Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wolves At The Door

My rage is growing daily. That's because the effects on my life and the lives of those I care about are being negatively affected at an ever increasing rate by corrupt politicians and their abuse of power.

If there's one thing all of us should realize by now, it's that our government is deliberately out to destroy us and our nation. Our government and the 545 men and women that comprise it are our mortal enemies.

I tried yesterday to take care of my personal business around town. You know; all the mundane stuff we're all required to do just to exist. And sick, well, young, old, rich or poor, we're all required to go do this stuff whether we're able or not, just to keep the wolves from the door. And the wolf most of the time now, is our own government.

When some grinning, evil wetback cuts me off or breaks into my car, I don't just blame the wetback, I blame the worthless politician that allowed him in my home for the sake of profits and votes. When I read a report where some cracked-out black has driven a stolen truck into an innocent white family and killed them all, I blame Washington as well as the nigger. These miscreants just sent half our GNP in foreign aid packages to nations that hate our guts, but are going to turn right around this year and release over 250,000 violent niggers and wetbacks back into the population because they can't afford to jail them. What's wrong with this picture?

As I was saying, I was taking care of mundane business in town, stuff that shouldn't be a trial by fire to take care of. During my efforts I was accosted by several aggressive black beggars. I had to slam on the brakes two different times in ten minutes to avoid creaming several spoiled, uppity hos that were doing the boogaloo saunter across the middle of a busy street, daring anyone to hit them because they knew as well as I did that right or wrong, the white would get his ass sued off and prosecuted because they were Obama's blessed race. Ever since Buckwheat took power, blacks in this country have become insufferable.They desperately need a good slap-down to get them in line.

Then I walked into a grocery store and was almost bowled over by an army of nasty little brown wetlets that were literally boiling all around me like ugly little trolls. The worst part was the smug grins on the faces of the parents at my disgust. They are deliberately breeding us out of our land and they know it, and they know we can't stop them. So they were gloating. They know as well as we do that in twenty years this filthy horde of little brown and black mudlets will be an overpowering, evil army of ruthless, murderous invading thieves that we can't deport short of killing them.

Further on in the store my ears were split by two ass-ugly little niglets jammed in a shopping cart as they both reached their sticky, nasty little hands towards a candy rack they couldn't quite reach. They were screaming at such a high pitched volume that Tarzan in Africa could have heard them.

But what added horror to the mayhem was the smell. Both of them were wearing week-old, and extremely full Pampers. This matched set of monkoids from Hell had been marinating in this devil's stew for days, creating an aroma that should be handled by the Chernobyl cleanup crew.

My eyes watered profusely, and I had visions of my nasal passages dissolving and running out my nose. There is no smell on this God's earth that can match a shit-marinated niglet. Nothing. It's a smell you'll never forget, no matter how hard you try. Creating such a thing should be a Class-A felony. I honestly think they gave me brain damage.

The icing on this horror cake was their appearance. I don't care what anybody says, the ugliest thing in this universe is a year-old niglet with snot running down it's dirt-streaked face, sticky, nasty hands waving and grasping, its mouth stretched wide-open, square as a box, spoiled and screaming for something it wants, with its short frog-like legs kicking in rage as its overstuffed diaper threatens to explode.

The mother had picked it up by the collar, and its short legs pumped in rage a foot above the cart. I was aghast with revulsion, and suddenly had the overpowering urge to grab it by the nape and run to the nearest dumpster. I was totally dumbfounded that anyone, no matter how stupid, could actually intentionally create such a nightmare.

As funny as it sounds, in reality it's no laughing matter, because this is solid proof and promise of the horror coming to our very doors. And by the time these monsters mature into what we all know they will become, many of us will be close to being too old to do much about it but be at their mercy.

If we're going to have any hope of a quiet and safe retirement, we're going to have to act now. We can't continue to postpone, wait, talk about it, plan, negotiate, etc. We must act!

A lot of you read my posts and those of other activists and you agree with us. But how many of you are actually willing to do something besides lip service? It's always been a major source of disgust to me that whenever it looks like there might be some danger, risk, or hardship involved to back up their beliefs, many of the so-called "activists" quietly but efficiently vanish into the woodwork, and are not heard from again until things die down and look safe once again. Paper tigers.

I have another word for it: chickenshit. People like that richly deserve what's coming far more than the average American, because they knew what was coming and had a chance to help stop it. May they be the first to die.

The other day some CNN pundit was spouting another ream of falsified statistics, which I'm sure were pulled directly out of Pelosi's anus, and announced that illegals in California only added up to around 7% of the population.

Say WHAAAAAT???? Can't they at least make their lies sound credible? All any fool has to do is open his window to see that's a bold-faced lie from Hell. We are overrun with these thieving bastards. California is at least 90% mud..if not more!

In fact many of the whites I know here have been commenting on how California is taking on that "smell" that Mexico and all those other Turd World toilets have. It smells like old piss, crap, and something dead, all rolled into a bus station bathroom. Anyone that's traveled down there knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's the smell of a lower life form.

I get rants from brainwashed liberals all the time who hate me for telling it like it is. They call me a racist, hate monger, intolerant (Boy, that one really gets and anything else they can think up. I've been asked over and over why I'm so ruthless and insulting to them. I always answer the same way: I tell them that as long as my government and the people in this country refuse to face reality, I'll continue to jam it down their throats. As long as they get in my face and screw with my freedoms, rights and way of life, and as long as they deliberately poison the minds of our kids and allow our enemies to invade our land, I'll call them every name in the book. They should thank their gods that's all I do, because they deserve much, much more.

Doing something about the problem is an individual thing. Don't wait for someone to call for you, or to organize a grand revolt. That might happen, but are you willing to bet your freedoms and life on it?

You must start preparing yourself personally for a one-man war on the enemy. Nothing fanatical, suicidal, or idiotic. Work to bring down this system any way you can. There are a million ways to disrupt it. Be creative. The hardest thing in the world for the government to stop is a lone wolf or a cell of wolves. They want and need a hard target. Don't give them one.

Remember, violence isn't the key...brains are. Use yours. Don't fight these creeps for glory, do it because it needs to be done, just like any other chore in life. It's a duty, a job that needs doing.

Every few generations we as Americans are required to fight tyranny when it raises its ugly head. If we don't, there will be no next generation. Right now our government is stuffed with deluded men and women that really think they're working for the good guys, when in reality they're perpetuating the monster. These good people are our worst enemies. Do not trust any of them. Ever. Tell them nothing, not even your close friends. If they don't believe and work toward the same goals, they are a liability.

This is a bad situation, and it's going to get really, really ugly before it's over. Prepare yourselves mentally and spiritually for it now. I give examples of daily life here in California to help bring home the horrors of the coming world under the new regime. Bad as it is, it's heaven compared to what's coming if we don't stop it soon.

My frustration isn't just for myself, but for the millions of our kids that are doomed to grow up in this filthy nightmare of corruption, violence, and perversion if we don't make the sacrifices now. It's up to you.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're quite a descriptive writer but at some point I have to agree with those who keep responding to your posts by saying, "Get the hell out and move to the PNW already!"

8:23 PM  

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