Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Stink of Corruption Must Be Cleansed

I was forced to go to the courthouse today to start the first stages of what I’m sure will be a tooth and nail fight not to pay a ticket that some corrupt wetback cop gave me a few months ago. As I neared the courthouse it hit me like walking up on a dead cat rotting in the summer sun; the stink of corruption.

It permeates the walls and the very foundation of the place. It’s the stink of government corruption on every level. The judges, officers, courts, laws, and especially the lawmakers that create this nightmare.

I got to thinking of all the untold hundreds of thousands of innocent people that had gone through these very same doors, only to be fed to the grist mill these thugs so glibly call “justice”. They wouldn’t recognize justice if it bit them on the ass. That's because justice is balance. An equal punishment for the crime. And we see none of that today for good or ill. All we see is an industry, built around the legal excuses bureaucrats use to extort money out of the masses.

The courts inside the building are not interested in justice, or right and wrong, only money. It’s always and forever about the money. With enough money, all your so-called “crimes” can vanish. We have a very long list of rich Americans that can attest to this.

As I entered the building I was immediately accosted by two extremely fat Latino women in security uniforms, who demanded I remove everything metallic, including my belt no less, and place it all in an X-ray tray. Then I myself was scanned. When the alarm went off because of the steel pins in my chest, they had a fit. They couldn’t very well tell me to remove them and place them in a tray, so they were nonplussed until a supervisor ok’d my passing.

I was livid. I demanded to know why we were forced to undergo such a degrading scenario, and one guard told me that it was a new regulation passed down by none other than Obongo’s secret police. That’s right, Homeland Security.

I yelled loud enough for even the Pope in Rome to hear me and said, “I’d like to see those cowardly judges up there on the second floor come down here and go through this crap!” For some odd reason the liberal bootlicks didn’t appreciate my humor. That’s all I needed; to be pissed off before I even got to the damn courtroom.

The place was absolutely stuffed with fresh, still dripping wetbacks. You can easily identify them. They all have that sun-dried raisin complexion, and wear those mono-colored old man slacks, white dress shirt and dirty ball cap. Uniform of the day for the up and coming invader.

The throng was made up of around 70% wetback, 25% black, and the rest were whites and Asians. It was the ugliest, nastiest smelling crowd I’ve ever seen. Damn. The line to get registered for court ran all the way across the courthouse to the back side, and comprised at least 700 to 800 people at any given time, but only three service windows! Now mind you, San Bernardino county is big. And they rake in millions in fines, fees, bail, court costs, attorney’s fees, and bribes every single week. Seeing all those people in line was sobering and frightening because of the sheer power this corrupt government is wielding over the population.

All of those people were there for one reason: fear. They’re afraid of our government, and rightly so. They were obeying an order to appear and pay, and go through this degrading, dehumanizing process.

But the worst part is the corruption. When you go before a judge there, you never get a chance to defend yourself. Not anymore. The bailiff is rude and arrogant, and forces everyone to sit together in a tight little formation so he can lord it over them. The judge is rude and condescending and briskly asks, “Guilty, not guilty, or no contest?” If guilty or no contest, he socks it to you with a fat fine, and if you say “innocent” he refuses to hear your side of it, but instead schedules you for a trial.

Sounds silly over a ticket, doesn’t it? Well, it used to be. Not anymore. You see, these evil bastards have figured out a new way to screw you, and really clean out your wallet at the same time. By pleading not guilty, you now automatically go to a court trial. And guess who pays all the hefty court costs when you lose? Yep. You do. As I said earlier, it’s all about the money.

The old way was the judge heard your argument right there at the arraignment, and the ticket was settled. Not anymore. Now it's like betting at the casino, but the stakes are really lousy because the house always wins. The wetbacks are too ignorant to realize they're being railroaded, and the blacks don't care because they won't pay the fines anyway, no matter what the judge orders. They'll simply vanish back into boogville and the cops will never find them again.

But the whites will pay. They are the system's golden goose. And brother, they milk them for all it's worth. That's because the whites have a little money as a rule. They work, have a real address and phone, a car, and have stuff to lose. That makes them vulnerable and obedient.

I can never come away from that place without becoming enraged. This trip was no different. They pulled yet another new and even nastier trick on me and all the other respondents that appeared that morning. You see, the courthouse parking lot used to give you four hour parking. Not anymore. Now it's three, and there's no place else to park within walking distance of the courthouse. So you have to use it. But recently they changed it to three hours. And they have a fat Mo-ped cop that vigilantly patrols the lots, looking for anyone that's even two minutes over the clock.

I thought I was fine because I knew that the entire process start to finish took under three hours. I didn't know until I was trapped inside the courtroom that I would now be forced to sit through the entire set of hearings before being allowed to leave. That took around 4&1/2 hours. Yep, you guessed. I had a ticket on my windshield when I came out. I got a ticket while trying to take care of a ticket. Enraged? What do you think?

