Friday, September 11, 2009

Tyranny in the Great White North

"The courts have just effectively fined me $1,000 in travel expenses. This is shit," fumed former political prisoner Brad Love in an exclusive interview with CAFE today from Fort McMurray.

On March 19, Mr. Love was arrested and slapped in handcuffs after addressing a meeting of the Canadian Association for Free Expression in Toronto. The maximum impact takedown with a reporter and photographer from the Globe and Mail in tow, was accomplished by eight burly Toronto detectives to arrest the unarmed bricklayer political letter writer.

Apparently, the Metro cops had no trouble dragging themselves away from dealing or not dealing with out of control Jamaican gangbangers whose gunfire is regularly heard throughout North Rexdale. "Book him, Danno, six counts of writing non-violent letters to B'nai Brith and the York University Student Union."

Someone up top, unable to deal with out of control immigrant crime, has decided to target Mr. Love for frequently criticizing just such crime. His letters, it was charged, violated his parole conditions for, get this, writing other political letters. [No, you're not reading a story about Burma or Red China.]

When he was finally granted bail, Mr. Love's sister-in-law had been forced to put up the entire equity of her home, $110,000, as bail. Mr. Love's lawyer, Peter Lindsay, was dumbfounded, explaining that he's seen people charged with murder, yes murder, not writing letters, get out on $100,000 bail. While Mr. Love has two jobs in Alberta. his bail conditions required him to reside with with his brother, work in Ontario, write no letters to anyone without their express permission, and, like a bad little boy, be in by 10:00 p.m.

He went back to Court and had the bail conditions amended. He had to post a further $22,000 cash -- not surety or promise. Having paid this extortion, he was allowed to return to Alberta and his job, still, of course under the letter writing prohibition gag order.

In 2003, Mr. Love was sentenced to 18 months in jail under Canada's infamous "hate law" for having written non-violent letters to approximately 20 politicians and the thin-skinned police chief of York Region, Armand LeBarge, who initiated the charges, after Mr. Love wrote him a letter twitting him for spending $750,000 on a mobile command centre, when some of the major crime problems in York Region are grow-ops run by Vietnamese criminals and drug pushing by other poorly screened immigrant groups.

Mr. Love's trial for his letter-writing "breach of probation" is set for May 3-4, 2010. However, he was informed by the law office of Peter Lindsay, his lawyer, that he must return to Toronto in person, February 9, to confirm his trial date and, that, despite the fact that he has a lawyer, empowered to represent him.

So, Mr. Love must pay to fly back to Ontario and take time off work to agree in person to a date he and his lawyer have already agreed to.

"This truly is abuse by process and punishment by process at the hands of a highly politicized judicial system," commented Paul Fromm, director for the Canadian Association for Free Expression.


Anonymous Fireyeyedpegasus said...

It amazes me at how this kind of crap just goes on and on with no end in sight. So drowning in government paperwork is the norm these days in Canada as well as here in the

Government paperwork is what killed me and they just keep creating more and more and wanting more and more money.

Just try to get yourself a truck and make a living with it. You have to hire a book keeper just to stay out of jail. You are lucky to even make minimum wage by the time you pay for all the taxes, permits, licenses and fees.

I have never liked Canada anyways because of their totalitarian gun laws and taxes. To hell with
'tea parties" we need to have a "necktie" party.

I think the u.s. is going to breakup very soon. Sooner than we will be ready for. But that is the thing about only takes one herder per flock. Americans are so weak and soft they will crumble like cookies made without eggs. This nation of whiners and wimps will not even have a clue when it finishes coming apart.

All one has to do is go watch a few videos of La Raza in action and it is clear what they plan to do and they are talking about it openly. Canada has the same planned invasion by immigration going on there.
We are almost out of time. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think if you modified the NAR constitution a little here and there it would bring in more supporters and would take ammo away from our detractors.
Especially article iv section 1.
It might be better, right now, to allow for a small number of other races to have citizenship and residency. Take only the best and run off the rest.
Let those who are allowed to remain know that they live in a White homeland for and by Whites for all time and they would be required to respect that. There would be no such thing as affirmative action or any other special treatment.
Omit the parts about only those of absolutely pure White Caucasian blood being able to be citizens. I don't know a single White person who can say with absolute certainty that their lineage is pure White and this leads to confusion and self-elected disqualification because of this uncertainty when they read article iv, section 1. The Joos have done their work well in obfuscating our past and few seem to have any idea anymore especially in the younger generation.

It would make us much more palatable to those who are borderline White Nationalists but who are unsure of their generational lineage. According to article iv it sounds that if one was to fight and risk life and limb for this new nation only to find out that several generations back some distant relative had a run in with non-white genes that one could lose their citizenship or residency because of this.
The sense of security becomes lost because sometimes one does not always know what their past relatives were up to.

Sorry for getting to carried away but we need to grow fast...much faster then is happening now or we are going to get caught out in the cold when the house comes crashing down.

I'll understand if you don't post this as it did get away from the subject material in the article.

Thanks. For the 14

2:39 PM  

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