bailouts. Where the hell do you think The One (or rather the Jews who are running him) got that trillion dollars in "stimulus" money from? They simply called up their Jewish buddy Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and told him to fire up the printing presses.

But the effect is the same: more worthless paper (or computer terminal) money is pumped into the system, causing the price of everything to leap so vendors can get the same amount of value and profit per item sold or traded as before.

The ultimate result is "loss of confidence", i.e. all of a sudden something snaps, people realize that small green pieces of paper have no value at all except as toilet paper, and they say to the rich man, "screw your two million dollars, I want that sandwich on your plate and if you don't give it to me I'll plug you!"

Yeah, that's a bit oversimplified, but essentially, that's the deal. This always happens when governments (and the Federal Reserve, although a private corporation, has virtual governmental power here) inject essentially worthless money backed by nothing substantial into an economy to make up for the fact that the state and the people who run have pissed away all their money and the establishment is broke.

Always it happens. This is Economics 101 and it's impossible for these sharp Jews who run things not to be aware of the fact. The people ruling us are all so mega-rich and have their own personal wealth stashed in so many shelters and secure hiding places that they simply don't care what kind of damage they do to the economy or to the country or other people's lives so long as their books balance and the Balloon doesn't Go Up for good in some manner that will harm them personally.

If we're going to do something about this, people, we damned well better get on with it. We don't have a whole hell of a lot of time left.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Black Power and the Obongo Police State

Recently a nigger walked into a grocery store, loaded up with shoplifted merchandise, then headed out the door. He was immediately nailed by several cops who were hired as security on their off hours, because the store is a regular victim of thieving blacks and illegals. When the cops tried to arrest Mr. Chimps, he pulled a large knife and started swinging with it. He cut a couple of the officers deeply, and even cut himself during the struggle. The worthless buck was finally brought down, cuffed and stuffed.

Personally I'd have delivered him to the station in a very tattered condition. While the officers were being sewn up at the hospital, it was discovered that this piece of crap had AIDS, and had probably infected the entire security staff with his blood. On top of that, there's no telling how many innocent women this worthless buck infected without bothering to even tell them he was sick. Typical black behavior. I think that any nigger caught deliberately passing on AIDS should be publicly castrated, then executed as an example and a warning to all the other maggots out there. We need to stop coddling these animals and start killing them with the same gusto they're destroying our society.

A 50-year-old father of three was at a stoplight, on his way home from another hard day's work. He was bone-tired and impatiently waited for the light to change. Suddenly the driver's door was yanked open and an ugly, plate-lipped nigger shot him in the face, without warning or reason, then snatched his wallet and fled into the night. Of course he was never caught. After all, they all look alike, and as we all know, monkoids will never squeal on each other, no matter how heinous the crime is. That evil piece of dung left the dead man sitting in his car at the intersection for the other Whites to handle, the ones that are still trying to hold together what's left of our society.

From what the authorities were able to put together, the man was killed for around $30. That didn't buy much crack at today's prices. No doubt ole' Buckwheat had to go back out a couple more times that night to get up enough money to make him happy.

Last year two niggers broke into a home in San Diego, beat the residents and stole their 18-month-old child. Neithey they nor the missing child have ever been heard from since. These types of evil atrocities are occurring all around us every single day on a genocidal scale. Yet almost none of these outrages are ever reported by the liberal-controlled media. That would go directly against all their years of intense brainwashing propaganda, who's goal is to get the public to smile when they smell crap and call it perfume.

I know for a fact that there's not one single person out there in my reading audience that hasn't either personally suffered at the hands of these animals, or knows someone close to them that has. Like trying to poke ten pounds of gunpowder into a five-pound metal tube using a crowbar, something's going to give, and violently.

White America is up to its gills in bullshit and has had all it's going to take. I've ranted and raved about blacks and other dark races for years in an attempt to wake up the Whites of this nation and planet before it's too late. Sometimes I sound like a broken record. The sad truth is that if there were more people like me out there preaching the truth, and more people believing it, I wouldn't have to write half the rants I presently produce. It's hard, time consuming, risky, draining, and sometimes I feel just like Chicken Little crying to an indifferent public that the sky is falling.