Talk about a corrupt, dirty trick. A stunt like this would never have flown in this city even ten years ago. But liberal morals or the lack of them have sank deep into the souls of all our so-called trusted officials and cops and they're just as crooked and corrupt as the criminals they judge. The corruption all around us is a symptom of this dying and degenerate culture, and it cannot last.

I hate this state with every fiber of my being. Just driving down the road will disgust any intelligent Aryan. Only one in twenty cars has a white face peering out of it. The rest are dark, extremely ugly, bestial looking, and hostile. The neighborhood streets now remind me strongly of many of the turd world toilets I've been to in my travels, with knots of niggers in dark clothes standing right out in the middle of the streets smoking crack, glaring evilly at you and daring you to stop. Because if you even graze one you'll get arrested, and some kike lawyer will sue you for everything you and your grandchildren will ever make for the next hundred years.

In fact we have a kike law firm out here that advertises constantly on TV, radio, and the papers, that always have some ass-ugly buck crowing that they won him over a million dollars in some sleazy lawsuit. Blacks out here prey on hard working whites. Hell, it's a regular cottage industry.

I drove past a vacant lot today that the city had cleaned up just two months before. It's now just like the day before they did it. There are at least fifty old tires scattered all over it, two old couches, several recliners, kid's toys, a transmission, and hundreds of bags of trash, which have burst and have strewn their filthy contents all over the entire block. Wetbacks. To them, paying a dump is stupid when you can shit in your own back yard for free. Welcome to California.

A nigger family moved into a big, nice house at the end of the street, officially making it an invaded area. Once niggers move on a street it's doomed. Soon there are two, then four, then the entire street is a dangerous no-man's land. The first thing they did was stick a huge "OBAMA for President!" sign on the lawn. It's still there.. After all, he be black! Yaaazzuuh! The lawn itself quickly died from neglect, and now there's full Pampers, old clothes, trash, BBQ wrappers and dog shit everywhere. Classy...

What whites that are left here are either too old, too disabled, or too stupid to leave. The rest are either packing, preparing to pack, or planning to leave. I haven't met a single white that wants to be here anymore.

White flight isn't about cowardice, it's about frustration and survival. Whites leave either because they know that if they stay the muds will end up either killing them or causing great evil to their loved ones as their numbers mushroom daily, or because they feel frustrated and helpless to halt the invasion, because they know their own leaders have betrayed them and are protecting the invaders and threatening citizens with death or prison if they fight back. Evil? You damn well better believe it. There's no other term for it, and I don't care what any glib politician says.

People are begging their representatives to act, but all they get are smooth talk and bullshit. I just heard a liberal congressmen talk about healthcare today. He said something we all should keep in mind; "You all must realize by now that this country is no longer a democracy. It is a representative democracy! In other words, the People elected representatives to make the decisions for them."

Did you hear that? Is that what you elected your representative to do? I damned sure didn't! He was supposed to represent my will! This asshole went on to say that he and his cronies have far better judgement than we do, and that they may make decisions that go against the majority will of the constituents, but that he is "obligated" to do so by committees comprised of other reps! Oh…and he also said he's voting for ObamaCare regardless of what the people want, "for their own good"! Talk about hubris! Pure dee commie liberal. I wanted to kill him where he stood.

The poison runs deep in our society folks, to the bone. And as far as I'm concerned America is beyond saving. In fact I honestly don't think it should be saved. Americans have become spoiled, self-centered, weak, lazy, corrupt, immoral, perverted, greedy, cowardly, and extremely stupid. Our gene pool needs a good cleaning and Obama's genocide may be the ticket.

After all, every twenty years or so in the past, America had a nice, nasty war to thin the ranks of lowlifes out from the population. But the past thirty years we've only had minor skirmishes compared to past wars, and far too many bottom feeders have survived to reproduce.

Death is good for the race and the planet. In fact it's a necessity. And if something isn't done fast to thin out these cockroaches with dark skins that are now smothering the planet, the entire world will die. Death will clean the corruption from this state, this country, and this planet, and there's a lot of people in high places that see this. If I were you, I'd be hitting the tall weeds unless you too want to end up as fertilizer. The stink of corruption must be cleansed.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous brian boru said...

I lived in the US for eighteen years. I thought that I would settle there at first but as time went on I just couldn't handle the conditions described by the LH anymore. Nasty, arrogant cops everywhere and the poisonous, corrupt liberal/jew system over it all. I left in 1996 and I thought it was bad then. I know it must be so much worse now. It's heading for an explosion.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Fireyeyedpegasus said...

America is indeed gone. It is past time to water the tree of liberty along with the surrounding countryside.
I did not know it was possible for a human to feel as much outright rage, hatred and extreme anger as I feel and have toward the sick evil and those who support it that rules this land.

I will never rest through out time immortal until the scales have been evened. Some things are eternally unforgivable and what they have done to our race and country, my friends, myself and family is one of them.

One day they will face what they created in me and believe me they will prefer to have to face Satan instead. I better just shut up now before the rage causes me to write something I regret.

4:25 PM  

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