Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Niggerizing of America

Liberals, under the guidance of their Jew masters, have damn near killed themselves pumping blacks down the throat of America. It doesn't matter what channel you tune to, what movie you watch, or even what commercial is shown, there's a nappy headed buck staring out at you from TVLand. And usually he's smooching on some semi-orgasmic blonde that portrays absolute ecstasy at his simian touch.

To millions of aware Americans this is disgusting in the extreme and particularly enraging. Social acceptance of blacks was forced down the throat of America. And until the liberals came up with their "racist" guilt trip, which they began to foist on all those that refused to cooperate, blacks didn't make much headway.

But liberal propaganda was laid on hot and heavy. In fact there has never ever been a propaganda campaign in history as intense or as thorough as the one liberals have inflicted on Americans concerning blacks.

Nations around the world have complained and written about this evil for decades, but we Americans never saw any of their words because up until the advent of the global internet, all international and national news was heavily censored by these same bastards. And they're still doing it. The only difference is that now they can't stop us from getting the truth.

This enrages and frustrates them completely, and has forced them to intensify their propaganda in an attempt to counter this. I've written before about how liberals have been ramping up their agenda, and wherever you turn now, you'll find these weasels hard at work on the minds and hearts of young and old alike.

Last night I saw a small portion of American Idol. It's a famous TV talent show where amateurs vie for spots as finalists in a talent contest. The act I saw was twelve Miami jigaboos in baggy pants. As soon as the nigger music started (what else?) they all spread their legs very wide apart and proceeded to pump their crotches at the audience at ninety miles an hour, in the most obscene, niggery way possible. It was like watching a dozen rabid bucks screw a dozen invisible ho's. They added in some break-dancing and other variations on black obscenities, and as you've probably already guessed, the rabidly liberal judges went into fits of orgasmic delight at this display of mindless, no talent niggerdom.

The nigger button was pushed and pushed hard, and this worthless group of miscreants was praised to the skies and promised a spot in the finals. Hell, I wouldn't have promised them a ride off the studio lot.

And do you know what the most disgusting part of the whole ordeal was? It was the fact that their decision didn't surprise me. In fact, knowing liberals as I do, I would have fallen out of my chair in shock if they'd been gonged. Liberals and their evil agenda have become so blatant and predictable that only a moron would fail to see it anymore. Mere words are insufficient to relay to you just how niggery and disgusting that act was. It was everything that's offensive about blacks all rolled up into a single act. The only thing it made me crave was a loaded Uzi.

But far be it from me to say that was the only insult to white America I saw that evening. Turning to a cop channel, I flipped there just in time to see another plate-lipped buck rob a liquor store. The clerk was a pregnant white girl, who handed over the money to protect her unborn child. It didn't do her any good however because after Rastus got the money, he then proceeded to pistol whip her just for the fun of it. Probably out of jealousy because he wasn't the chimp who knocked her up. It's times like this that I have to lock myself in for the night for the sake of public safety.

My best friend and I went to Carl Jr's for a burger this afternoon. We weren't even allowed to eat in peace because some huge mulatto cross between a wetback and a nigger started yelling at us from across the room, demanding money. I shit you not! Being a huge, neckless bullet-head of a brute, it was obvious that he was very used to getting his way about just about everything. He started getting nasty when we refused...until I stood up and glared at him, and he could finally see just how large I was as well. It was at this point he realized he'd made a miscalculation and shut his mouth. But the damage was already done. The sonofabitch had ruined our meal. Both of us left feeling fit to kill something.

Ten minutes later we were in the Target parking lot, looking for a DVD burner. Walking across the parking lot, a black-assed coon started sneaking up behind us. He was your classic coconut headed, liver-lipped, baggy pantsed buck. There's a trillion of the parasites in this state, and they all look like they were made in a cookie cutter mold. All identical. Buckwheat got up close behind us and started in with his speal; "Hey man, you got a spare dollah?"

We ignored the maggot and kept walking, and he got closer..and louder, and more insistent. This technique works great on frightened females, but it only pissed us off. He picked the wrong two dudes to go razzing for money. We'd just had a dose of his cousin down the street. I turned instantly and took off running straight toward the coon. His eyes got as big as dinner plates and he turned and ran like the Devil himself was after him. Man, those niggers can run! He bounded down the street like a basketball star.

When I saw this, I started laughing and could no longer run, and instead walked back to my friend, laughing so hard I couldn't breath. That was one nigger that wouldn't be mooching crack money for at least the rest of the day.

So in the space of twenty minutes we'd been accosted by two different niggers, in two different areas of town. And the sick part is that these maggots are everywhere. It doesn't matter where you go, or when you go there, you're going to be hassled by scheming muds, be they niggers or wetbacks..or both. You can't avoid it. If you leave your house, you're going to have to deal with these ass-ugly, nasty, smelly, thieving, murderous parasites. They're as thick as fleas on a dog's ass.

A few minutes later we were at the local supermarket when we noticed a new development. Hanging just outside the main entrance was a new Clorox bleach wipes dispenser, a big one. Above it was a sign that very carefully worded a plea for all the wetback bitches and niggah hos' (so as not to give them an excuse to play de' race card..yazzuuh!) to clean the nasty, sticky little hands of their mudlets before entering the store.

Why? If you have to ask that, then you don't live in a city with a population of over 10,000. When one of these ass-ugly mud bitches enters any store, she drags along her entire brood of filthy little thieves, and this can number up to, and surpass nine of the little wogs. Their grubby little hands are invariably covered in dirt, snot, and other various disgusting things, and then they turn right around and fondle everything they can get hold of, as they follow their mamma through the store.

