Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dealing With Devils

A black buck named Bradford got in a fight with his white girlfriend. She was one of those liberal idiots that had bought into the black equality lie and assumed that blacks had the same morals and spiritual integrity as whites.

She learned the hard way about liberal propaganda. The nigger killed her in a crack rage, wanting her paycheck to finance his habit. Then he tossed her in the bathtub and spent the rest of the night dismantling her like a frying chicken. He'd already had a niglet by her, and supposedly loved her, then he does this. This shows you the capacity for love these animals have.

He then took a pair of pliers and yanked out all her teeth, gouged out the eyes, stabbed the empty eye sockets and cut off the jaw. He used over twenty different knives to do the job. He scraped, cut, gouged, and mutilated the skull and other parts of the body as much as he could. You see, he was trying to make the body unidentifiable so the cops couldn't trace it back to him. After all, the last thing this murderous coon wanted was to pay for his crimes.

Another one was recently caught in Tennessee after he strangled, then eviscerated a young girl because he was "pleasing his master Satan." This buck had of course, converted to Islam and was wearing the standard pantyhose on the coconut head attire. It was all the white detectives could do not to kill him where he stood.

Two hos' recently murdered a young mother and stole her car, so they could attend a rap concert. They left her infant on some stranger's doorstep; a motherless orphan because these two maggots wanted to go party.

Our prisons are stuffed with criminal blacks. Half of the prisons in the country are operating in contempt of court for jamming sometimes three or four inmates to a cell designed for only one. But they have no choice. Politicians seldom approve money for new prisons because it's an unpopular subject and doesn't glean a lot of votes. And remember, it's all about votes with those corrupt bastards. Prison riots are commonplace, as are murders, rapes and a whole range of inmate on inmate crimes. They're crammed together in a small area with nothing to do but screw with each other.

These apes should be taken out and worked hard every day to earn their keep instead of laying up and watching TV, and stuffing their faces three times a day. Most of them eat far better in prison than they ever did on the outside. But the liberals and black caucuses, which exist only to screw with whitey and demand things they don't deserve, start screaming bloody murder about racism the minute someone brings up the idea of working these worthless niggers.

If I had control of this country, I wouldn't even be nice enough to work them. I'd exterminate the entire populations of many of our prisons, sparing only those with minor offenses. Those with career criminal backgrounds would get a bullet to prevent them from continuing their life of predation once they got released.

We have entirely too many black criminals on the loose in America as I write this. And they're breeding as fast as their ho's can pop them out. Like the mestizos, they mindlessly reproduce to have another excuse to siphon welfare money out of whitey.

So the problem mushrooms. We are hitting critical mass. Society can no longer sustain the vast and growing number of parasitic criminals that are overrunning this country. We're dealing with devils, and something has to be done and done soon if we are to survive as a nation and a race. We are backed against a wall, and it's either them or us.

Either way the system will collapse and very soon now. It will happen within the next few years unless we stop it. Either way there's going to be blood spilled..a lot of it. The choice we have to make is whether it's going to be theirs..or ours.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

just did the math. CBS reported the gov spent 3 trillion to fight the recession.

that could have been $10,000 check to every human being in the country. (300,000,000)

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

I don't believe in the concepts of prison. The concept of warehousing people is a relatively new concept. Our ancestors used stock and whips and work houses. At most jails were holding areas designed to hold those awaiting execution.A law of nature is an entity must expel its waste products, least they build up and contaminate the body and lead to death. Same rules applies towards nations and races.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least the nigger wiped out his libby white slut of a girlfriend,one less disgusting moll on this earth, and hey maybe the jungle bunny is now on death row...2 dogs down and we didnt even lift a finger.... fingers cross the niglet is next, how a white woman can spew out a mini gorilla and see this creature as her own has got me fucked! i can only conclude they are mentally imbalanced!

6:20 AM  
Anonymous Fireyeyedpegasus said...

The prison (gulags actually) system in the u.s. is nothing but a multi-billion dollar sick and corrupt industry that preys and feeds on the suffering of others. Most of those in the gulags have no business being there.

The state has made even the most trivial of infractions a "felony". This whole thing about Calif releasing thousands of "felons" is a sick joke. All they are doing is making room for another crop of people that they can get under state control. So they release 20,000 and now they will have room for another 20,000 and they will fill those spaces up in no time flat.

I would like to see any town that elected to build a prison for economic reasons burnt to the ground and all those who promoted it and profited from it dangling at the end of a short rope.

I know of a 17 year old who had a 14 year old girlfriend of one year. One day the cops were at the boys house when both kids were there along with both sets of parents. Somebody mentioned sex. The cops asked the two kids how many times they had had sex.
Both kids admitted to haveing sex 3 times together. The cops arrested the 17 years old boy and charged him with 3 counts of second degree rape and sent him to prison. THERE WAS NO RAPE.

This kid will be on lifetime parole and have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. All the parents of both kids are enraged and so am I.
Do you know what happens to someone labeled a "sex offender" or "rapo" in prison?

That is now one of their greatest weapons to use against anybody they want to discredit for life now.
I hope that DA that prosecuted that kid dies a slow miserable death for what he has done.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is going to come a time where we are going to have to exterminate this disease. I also want to add these mongrel use to be white women that have given themselves to the niggers need to go also. It is my opinion that they are trying to breed out the white people until they have the numbers for a race war...

3:22 PM  

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