Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Breed vs. Species

All our lives, from kindergarten on up, the NEA and its liberal bootlick teachers have pounded liberal propaganda into our minds. Our poor, stupid, apathetic parents didn't even realize the extent of this brainwashing, or the insidious consequences of it until these kids grew up. The real evil of it was that no opposing views were ever taught; only the extreme communist/atheist left. To the radical liberal, there is only one view of the world..their view.

Their campaign of black equality is a prime example. It overrides all common sense and scientific proof to the contrary and teaches our kids that the primitive bush nigger is not only our equal, but our superior.

Let's stop and reason together for a moment:

We've all seen the classic donkey. He is short, squat, long-eared, bare tailed, butt-ugly, hard to train or domesticate, destructive, stubborn, and stupid. He makes a horrible braying sound when he's mad, and he in no way resembles the modern horse except for the fact that they both have four legs.

Science declares they are relatives of the horse, but not a different race of horse.They are a different species of the ancient animal that both the horse and the donkey both sprang from, eons ago. Stand a donkey and a race horse side-by-side, and the stark differences will put to rest any debate on the matter...except for the idiots among us (and brother, we sure seem to have a bumper crop of those these past few decades.)

These are recognized as different species...not races of horse. But as different as these two animals are, the contrast between blacks and whites is far more stark and radical. Yet liberal propaganda insists on calling blacks a different race of man. The truth of the matter is they are a totally different species of hominid, only remotely related to us through a common ancient ancestor on the hominid evolutionary tree.

All any fool has to do is compare the two types side-by-side, to see the truth of my words. Okay, now tell me..,just who is more advanced? And while you're at it, go ahead and convince me that blacks are not a totally different species from whites.

It's high time that we stopped buying into liberal bullshit and started facing reality.

White America must wake up and smell the coffee. We are at war in this country and around the world; a fight for our very survival as a race and culture. I for one can no longer sit idly by as our enemies make fools of us and gleefully destroy everything we hold dear.

Blacks may be too stupid as a species to understand the part they are playing in the liberal agenda, but that really doesn't make a bit of difference to them. All they're really interested in, is what they can take and use, and political motives be damned.

Blacks are not our superiors. Hell, they're not even our equals. They're nothing more than a primitive version of early hominid that should have gone extinct millions of years ago, but somehow managed to survive all these millennia, thanks to their prolific breeding. I don't give a damn what the liberals say or think. They've already proven in spades just how stupid and evil they are. If a liberal told me the sun was shining, I'd have to go check.

We must separate ourselves and our children from these filthy, greedy, hostile and stupid black animals before they complete the job of polluting our race and culture beyond repair.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently this article takes the
approach of the recently identified
Hal Turner as a paid agent of turmoil. So, as we drill down and
nit-pick on who says race and who says species, are the master morons known as j_ws laughing?, or just farting as more probable.


12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most niggers are WAY beyond stupid! A few of the more nearly civilized darkies can actually comprehend the truth about the Jew being the real enemy and can even convince SOME niggers to fight on the RIGHT side, thus neutralizing the nigger as a weapon in the Jewish assault on Whites. Still, most niggers are just, well, niggers! Even a DOG knows better than to shit where it sleeps, though, and the fact that the same can't be said of bush niggers in Africa or of most ghetto niggers in Western nations speaks volumes about the limitations of the negroid brain.


2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing that is always omitted from the Jewish version of world history is this:

Up until the Zionist invasion of Europe- the Superior White races of Northern Europe had already built a very advanced and stable civilization(500 years ago)- while at the same time the
Spear-Chunking Monkeys of Africa had not even considered putting on clothing and stop buggering their own children.

Niggers are not only lazy like Jews -but now they love Jews because the Kikes stole our money and gave it to Niggers so the Chocolate Monkeys can party in every White-built city. The Jews are loving every minute of this!

True that Niggers cannot comprehend they are just a pawn in the Rothchild plot to enslave the entire world. Far be it for the Chocolate Monkey to actually "realize" that the Slave Trade was brought to America by Jews- not Aryans. Though I'll admit
that the thing Monkeys would be best utilized for is to be slaves.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'll admit that the thing Monkeys would be best utilized for is to be slaves."

Even if they were given away to Aryans as reparations for all the crime committed by their fellow simians against the Aryan race or to punish them for allowing the Jews to use them as weapons in the Jews' attemt to wage aggressive war against us, the costs associated with their continued upkeep as slaves (veterinary care, bags of Purina Monkey Chow to feed them, continual re-training due to their exceedingly long learning curve and abysmally short regression curve) would be a TOTAL waste of time, money, and other critical resources! Best to just ship the bastards back to Africa (aboard totally wind-powered sailing vessels or equip the ships with rows of oars and a few White overseers to whip any slow-rowing coons, thus saving valuable fuel). There are plenty of Aryan teenagers who could do the same menial tasks previously assigned to stupid niggers, with far greater labor efficiency. Reasonable student wages would ultimately cost far less than maintaining the much larger number of niggers that would be needed to accomplish the same amount of labor, even though the wages paid to each Aryan student laborer would be greater than the cost to maintain two nigger slaves. Each Aryan teen would work with such efficiency as to accomplish the equivalent of what three niggers could have accomplished per unit of time. Aryan teens would also require fewer Aryan adults to supervise them than the number of whip-wielding overseers which an equal number of nigger slaves would require.


9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back in the 1980's I tried to "sell" a plan to put the Niggers back into Africa- a real viable plan.

People didn't believe me that if given the chance Niggers would propagate their numbers like cockroaches and then they'd eventually destroy everything they touch just like their best friends the Kikes.

If Aryan people began to labor for themselves again it wouldn't take very long to build a new and stable civilization since white races are not destroyers unless they are invaded by Genetically retarded peoples.

In any case what I feared would happen -has actually happened. Not only in the U.S. but all over Europe- African Monkeys are assisted by Kikes in their invasion and destruction of what is left of the White Europe.

Niggers who just got off the boat from Africa are allowed to hold public office in places like the Netherlands- it's a disgrace!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a classic Photoshopped picture. Hats off to the artist who rendered it.

6:35 PM  

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