Whenever I buy fruits and veggies anywhere, I dig way down below the level of where these chimplets can reach, so I can get a reasonably clean piece of food. There's been many times I've had to go wash my hands in rage and disgust after picking up a jar or container in a store that had already been handled by one of these walking infestations, which had turned out to be so sticky with filth that I couldn't turn loose of it. Once I saw a fat little niglet deliberately inpale a tomato on his nasty little finger. He saw the look of disgust and rage on my face and gave me the most evil, arrogant little grin I've ever seen, just daring me to stop his worthless black ass. He ruined the food just because he could.

This is only one small example of the outrages whites must put up with just to exist among these lowlifes. We are being forced against our will to share our land, goods, and lives with invaders that are here only to take, allowed here by a government made up of rich, arrogant elitists that never have to spend a single day under the stink cloud of their presence. I am completely stupefied at the apathy of my people. Allowing this evil to continue in our land is not only suicidal, it's criminal. Inaction is just as bad as wrong action in many instances, and this is definitely one of them.

I do not like to hate anything or anyone. It's bad for the spirit. Hate is a poison that rots the soul. It feeds on the person doing the hating. But like all things in life, there's an exception to this rule. Whenever you hear some damned glib liberal commercial spouting "Stop The Hate!" and preaching the joys of diversity and tolerance, I want you to write the producers of that blurb and tell them to go screw themselves. They just love to use this truth about hate without bothering to explain to the idiot public about the exception.

And just what is the exception, you ask? When it's justified. If you don't hate the SOB that just shot your kid, there's something radically wrong with you. If you don't hate the sneak-thief that broke into your house and trashed the place, you're mentally ill. If you don't despise the bastards in DC that have been deliberately trashing our nation, you're a blithering idiot and deserve every last thing they do to you.

There's a time to hate. But hate without action is just as bad as refusing to hate when it's deserved. When evil rears it's ugly head, you have an obligation and a duty to yourself, your loved ones, your country, and all those Americans that have fought and died before us defending this land, to fight that evil and destroy it.

Stop the niggerizing of America. Fight back. Use every tool at your disposal to resist the evil flooding our land. And for God's sake, stop voting for those corrupt politicians! You're only perpetuating the evil.

Stop being afraid to hate, and stop being afraid to act on it. Because if you continue to be a race of cowards, your enemies will kill you, and they'll do it a lot sooner than you think.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of impotently bitching and moaning about the niggers and spicks, have you considered Harold's advice of moving to the Northwest and being a little more useful than a used douch bag?

12:44 PM  
Anonymous DTN8 said...

I don't read it as bitching, but as an accurate picture of day to day dealings with the spooks and mexicants. 88

5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man you are spot on, I've never seen a Nigger I want to emulate but the media has most white kids today acting just like Niggers. I will never Bow to the PC liberal agenda, trash is trash, Niggers want respect. Act respectable then I'll give it, but till then I treat them just LIKE what they are NIGGERS. The Zionist have done all they can to destroy America and these cockroaches are no different than Niggers themselves, those same JEWS tell their kids stay away from those filthy NIGGERS while forcing them on everyone else.
Bunch of filthy bastards.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since this country is doomed. Let us whites form a beautiful country with the freedoms of peace and prosperity. Where whites are the only inhabitants with no exceptions. Let the new generations be enlightened by washing away all this nonsense. I believe thr jews have not won yet, the pieces are all on the board, so long as we know who our enemies are, we can take them down! Never give up, let's put our superior minds to use and figure out a way to do this and educate the people

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dumbass ghetto fucks..We even waste tax dollars paying detectives to find out why they kill each other!! I lost a years worth of work last year to a non union contractor who hires illegal beaners...Also, mtv should be shot for playing that monkey rap ghetto bulkshit..shame on the parents who let their kids listen to that shit...

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks to all these dirty beaners and niggers being allowed to vote, we have a niiger president who ruined this country!!! Thes filthy democrats act like they care about birder jumpers and welfare niggers just so they can get their votes..I hope that slut Hillary gos to jail so we dont have 8 more years of Obama...he should be burned at the stake for selling our country out and giving them iranian sandniggers 100 billion dollars and the free right to have nuclear weapons!! how blind has america become that they dont see him for what he is!!I cant take this shit anymore...He sent reps from the whitehouse to that nigger mike browns funeral?! are u fkn kidding me? he tried to grab a cops gun!! glad that fat nigger is dead!! then he bad mouthed the cops before he even knew the facts of the case...typical nigger...fuck him

1:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The key is genetic warfare.

1. DNA specific, highly fatal diseases targeting The Chosen enemy.

2. Facial recognition armed robots programmed to recognized The Chosen enemy and dispose of them while leaving the human population unharmed. Envision a Portland-based factory churning out thousands of these a week.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continue to expose porch monkeys to more and more dope. At the same time lacing their dope,malt liquor,gin,cigarettes,and soul food with both undetectable poisons that eliminate these vermin altogether.Or causes sterilization.The righteous Caucasian people should unite and begin an abortion program for nigger sows.Offering them a cash benefit for every abortion they receive.Money well spent I'd say.All the while never forgetting our historical enemy.The parasitic rat jew.Whoever leads the Great White Race we must unite behind,,,like niggers flock to defend their murderers of White people. Above all else,,we must develop a great clandestine plan to take out the kikes in America for good.With extreme prejudice. NO MERCY !!!!!!!

3:05 AM  

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