But then I'll receive a few letters of support from my readers, thanking me for opening their eyes, or confirming a suspicion, or clearing up some mystery that's been troubling them, and I know I'm doing the right thing. If I have a hand in saving some of my race by waking them up in time, then it will have all been worth it to me. But the real weight is on the shoulders of you, dear readers, because it's up to each of you to take the message to your friends, loved ones and peers, and have the heart and guts to teach them the truth, even if it means risking a friendship.

Want to know what real friendship is? That's when you care enough about someone that you're willing to risk losing them as a friend or loved one in order to save them. Humans are odd ducks. They get angry when they're told the truth about something they don't want to hear, even if they know they need to hear it. And far too many of us would rather risk seeing them dead or enslaved, than risk losing their love or friendship. Who's being selfish and self-centered now? Hmmm? But if you could have told them, but they died because you didn't for your own personal interests, would they love you for it? I think not. Doing the right thing is seldom easy or fun. We're fortunate when it is. But it's that trait that elevates us above the dark races. It's called altruism

Putting things off until tomorrow is what's going to get you and those you love killed. We're almost out of time. You can't procrastinate any longer. You're going to have to make up your mind now. Either do the right thing; the thing you know in your heart-of-hearts should be done, or accept the fact that you're going to be responsible for a lot of needless deaths because you didn't have the cojones to step up to the plate.

Do you love your people and race deeply enough to risk losing their approval and love, if it means saving their lives? That's the big question each of you must ask yourselves. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and all other dark races to varying degrees, have a culture steeped in CYA, or covering each other's asses. This trait is the real source of "black power" and why the government and law enforcement can't get a handle on them.

Long before that evil buck Tookie Williams started up the first gang in L.A., blacks had a long history of protecting each other. Any race that turns a blind eye to crime is bound to develop such a culture just for survival's sake. Just ask any detective that's spent any length of time talking to blacks or other minorities about the whereabouts of some killer. Regardless of what he's done, the people in his neighborhood will lie and protect him. This gives these groups a strength we as a race don't possess any longer.

Our old ladies can't wait to report suspicious activities at their next-door neighbor's house, and they're insufferable gossips. There's telephone, telegraph, and tell a granny. We all know the type; they're as common as Jews at a diamond expo. We not only tolerate this behavior, we laugh at it and think it's cute. And of course the cops praise the old busybodies because after all, cops love a good bust. We must stop rewarding and encouraging this kind of behavior, and in fact ostracize these people for betraying their own kind. It's high time for a little "White power."

In the days before the police state, communities dealt with their own problems and issues, and didn't involve the government unless they had to. But now the government encourages people to report to them about every minor thing. This is bad news and very, very stupid. We need to break the back of the dark cultures and restore our own. This can and must be done if we are to survive.

It isn't open for debate. It must be done. The evil being done to us is increasing exponentially, and the media is still refusing to let out a single squeak about it. Therefore we must learn to completely ignore the liberal media and rely only on our own people for news of events.

There's really no other options open to us. Never believe anything they tell you, except for shouts of alarm at our increasing numbers, and their fear of our growing power. Those are things they won't lie about. Fear has a way of doing that to people.

You and I know without a shadow of a doubt that if they wanted to, our government could stop all this nation's woes practically overnight. But considering the fact that they were the ones that deliberately created this mess in the first place, I wouldn't hold my breath for too long waiting for that to happen. The whole idea is to destroy our nation. Got that? Well face it. We can't negotiate with evil. It can't be done, so don't even entertain the idea. It's pure idiocy. You can only deal with evil one way, and we all know what that is.

No, I can't give you a set date when the government will strike. This isn't a movie. I doubt they even know themselves for certain. A whole raft of conditions have to be in place before they can do this. All I know for certain is that they will strike. Maybe this fall or winter when the heat turns off, or in the spring, when winter is far off in the future.

Keep in mind that they have spent billions on this project, and years preparing for the takeover. They have quietly constructed hundreds of rail cars, millions of coffins, dug hundreds of mass graves, and converted over a hundred old military bases into internment camps. They have manufactured an economic collapse, created a deadly flu in their labs, and made a "vaccine" to "save" us. And if you still believe that all this is just unrelated coincidence, I pity you and your family because you're all as good as dead.

Our greatest strength during the coming crisis is going to be our own brand of black power, where whites band together in bonds of loyalty that no other race can approach. We used to be that way. That's how we won the last great war against our racial brothers in Europe. We must return to the old ways and do it now. The family, the clan, the tribe, the nation. We stick together right or wrong. Or we perish.

-The Lone Haranguer