Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mouthy Niggers Need To Shut Their Flapping Bubble Lips

At a recent town hall meeting in Missouri, a fat nigga ho got up and unrolled a poster of Rosa Parks. She was trying to inject racism into the meeting over the healthcare atrocity our corrupt leaders are trying to jam down our throats.

There are a lot of niggers in Missouri (in the large cities anyway, because they're sewer rats), but the rest of the state is pretty much white European in race and culture. And they've flat had enough of liberal destruction and nigger pampering. So when this mouthy ho unrolled that poster, a pissed off white man got up, yanked it out of her hands, crumpled and ripped it up, and tossed it on the floor. Then the stupid cow goes to retrieve it and the fight was on! Both parties were ejected out into the parking lot, but the liberal reporters didn't follow of course.

Whites are sick to death of blacks using every stinking issue or incident on the planet to try and be the center of attention. They have this deep, psychotic need to show their ass. This fat-ass ho' is only one more example of why whites despise these apes. We're trying to do something damned serious here, that doesn't have a damned thing to do with niggers, and yet here comes another coon trying to inject her crap into the picture. I hope that white guy beat her to mush out in the parking lot.

-Travis Wilson


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That is one HIDEOUS sow ape! You need to post a BARFBAG WARNING with pics like that! And, of course, it's wearing typical fat sheboon attire right off the rack at SLUTS-R-US! ROFLMWAO

Of course the sheboon will probably try to spin righteous outrage over its pathetic attempt at race-baiting into MORE race-baiting (HATECRIME charges against the pissed-off White) over "Dissin' de' great cibbol rahts leadah, Rosah Pahks, an' shit!" unaware that the "jig" is finally up and MOST Whites aren't falling for the White Guilt bullshit anymore. More Whites than these apes and their kike handlers realize are well aware by now that Rosa Parks, Marchin' Lootin' Coon, and the rest of the kikes' pet niggers from the Civil Wrongs movement were noting more than commie subversives complete with (sealed in an FBI vault, of course) diplomas from Highlander Folk School. TNB! Most definitely TNB!


5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At last, after 77 years of wasting oxygen, that commie subversive, "career-politician" and until-now-unpunished murderer TED KENNEDY is, at last, roasting in HELL where he belongs!!! Kennedy's DECADES TOO LONG career of raking in billions in Jewish bribe money for a list of un-American, entirely-subversive acts too long to list in its entirety here (including the 1965 "Immigration Reform" which cut White immigration, gave preference to Third World nonwhites, and began the Flood of Mud which has wrecked America's culture; massive Welfare give-aways of Whites' hard-earned wealth to pay Third World muds for virtually breeding Whites out of politrical significance; and killing American jobs through NAFTA, GATT, and runaway EPA regulations) is FINALLY over!!!! Then, let's not forget that he, until now, got away with the murder of Mary Jo Kopechne! Maybe he's being immersed in a vat of battery acid in Hell, so he can drown and burn at the same time??? No one can say he didn't DESERVE to suffer!!!

(Interestingly, one person I know DID say "No one deserves to die of cancer." after I sent her this comment about that traitor! Truth of the matter is that Kennedy actually deserved to die just like Saddam Hussein died, with a rope around his miserable neck ... and should have died that way more than 40 years ago after a highly-public trial for Treason! If he had, then Mary Jo Kopechne would still be alive today.)


8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A few years ago I was in a bookstore having a discussion about genetic superiority with an older gentleman.

A group of Niggas was nearby and overheard us talking- and they were seriously offended.

The Female Nigga got up and came up to my face and mouthed off...I was just about to sling her back into Africa- but then 2 of her Gangsta-Rappas stood up and I was outnumbered. I knew then it was time to get out of the Obama-Nation.

In any white homeland there must be an immutable law that if a Nigga manages to get near an Aryan and mouth off like that- then the Coon should be immediately terminated- without any legal defense.

6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS I'm so pleased that the parasite Ted Kennedy is now caught up among very hot flames in Hell with his pals Michael "jigaboo" Jackson- and that useless piece of Jewish Genetic Trash known as

I guess the Kike-lovin-Kennedy now has his wish to copulate with Spear-Chunking Monkeys for the rest of eternity.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Bonnie J Bass said...

Here's a Hate Crime 4u. I'm beyond hate of these baboons, these faggot televangelists, cops in skirts acting nancy, military moralists pretending we need more love in our world. What is going to be our love for our world is a Civil Wrongs War in which we take these mutants, skewer them through their anuses out their brains to let the light in. Any javelin will do. Then they get posted everywhere kikes, preachers, non-profilers, educators, and cops worship--at a Starbucks. Bonnie J Bass

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Jewmerica, land of jew owned everything where niggers are allowed to freely roam to mug, loot, shoot, stab, rob, rape, kill everyone and their appeasement is most prevalent!

Land of where it's all A-OK for monkey animals to do as it pleases, where ever and whenever while it's take, take, take from the hard working educated whites who are being forced out of their jobs by jew owned corporates that are allowed to sell here while having all their shit made in foreign mudlands all while "helping" to feed the UNeducated, UNworthy, UNdeserving nigger, monkey, ape, gorilla, chimp, spear chuckin' sewer coons, filthy firty diseased spics, dirty, smelly gooks, chinks, dinks, filthy, smelly disease carrying pineapple retards, shitskin sand nigger terrorist enemies and everything else that is inferior, non-white and non English speaking!

When will whitey grow the balls to finally fight back and reclaim what whitey has built!?

I'm so sick of EVERYTHING coming in the mail being printed in English on one side and in Taco-talk on the other!
If your going to appease the filthy spics who sneak in and NEVER pay a cent in taxes, yet all scam the welfare system, of course, while spreading all sorts of diseases, than why not print everything in every other language of the people that live here too?!

I know many, many people who have descended from Irish, Italian, German, French, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian and a few other "languages", yet ALL of those language speaking people had to learn ENGLISH, meanwhile the SPICS NEVER have to learn it, well, since EVERYTHING is catering to them in their taco-talk jibberish!

Had a neighbor once who's mom snuck into Jewmerica way back in the 1950's, died just a few years ago, NEVER worked on the books here one single day, NEVER learned even ONE fucking word of English, yet it was given free housing, food and medical care during it's entire Jewland existence!

Fuck all the false media bullshit we've been force-fed for decades telling us how bad Russia is!, It's all bullshit meant to keep us here to fund the jew-nigger way! All of us whites should all just throw in the towel, yell FUCK IT and all move to Russia!
At least over there they do NOT cater to niggers, spics, chinks, sand niggers or any other colors, races, languages, faggits or retards!

I'm so fucking SICK, SICK, SICK of the liberjew agenda here in Jewmerica!

But, at least Barry-the muzzy, who's nothing but a treacherous muzzy loving shitskin enemy appeaser-O'Bunga and his cheboon ape ho and lil' turd niglets are finally out the fuckin' door of KFC central!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Can somebody say lynch mob

9:24 PM  

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