Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Hypocrisy of Integration

Since the Sixties liberals in government have forced white Americans to allow blacks and other incompatible species to intermingle with us in our society. They spew high sounding moral platitudes about equality, civil rights, and social justice. They try to make it sound as if they are our big brother who is teaching us to walk a higher road, as if there has ever been a group of politicians anywhere, at any time in history(other than our Founding Fathers), that were not desperately corrupt and immoral.

For that group of degenerates to teach us anything about morals is ludicrous at best. The truth of the matter is that they were pressured to institute civil rights and integration by those who run things behind the scenes, namely the Jews. And we all know their real agenda.

Always, always be suspect of any so-called "moral" action taken by our government. Those clowns couldn't care any less about the welfare and happiness of blacks or anyone else for that matter. The only things that motivates any politician is self aggrandizement and enrichment. A politician by definition is a member of the elite of this planet, and they are a tiny minority that controls 93% of the world's wealth, and all of its power.

They have no interest in you, other than as a tool to further those ambitions. They couldn't care less what happens to you, or if you're happy or even fed. They'd be just as content if you were in chains as slaves. In fact they'd find that preferable than having us calling and writing them all the time, demanding an accounting of their disgusting and evil actions.

As much as blacks and other muds are a threat to us, they don't even represent a blip on their radar, because most politicians live in high security, gated areas where guards keep all riffraff out, and their servants even do the shopping for them, so they never have to associate with these lowlifes. In fact recently Biden had to send out an aid to find out the price of a gallon of milk because he hadn't bought one himself in over thirty years. Anyone who thinks their leaders are actually in touch with their problems is a naive idiot.

Recently I read a report on prisons in this country, and the conditions in those cesspools. It was shocking to say the least. Our leaders are continually laying guilt trips on our mindless yuppies about how we treat our black brothers, never once mentioning the genocide of black-on-white murder, rape, and robbery going on in this country. They push the same crap about all the other dark races as well, telling us we're all evil, racist, and bigoted if we don't continue to look the other way while these animals perpetually fill graveyards with our loved ones.

And as a last-ditch effort to contain this epidemic, they're tossing hordes of these apes in prison. The thing about prisons in this country is they're a cross-section, a microcosm of our society. To visit one is to see a mirror image of the outside world, all crammed into one small place.

And the nice thing about these festering pits is that the truth about the races can't be hidden. Not even political correctness, liberal propaganda, or government pressure have any effect on these people because they've got nothing left to lose. What are they going to do to them..toss them in prison? Consequently all masks are off and the real world is laid bare for all to see.

The inmates instinctively separate into the various races because it's natural. What's unnatural is forcing people to integrate. This practice is evil. It's against the laws of man and nature, and even God for believers. There's not one single scientific study that backs up integration...just the opposite in fact. But you'll never hear or read about any of that in this age of liberal bullshit and propaganda.

Integration is a Jewish invention designed and instituted to destroy our race. But the Jews can't reach into the prisons. Authorities quickly discovered that when they forced integration in the prison system, they quickly came up with a bumper crop of dead niggers.

That's because niggers will behave like niggers wherever they're at. And when they started stealing, raping, and robbing whites on the inside, they got killed. After all, the whites had nothing left to lose, and they couldn't pack up and leave to get away from the maggots, like we can on the outside. No "white flight" for them. So they were forced to deal with them the only way left open to sending them to DNS.

Now the prison officials no longer try to impose integration, but they also make a point of squelching this fact to the outside world. It wouldn't do for the rest of America to know the truth about diversity, now would it?

Our schools are the same way. That's where integration was first forced on America. And even though millions of nasty, worthless, trouble making blacks were bussed into white schools, white kids quickly gravitated into a separate group and tried their damnedest to stay away from these apes.

Of course the bucks just loved the move, because it gave them access to our white girls, which got a lot of black bucks stomped or killed for their efforts, and still do in most states, except for the several rabidly liberal cities, namely Jew York, San Fag-cisco, and Hollyweird.

Even here in California, where the parasites, queers, liberals, blacks, and invaders have all but taken over, white families have taken their kids completely out of the liberal school system and left the state. And I'm not talking about a few thousand, but millions and millions of whites.

In fact the exodus has become so bad that it's causing a huge financial crisis in California for the liberal politicians. That's because whites are their source of tax revenue. They are the producers. Without them, there's no more money to support all the parasites that are still breeding like cockroaches.

They did it to themselves though, when in their arrogance they passed laws outlawing home-schooling, in an attempt for force parents to put their kids in the brainwashing programs the NEA has created in all public schools.

Well, all this did was anger whites to the point they gave their leaders the finger and packed up and left the state...with their kids, enraging the liberals who whined like all hell because they couldn't stop them. And believe me, they even tried to keep them from moving. That's how desperate these fiends are to warp our kid's minds.

And it all started with integration. To this very day I am still astounded that America allowed that evil law to go into affect. That was the second worst mistake whites made in the last century. The first was allowing civil rights to take effect.

There are a lot of liberals and naive, brainwashed people out there that will eventually read this article and start foaming at the mouth in liberal indignation, because they don't possess the knowledge or the mental capacity to realize I'm speaking the absolute truth. The bright side of that is the fact that there will always be a percentage of them that wake up enough to start questioning everything they've been taught, and
come to the truth eventually. And that will change their lives for the better..and those around them as well.

But what I'm waiting for is the day my people wake up and realize the hypocrisy integration represents and reject it completely. That will be a day worth celebrating.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one, LH.

11:03 AM  
Anonymous A. Non said...

A certain Biblical instruction about not harnessing two kinds of animals together comes to mind right about now.

One thing is for sure: integration at the point of a gun is DOOMED to failure, no matter who tries it or where or when. Things like the 'Civil' War or Little Rock here in America, or the whole South Africa debacle overseas...ALL failures in the end.

I noticed on my own that you never, EVER hear about 'black flight' years ago, but didn't make the connection why until rather recently. If such a thing were to happen, the most likely first notice the public would receive would be that the welfare rolls and prison populations dropped like lead balloons.

9:34 AM  

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