Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Puppet Masters

[Good old fashioned paranoid rite-wing rant that wandered in off the Net. Of course it IS just paranoia...uh, isn't it? You see, that's the trouble. With this regime, I think we all understand that they really ARE capable of anything, and we can never be quite sure that these apparently wigged-out conspiracy theories really are just paranoia...HAC]

My anger and outrage is building by the day. I can't look anywhere anymore without seeing the horrible results of evil and corruption in our land.

The funeral of Ted Kennedy was the icing on the hypocrisy cake
for me. I seriously doubt that there's ever been a more evil white man in our century, yet he is still being honored, revered, and eulogized by an adoring and grief-stricken liberal media.

The fact that he was given
a Catholic funeral really outraged a lot of people, considering he was an avowed communist, and had worked his entire life to destroy both the church and state. Personally I think it was more than appropriate because the Catholic church is one of the most evil and corrupt institutions on the planet. They are in fact, the driving force behind illegal immigration, and have funneled untold billions into organizations supporting the invasion.

Why, you ask? Money of course. Everything in this world revolves around money. You see, the Catholic church despises American whites. That's because they're primarily a Protestant people, with only a very small percentage being Catholic. This means very little financial and political support for the Church. But by immigrating millions of thieving mestizos here, who breed like cockroaches (like good little Catholics), the power of the Church increases daily.

That's because almost all Hispanics are Catholic. This goes back to the Conquistadors who brought Catholic priests with them to the New World, who quickly and ruthlessly stamped out all the native religions. They brought along Catholic Jesuits, which are the warrior class of the priesthood, and quite used to killing and torturing people in the Name of God. The Catholic church is every bit as evil and corrupt and that fat, dead pig Kennedy ever was. Yes, it was a more than fitting send-off.

The further I dig, the more puppet strings I find controlling everything. And the really shocking and frustrating part of it all is the fact that almost none of my people believe me. They chalk me up as just another Jew hating white separatist hate monger, thanks to generations of careful brainwashing by both the church and state.

As brilliant and open-minded as my own mother is, she too refuses to even entertain the possibility that Jews are behind most of the horrors we face today. That's because she is deeply religious, and her faith preaches that she should love and revere the Jew. This is just sick. Just recently I went on a research binge into the history of the Jews and their interactions with other races and nations down through the ages.

I went back over a thousand years. What I found was a real eye-opener, even for me. Even back that far there was graffiti and even cartoons depicting the evil of the Jew.

The major complaint for all these nations was the same as it is today; greed. The Jews would come to their borders, hat in hand, begging entrance and promising to behave. And as soon as they got established, they worked together to quickly create monopolies in every industry they could. Then they would systematically lower wages and increase prices to the point where they had a slave race working for them on bare subsistence wages, while they fattened like hogs.

This is the modus operandi of all Jews. They accumulate wealth rapidly through lying, cheating, and swindling innocent people. I myself was the victim of a crooked Jew when I was young. The bastard still owes me $250.

The other thing Jews do to make sure they're not taken out before their power base is established, is they immediately hire local goons to protect them. They look for the biggest, meanest, most unscrupulous men they can find and use them as bodyguards. Because there's never a shortage of people that would kill a Jew if they had half a chance. They know it, and they know they richly deserve it.

I didn't intend on bringing up the Jews when I began this article, but every time I go talking about corruption, it always gravitates back to the source...the Jew. I guess the thing that outrages me the most about them
is their aggressive evil. They come after us, when all we're doing is minding our own business and trying to live in peace.

There's something about "in your face" evil that turns me berserker. For many years I couldn't understand the almost fanatical, virulent hatred Adolf Hitler had for the Jews. I thought he'd gone off the deep end, and I'm sure most Americans still do.

But now I know why. Hitler was in a position to not only know but experience first-hand the effects of Jewish greed on his life and nation. Like me, he had looked deep into the political and economic machinery of the world and found the Jews at the bottom of everything.

I honestly don't think we'll ever be completely rid of the Jews, any more than we'll be able to totally eliminate the muds. Because they're as hard to exterminate as cockroaches. There's always a few more hiding and breeding somewhere. But we can contain them.

We must force them to emigrate back to Israel under pain of death, and forcibly remove all of them from world finance and politics. Then we must forcibly confiscate all their wealth, no matter where they have it stashed, also under pain of death. We'll never get it all back, because like Madoff, they'd rather do life in prison that let go of the billions they've swindled. That maggot will never see a dime of that stolen money
as long as he lives. But just the thought that he has it, keeps him warm at night, regardless of all those thousands of innocent whites he's causing to suffer. Jewish greed is maniacal. Personally, I'd torture the sonofabitch until he talked.

Regardless of whether or not whites wake up to who is running things, they're getting fed up enough to revolt. They look around and see what I see, and even the dumbest among us know we're in deep crap, and know that our leaders are responsible.

There's been one heck of a lot of talk about the government attempting a takeover through some manufactured emergency. From what I've been able to dig up on this, it's 100% true. And brother, I've dug deep.

If I were going to pull off something like that, I'd wait until winter. That's because of several reasons. First, you don't want to push the population into a corner when it's 100 degrees outside. Tempers are already short, and it's obvious there won't be any air conditioning in those boxcars or in the camps. People will freak. Especially our spoiled, A\C addicted populace.

Then there's the cold itself. If it's freezing outside, nobody is going to want to escape or rebel and be stranded out in the snow and ice. And no family is going to even consider taking their babies out in it. Mothers would freak out. Little do they realize that a large majority of their children will be permanently jerked from them and "sorted" soon after arrival. No potential social parasites will be allowed to live. Marxism
here we come.

The third major reason is flu season. It always hits in fall and winter. I firmly believe they'll use that man-made virus to institute the panic. Although relatively harmless, the vaccine is not. Under no circumstance are you to take that shot! From what's I've been able to put together, it's a time-released poison. The exact mechanism is still under debate, but I'm convinced of this much anyway.

I don't think we have a lot of time left. I hope I'm wrong, because we need every last day we can get to prepare for the coming assault on our lives and freedoms. It takes time, effort, and money to prepare, and many of our people are still struggling to do this because of the deliberately heavy financial burden the enemy has placed on us for that very reason.

All I can say to all of you is to take my warnings very seriously and get your act together. Time is running out. All any fool has do to is read the Internet news or watch events unfold, to realize it's inevitable. Don't take my word for it. Please don't. Do your own research and prove it to yourselves. Just don't take too long to do it.

Even without all the telling proof around us, a person that knew nothing about our nation or current events would easily be able to see the degenerate and desperate condition our sick nation is in, just by observing America's reaction to the recent deaths of two of the world's biggest lowlifes; Jackson and Kennedy. From the outrageous outpouring of grief and adoration, you'd think that a pair of saints had dropped dead instead of a monkey humping child molester, and a fat, treasonous commie pig. If these are our idols, we don't deserve saving.

-Dangerous Dan McGrew


Anonymous Fireyeyedpegasus said...

Well spoken Dan. It truly is amazing how the mental block kicks in when one uses the word "jew". It is so common to be criticized by brainwashed Whites who do not know and refuse to even go look at the information we have available to us today with the advent of the internet.

The next holocaust will be a real one and it will be world wide

I used the word "white man" and "mexican hordes" in a post in our local excuse for a paper (The Herald and News) and now they won't even publish my posts in the comment section anymore. If you even come close to saying any of the forbidden words you are cast out.

The truth does not fear investigation.

I will remember them.

I hope someday to see them all tried for treason and crimes against the White race..

9:42 AM  

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