Saturday, August 29, 2009

Faggots and Televangelists

After a hard day today, I made myself a cold iced tea and sat back to catch a flick. I flipped the channels and stopped on the new series "Mad Men". The first scene I saw was two men swapping slobbers. I almost gagged with rage and disgust. The damned liberals just won't let up with their new pet project, which is "normalizing" faggots in society.

There was a History Channel show on the 1938 Olympic games as well, and as we have all come to realize, the History Channel is now just another venue for liberals to twist history to fit their political agenda. The announcer was saying that back then, Germany "oppressed" homosexuals and practiced "ruthless intolerance," as if these perverts deserved anything less then a bullet in the ass.

I have met a lot of fags living here in Mexifornia, and I have never met one that wasn't creepy and sick, and had a thing for children. I don't know of a single queer that wouldn't cornhole your kid if he had the chance.

Homosexuality is a sickness, a perversion that goes against nature and the laws of man. I've heard all the arguments about it being genetic (which was recently totally disproven,) and that they are just "born that way," which is a load a crap. For those of us that believe in the supernatural and can sense certain things, to us they're demon possessed. To others they're simply perverted. To me they're both.

They chose the path they're on. It's nobody's fault but their own. The liberals are always screaming that it's an "alternative lifestyle." Nothing could be further from the truth. You have to always keep in mind that liberals would rather lie when telling the truth is easier. A lifestyle is one hell of a lot different from an obsession.

But the liberal/Jewish goal for white America is complete degradation of our morals and culture. Normalizing homos is a large step in that direction. History tells us that the final act of every great civilization just before it fell, was the acceptance of homosexuality in there society. Rome, Greece, Athens, Samaria, Sodom, even Pompeii. What makes anyone think we'll be immune? Well, we won't.

Normal couples have sex when the mood hits, and only when it's appropriate. They have thousands of other important interests in life, and sex (for most of us) is way down on this list of our priorities.

Not so with homos. To a faggot, there is nothing more important than the next perverted sex act. It's all they think about day and night. They look at each and every man they see and lust after him, regardless of what he looks like.

Monogamy is almost unheard of with fags as well. This is why police are called out so often to fag houses on domestic disputes. And if there's one thing all cops hate, and they'll all gladly tell you so, it's answering a call to a fag's house. That's because fags are extremely violent, far, far more violent than any other segment of society. They are capable of fits of rage going off into homicidal mania. Any person that's ever fought a fag will tell you that you have to knock them out to keep them from killing you. Fags don't have limits.

A fag will literally gobble anything in underwear. It's a pure, insane, perverted obsession with them, and it makes them dangerous to have around your kids or anyone that tempts them sexually. Like starved dogs, they'll attack if the opportunity presents itself.

This is not an "alternative lifestyle", it's a perversion of the mind and spirit. They never, ever get enough. This is why AIDS decimated the fag population. They screw each other like a rooster on crack. If it's got a hole, they'll plug it in. They don't call them "Rump Wranglers" for nothing.

If I ever caught a fag within 50 feet of one of my kids, I'd make sure the only thing he could screw again would be a light bulb. I'd use his testicles for wind chimes. The liberal-controlled media is pumping homo acceptability down the public's throat like it was Gospel, when it's the sickest, vilest practice imaginable.

And now even the Lutheran Church is seriously considering ordaining faggots to their ministry. Already a lot of denominations have fallen, and millions of people have left those churches because of it. But the churches don't care because fags have money, and the new revenue they're getting from homos is far more than they ever got from straights. Homos are willing to pay through the nose for respectability. And like it or not, the hard truth about most modern churches is that they're no different from corporations. They're in it for the money. They're about as Christian as my cat. Can I get a amen?

If there's one thing I despise, it's TV preachers. Every other breath is about "tithing" to them. They lay guilt trips on old ladies on Social Security, telling them to send in their cat food money, while the bastards fly around in Lear jets and live in mansions. And these same pricks that railed against faggots are now turning the other cheek and preaching "tolerance" because suddenly faggot millions are flooding in. It's amazing what money can buy, isn't it?

Our society has become so corrupt that it reeks to heaven like a rotten corpse. There's not much left of America that I deem worth saving. In fact the only thing I'm truly concerned about is the survival of those of my race that have been strong enough to separate themselves from all this corruption, and stuck to the standards that made our people great.

Though I can always hope for a reborn America, reality tells me that the best we'll be able to do is establish a few outposts of freedom on this perverted and polluted continent, like HAC's proposed Northwest Republic, and that under the best of circumstance we'll have to protect it by force from here on out once it's established. That's because corrupt people have this deep psychological need to corrupt everyone else around them. And our very existence will remind them of their own lack of character. Until we find a way to eliminate them from this planet, they'll never leave us alone. Ever. We all must reconcile ourselves to this grim fact.

The politically correct agenda of the liberal elite was designed to do one thing; destroy you and yours.
Never be tolerant of liberals, politicians, blacks, wetbacks, faggots, Jews, other muds, or propaganda. It's a slippery slope. Once you begin to tolerate one thing, the next is easier, until one day you discover you're as worthless and corrupt as those around you. Or like my late father used to say,"If you wallow in shit, you're going to get some on you." Sage advice.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. LH knocked that one out of the park.
His old man must have read the Bible. Although his translation is somewhat more colloquial, the meaning is the same.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some queer pointed out that the olympics were in 1936 not 1938?

i looked it up and it's true

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here in absurdistan, it is not enough they are *tolerated*
Not enough they have *rights*
Not enough they cannot be dealt with *appropriately*
they seem to need to force us to watch-they get some thrill out of it. They will engage in disgusting acts right on the street, and if you say anything they run to the nearest HRC office and persecute you for "intolerance".
They got the right of have legal union-not enough-it MUST be called a marriage.
So if you are ever in Vancouver, have a short temper/low tolerance/weak stomach
Stay away from Davie Street
the whole West End

8:34 PM  
Blogger Bruce Aiken said...

Like any pest or weed - if you don't kill it when you see it, they will begin to flourish and create more problems.

10:29 AM  

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