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The Monster That Is The Jew

(I found this little jewel and thought I'd share it. - Joom)

Classic Israeli Subterfuge: When Israel is Wrong, Attack the Victims

Israel is all a dither because people are angry and outraged at the litany of Zionist rip offs, cheats, liars, spies, money laundering, scam artists, paid for politicians and theft perpetuated around the globe at the hands of none other than "Zionists" working for Israel. And as totally predicted, they fall on the never ending "Pity Party" call of "anti-Semitism

I'm not going to list the massive succession of events, but let's just list a few of the major ones for the mindset. Bernie Made-Off, the $25 million dollar Zionist scam on American elderly, the AIPAC spies, the bought and paid for by Israel-American politicians, the rabbis' money laundering for Israel, the same rabbis scamming and selling body parts from Americans on the black market then using those funds for, you guessed it, Israeli organizations they work for.

It's not anti-Semitism. People are just sick and tired of Israel scamming America and other countries (witness their recent scam on Jordan.) Israel cannot control events and deflect away from its many crimes by calling those who are fed up "anti-Semites." That tired old game has run its course. Instead of attacking the victim of Israel's crimes, how about Israel for once take the moral high ground and admit what they have done and ask for forgiveness?

Now there's a novel thought!

WHIPPANY, N.J. (New Jersey Jewish News) -- An unwritten commandment permeates many parts of American-Jewish society: "It shouldn’t be a shande for the goyim." Since the July 23 arrests of 14 Orthodox Jews on money-laundering charges, and a 15th accused of illegally buying and selling kidneys, the word shande --Yiddish for "shame"-- has echoed in countless Jewish conversations.

So, too, have fears of anti-Semitism, calls for serious introspection, concerns about media coverage and even some suggestions that the insularity of the Syrian Jewish community may have contributed to thealleged lawbreaking."

Yeah, lets' blame Syria shall we? Was Bernie Madoff Syrian? Were the rabbis Syrian? Does AIPAC work for Syria? How many Syrian groups work in Washington or around the world? There's more: The Jpost reports the FBI are, you guessed it..."anti-Semitic." ROFLMAO:

"Regardless of the details of the case - I am not familiar with the precise charges and the evidence - you would never see the FBI and police behaving that way with Muslim sheikhs or Christian priests. It is so obvious that the whole thing is motivated by anti-Semitism," [some hebe] said.

This is beyond comprehension. Israel simply must get the words "Muslim and Christian" in the mix.

One question, were any of these people Muslim sheikhs or Christian priests? Nope, they were Zionists working for Israel.

Now here's the unvarnished truth; the world is sick of foreign Israeli infiltration into every single aspect of our personal lives. From banking scams, to body parts, to politicians, to censorship of the media and online, to sucking the world into wars, to the annual billions of taxpayer money, to the thousands of groups worldwide in every single country whose sole purpose is to advance the cause of a foreign country, it is not anti-Semitism. We have had enough and want to be free from your world agenda. That is our right.

It's time something was done about the Jews. It's time to force them to take responsibility for four millennia of greed and evil. 23 arrests is only the tip of the iceberg.

-Robert James


Anonymous brian boru said...

The kikes will never even pretend to change their ways unless you start to kill them. Nothing else gets a response from these vermin. Unfortunately, they are very powerful, well-armed vermin now and it is going to take a lot of blood and suffering to drive them back under their rocks and prevent them from destroying the world.

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"brian boru said...
The kikes will never even pretend to change their ways unless you start to kill them. Nothing else gets a response from these vermin. Unfortunately, they are very powerful, well-armed vermin now and it is going to take a lot of blood and suffering to drive them back under their rocks and prevent them from destroying the world."

They are also incredibly STUPID and ARROGANT vermin, always OVERCONFIDENT ane OVERPLAYING whatever advantage they RTHINK they might have! When TSHTF, there will certainly be much blood and suffering, however, the yids will find that even their "useful idiot" deracinated whites and many of their pet muds will turn on them as soon as the advantage clearly belongs to Whites. When that happens, the kikes will regret having taught their ruthless and bloodthirsty ways to those "useful idiots" when the yids get to experience their own methods of torture firsthand. What a surprise it will be for the kikes to be marched into their own FEMA camps by the very "useful idiots" they thought would obey them without question. In the end, the mud races will realize it had been the kikes all along who had hated and oppressed them. When faced with the probable outcome of Whites, most of whom showed neither love nor hatred but simple indifference to muds all along, are in a position to defeat the real haters and oppressors, then the muds will gladly help rid the world of the oppressors and voluntarily accept geographic separation of the races once there will be no more yids to oppress them when they have been returned to the jungles of Africa, South America, or Asia and they can live "in harmony with nature" as their ancestors had done, backward but not oppressed. We Whites, after or final VICTORY, will be free of the yids' yoke to explore to the very stars!


1:24 PM  
Anonymous brian boru said...

Well, despite constantly overplaying their hand, they are still here after three thousand years of troublemaking and are more powerful than ever. Expelling them is not the answer so there needs to be a Final Solution. Either a real Holocaust or total, permanent isolation from all other people on the planet. They certainly deserve no mercy for the vast crimes they are guilty of.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Behan said...

It's a well known historical theory that the Black Death of
14th century Europe was most likely caused by Kikes intentionally poisoning the wells of land owners.This was a Jewish plot to seize the land of Europe "cheaply."

The history of Jews is one of endless criminal activity and they have no intention of ever moralizing their behaviour. For thousands of years these Hebrew thugs have plundered, raped, stolen, plotted and schemed their way through history. They will never change.

The Germans in the 1930's knew well that the Zionist Banking Kikes were responsible for their economic hardship- and they knew there was only one way to deal with this race of vermin- simply put they must be exterminated by brute force- it's the only way!

Of course now they have much power armaments, and combat training...however,as has already been said they have one achilles heel- they possess an arrogance which borders on the level of psychosis- and because of this they will believe any lie that strokes their egos or pads their bank accounts.

There must be some reasonable way to institute a real viable "final solution" based upon the Jewish weakness of ego mania.

I for one -am at the point of readiness to use necessary force against the destroyer of our world without any conscience about it whatsoever.

9:29 PM  
Blogger Behan said...

I just wanted to post a link to something you all should find humorous.

It's a satirical "mock-up" regarding the Nazi Holiday Camps:


6:33 PM  

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