Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Evil of White Guilt

This evening I watched a few news blurbs on different channels, and all but Fox News were still four-walling the Gates affair. You know, the so-called scandal about the mouthy buck professor screaming "Racist!" and getting backed up by America's Head Nigger In Charge, de' Reverend Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and every other loudmouthed jigaboo in America. It's disgusting to see how the liberal media literally salivates over anything they can play into a racism accusation against whites. I just don't understand why Americans put up with this crap.

Too add fuel to the fire, now a Boston cop has been suspended for blogging about Gates. He called him a "banana eating jungle monkey." HAWWW! Personally I agree with him 110%. He truly is just another loudmouthed, hateful, and racist chimp. But the liberal bootlicks in charge suspended him as soon as some ass-kissing liberal reported him after reading his blog. No doubt it was some fat-assed black ho' who could read (wonder of wonders.)

In any event, CNN picked up on the event and immediately paid this cop to do an interview on their news channel, where the liberals ganged up on this poor cop and grilled him mercilessly, crucifying him on national TV for daring to call this monkey a..well..monkey.

They even sicced their head kike on this poor guy, namely Larry King, who kept trying to get the guy to admit he hated niggers. Of course he couldn't do that without destroying what's left of his career, so he had to deny the truth, while the liberals at CNN fed on his discomfort like vampires, grinning evilly and with immense delight at causing grief for yet another white.

I desperately wanted to find King and leave my jackboot buried permanently up his anal cavity. It's disgusting beyond my ability to convey, at how these maggots can get away with crucifying whites for reacting honestly to the antics of an evil, lazy, thieving, murderous race of parasites and their communist backers.

Whites have no business tolerating this kind of evil from liberals any longer, and when this regime falls, I will personally see to it that every one of those media bloodsuckers are jailed and tried for high treason.

I get a non-stop stream of requests from people all over the world, asking me...and sometimes pleading with me to lead Americans and whites to revolt, or at the very least to form an organization to resist this regime. I have turned them all down for a couple of very good reasons.

First: There isn't a single thing I write or talk about with anyone on the Net that isn't closely monitored by this regime's bootlicks and brain dead goons. If I were to agree to something like that, they'd be on me like flies on a dead liberal.

Secondly, I don't believe in formal organizations. If a group has a name, or a headquarters, or a formal members list, it then becomes a target for groups like the kikes at SPLC, who like the vampires they are, literally feed off the hard work of whites. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

The SPLC has been whining big-time of late about the fact that we whites are no longer forming overt organizations, but have instead gone underground where they can't touch us. It's driving them nuts. Because if they can't identify us, they can't take legal action against us. And that means the money is now cut off. And after all, for Jews, it's always about the money.

If push comes to shove, and I see that I'm going to have to do something to jump-start things, I may reconsider my decision. But right now I personally know of a number of covert groups that are becoming quite large, powerful, and well financed, that are very nearly ready to take action. I'm taking a "wait and see" stance for the time being.

But until something physical takes place to remove these monsters from power and the public domain, we all have a duty to resist these freaks every chance we get. Make life miserable for liberals. Use their own tactics and laws against them.

If you can possibly report one for violating any law, no matter how minor, do it. If you can have one removed from his it. If you can report one for what he it. If you can spread discord in their it. If you can pressure them with endless emails, calls and it. If you can get one it. Never, ever show mercy to our enemy. Make it your hobby to make their lives a living hell.

They will, and are, doing everything in their power to destroy us, and rate no mercy whatsoever. These lowlifes would happily toss you in prison, take your kids away, and confiscate everything you own just because you're not a degenerate, homo-loving liberal.

And their greatest tool for accomplishing this is creating white guilt where there's nothing to feel guilty about. They crucified that poor white cop for feeling what we all feel...and justifiably so because of all the evil blacks do to us and our world continually. But because he dared to say the emperor was butt-naked he was branded an enemy of sacred diversity.

SCREW liberals and the homo they rode in on.

Never feel guilty about hating blacks or other invaders, or for hating the evil that they, and the liberals of this world do to us and our people. There would be something seriously wrong with your character if you didn't. The only people that should be feeling any guilt here, are the lowlifes accusing you.

Don't buy into their bullshit. If a liberal or mud accuses me of being a racist I say "Hell yes I'm a racist, and I'll die a racist! My people are the Master Race, and you clowns are either deluded bootlicks or jealous inferiors!" There's nothing I love more than enraging my enemies. That's because they know I'm right. They've simply gotten used to getting away with pushing a big fat lie down America's throat.

When liberals and muds attack me, all they can ever do is resort to calling me names. That's because all my arguments are true. And I can back up everything I say with rock-solid proof. This absolutely enrages them, but it also instills a deep sense of fear and guilt in them. How's that for irony?

Never forget that we are in the right here folks. We are on the side of the angels. We have a fundamental right to protect and preserve our race, our heritage, and our culture by any and all means necessary. And anyone that tells you different is your mortal enemy. Never forget that.

Be proud of your race. We earned it.

-The Lone Haranguer


Blogger Ray Seltz said...

Lone Haranguer: The Jews have you tightly by the nuts (and it must hurt). By surfing their channels, they have you eating out of their hand. Stop. Please.

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The SPLC has been whining big-time of late about the fact that we whites are no longer forming overt organizations, but have instead gone underground where they can't touch us."

You can kill a person, you can kill an organization, you can kill an entire race...but you can't kill an idea.

Dave 08072009 / 0739

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we were a true "master race" we'd act like it. Instead, we are the most decadant race on earth who hates the struggle for life. Christ, it's even in our Declaration of InDUNCEpendence: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of couch potatoness"... or something like that. Our Viking ancestors are not even spinning in the graves anymore because they are too ashamed to even look at us.

9:57 PM  

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